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I'm sorry about the multiple postings in several forums:

I got my salmon early in the morning:

I got my smoker last week:

Anybody have some good Pink Salmon recipes?


Probably shouldn't be sharing my secret family recipe but it's just too damn good not to!!...Hope you all enjoy!

1. Buy Salmon Licence and go fishing, or go to local grocery store and just buy Salmon. Buy young salmon, not fat ones they take too long to smoke properly.
2. Buy or steal a 1 gallon glass pickle jar.
3. Clean salmon, and cut into desired size pieces.
4. Wash Salmon and let air dry for 1 hour prior to putting into brine.
Brine Ingredients:
• 3 Cups Water preferable bottled.
• 1 Cup China Lily Soy Sauce China Lily has better flavour,
• 1 Cup Cherry Wine or Juice
• 4-5 Cloves of crushed garlic
• 1 Tsp Onion Powder
• 1 Tsp Ground black pepper
• ¾ Cup Demerara Sugar
• ¼ Cup Course Salt, (Pickling salt)
• 2-3 Drops of Hot Sauce, I use 4-5 drops

Mix Brine in Glass jar
• Mix all dry ingredients together.
• Heat 2 cups of water – add to dry ingredients and stir until all dry dissolved. Hot water dissolves dry powder easier.
• Add all remaining ingredients ensuring the remaining liquids are chilled to cool brine down after powders are dissolved. Then stir for 10 minutes to ensure good mix.
• Add salmon to jar until full; remember to ensure Salmon stays submersed in brine.
Marinate Over night (6-8 Hours)
Remove from jar, rinse in cold water until clean
Place on racks, pat dry with paper towel. Let air dry for 1 hour before smoking.

Preheat Smoker, with wood chips. Approx: 100-140F (Fat Salmon needs more heat)
Spray smoking racks with Pam cooking spray, stops salmon from sticking.
Smoke in Cherry, & Apple wood chips for 6-8 hours. Fat Salmon takes longer because it‘s thicker.
Use small amounts of wood chips, approx- ½ cup Apple/Cherry each per burn.
Turn Salmon after each burn, approximately every 2 Hours.
On last burn, warm up 1 cup of Real Canadian Maple Syrup (Good Luck)
Baste salmon on both sides lightly, then finish smoke cycle.

Remove from smoker, place on clean racks and cool for 1 hour. Then shrink wrap or just eat it.

Thanks. I look forward to trying it.

No probs, enjoy!

A simple recipe that never fails,and no skinning required.
salty brine
4 cups best brown sugar
1 cup course pickling salt

less salty
5 cups best brown
1 cup course pickling salt

Mix sugar and salt together(a large ziploc will mix the brine and hold a couple pinks easy),and carefully as to not puncture the bag,mix your pink fillets or pieces together with the brine mix(Don't mix too much,just cover the meat.Covering the skin with brine is pointless).

leave in the fridge for one or two days,turn a few times.

When done,wash fish thoroughly,as the brine is not very good for you.

Drying after washing is important.Set your fillets on racks (flesh side up)and put a fan on them until dry to the touch(the dryer the better).Towel drying will not work.

Smoke with alder for 9 to 12 hrs, flesh side down.


Ok guys, it's a great day for smoking.

Something I should have asked yesterday: Do both recipes assume you skin the salmon? Thanks again.

Correct Fetiod..use fillets cut into whatever size chunks you desire..I usually go 2x2, 2x3, or 3x3 depending on size of fish, thickness, etc.

Hey L0kee:
I want to try your recipe; however, there's no liquid mentioned in it. Is there water? How much? Is it a dry rub? Thanks

Yes,it's dry until the brine reacts with the meat.

1/2 cup br suger 1/4 cup corse salt 1 cup hot water 3 cup cold water mix salt/suger and hot water in large bowl add cold water put fish in let brine 8 hrs to 3 days

when pink salmon is smoked does it come out a little moist or like a jerky

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