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Now heres something to be pissed about.,

VANCOUVER — B.C. sport fishermen are set to launch a complaint with federal authorities about the waste of hundreds of pink salmon at a First Nations fishery.

"I can't imagine wastage like that, it's unbelievable," said Brian Braidwood, president of the Steelhead Society of B.C. and manager of the Sea Run Fly and Tackle shop in Coquitlam, B.C.

Braidwood said he plans to submit photos taken by Randy Lee to the federal Fisheries Department.

Lee, a sport fisherman and retired captain with the North Vancouver, B.C., fire department, said he photographed the salmon in totes as well as in piles near Chilliwack, B.C., last week.

Lee said the eyes of the salmon had already been plucked out by birds.

"I don't care who is doing it — waste is waste. I stand up for what I saw. I'm only speaking the truth," he said.

While Lee was there, he said some aboriginal fishermen showed up to load some of the fish by hand into a large vessel, raising questions about whether such fish are fit for human consumption.

"If they were going to take that to market, some poor soul is going to buy an old rotten pink because it had been sitting in the sun," he said.

Grand Chief Ken Malloway of the Sto:lo Tribal Council said that he suspects the breakdown of a commercial buyer's skiff may have contributed to the fish not being picked up as planned. "I don't like it," he said. "I feel bad about fish going to waste."

Malloway said the fish and totes were all gone on Wednesday, one day after the photos were taken, and two days after the native fishery closed.

He doesn't know what ultimately happened to the fish, but said they might have been used as fertilizer.

Fishermen of all sectors this summer have caught about seven million pink salmon in the Fraser River system — the highest in about a decade — out of an estimated run of 17.5 million fish, a figure that is subject to further revision in the coming days.

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Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 20:50:01 -0700

I just got back for a trip up north today, and having too little time to get any work done, and a fine sunny day, I took the opportunity to fly up the Fraser Valley and do a few gravel bar landings that I haven’t had the chance to do for months, whether due to high water or busy work schedule.

What I saw horrified me! All along the river in the Chilliwack area were large scale shore line net fishing operations, many with piles of dead fish rotting in the sun on the beaches, hundreds of dead fish drifting in the shallows in some cases hundreds of yards downstream from the netting location. Since these are shore line netting operations I must assume they were native fisheries since it is an illegal method for all others.

There were large plastic totes of fish, some dumped over with contents spilling out onto the beach, and in many cases nobody around to collect these fish. Other places where gathering of fish was going on while traveling upstream, were abandoned when I flew the return flight about a half hour later.

It was a hot sunny day, and these fish will rot in very short order out of the water.

Normally I support native food fisheries for their own use, but this kind of waste leaves a bad taste of rotting fish in my mouth that will rapidly sour my support for the native fishery.

I intend on notifying the federal fisheries department tomorrow, and also local news media outlets.

DFO says it is a big mystery what happened to the fish stocks in recent years. I think part of the mystery has been solved!

Photos attached. Spread the word, go out there and take your own photos, and tell the world this waste is simply not acceptable!


Langley BC





I have simply lost all respect for them. I hate seeing this much fish go to a wasted laws should be changed.

there is laws for this. problem is not enough policing or people steping up with this kinds of evidence. most of us stamp our feet and have temper tantrums but not many will step up and do anything about this or other infractions.. we all bash each other in fun or not over certain ways but this is a bit far. this is where all our fish are going. and our gov is to chicken shit to do anything about it for fear of the race card. they cry so much about land rights and this right and that right and live off the land crap and they do the most harm hands down.

even the whale hunt a while back. was ceromonial was it. to teach the kids the old ways..oh??...when did you have 50 cal guns back in the old ways day...put the peace pipe down and think on that one. thought it was bow n arrow and hatchet stuff. isnt guns a white man thing. ...hypocrites


Admin Comment

Please do not turn this into a anti First Nations discussion. Your comments in the last paragraph are not welcome on this site.


Sickening ......X2 yz....looks like they NEED to be changed!...or hell even charge the FN a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly fee to have their netting season closely monitored by competent persons.

Also x2 @ GA!


"I wouldnt feed my dog with those things"
that is a quote from a native "fishermen" abusing a outdated system to make a profit. Who can blame them im sure you would too if you had the right.

support to G.A

edit * rant could get me in trouble

4x G.A.
Some people take advantage of the freedoms they get. People who do this should be punished with heavy fines and banns as far as i'm concerned.

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