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Had a great day on the vedder river today, So many pinks now, great fishing, caught my limit. 1 of the pinks was fairly bigger than the other ones and has almost white meat. Is there anything wrong with it? My friend also got a spring today.

sure it was a pink and not something else. i see alot make this mistake. some can be fair sized but ive seen a few think a sockeye is a pink

sorry didnt see it had white meat. not likely a sock. white is fine just depends on what the fishes diet was

Im sure it was a humpy.

DIET ????
Try genetics......

Now when you say humpy do you mean a big humped male?

White spring, learn your fish ID.

the pinks in the canal are still pritty fresh and grey, good for smoking. the ones up higher arnt to much to speak of, once they get past the vedder crossing bridge they arnt to fresh.
if you want realy fresh pinks, the best place to go would be the haney warf in maple ridge or the mouth of the stave.

The pinks betweem the canal and train bridge are still silvery grey , caught 4 on saturday .

I highly recommend my smoking recipe under Fetoids post earlier looking for recipe' won't be disappointed!

Ahhh, well I suppose it would be a sin not to at least ry your grandfathers out first! but if you find its not your cup of tea or want to try something that will likely blow all else out of the water then try mine....have yet to hear/find anyone that doesn't love it!...hence why I figured I would share with all course if me or any of the family was seeling it then it would be a different story, hahaha!

Hope it all turns out good for ya and you enjoy either way man!


Oh, and yes I agree with Puka there on that one.....24hr soak is for too long I think....12hrs max and really I even think that is too long even!

you guys getting any springs on the river yet?

Of course always best to be your own judge as all preference differs greatly at times!....and yes that is correct a dry brine can take a bit longer (I didn't read your post correctly)....wet brine is much more consistent of a product/smoke though imo.....I recommend trying both your dry and then a wet brine sometime in the future as it seems that most that have tried both ways much prefer a wet brine to a dry.

Brining time differs by salt concentration. You aren't preserving it so no need to go heavy. So don't.

I use 1/4 cup kosher salt and 2/3 cup brown sugar. Thats for a single, two lb filet... Plus white wine or vinegar and soy and tobasco and onion and garlic and pepper and water.

...let it sit overnight, in the fridge... even 36 hrs.

man just returned a big chief smoker..what a piece of crap. cheep tin and $200 after i walked out of the store. junk. i went over the parts ordering price list and i can buy the pieces separate direct from them for about 60 bux. so they charge us 100 to put it not paying anyone 100 bucks for 15 min work. it literaly came apart as i pulled it out of the box...junk/ cheep thin house vent ducting is all it is with a 100 dollar painted logo i guess

Spend the money and get a Bradley. My old 4 rack is big enough to smoke a 20lb turkey. The warehouse is on Annacis Island, real easy to get parts

GA, get a smokey moutain gas smoker at walmart in bellingham..$120..AWESOME!! $200 here in north van

Beauty and although its 2X the price of the big chief its also twice the machine!...all digital & automatic just set n forget!...or sit and drink beer while pushing the buttons on the remote and playing with the temp, hahaha.....$400 is well worth it in my eyes for something of this caliber and especially when payin 200 for cheap tin one!

Fishing forum > Vedder Pinks and flesh.


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