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Hey guys im wondering if sockeye is still open and is anyone still getting any on the upper fraser. I havent been in a week due to a killer cold that has kicked my butt. Should i go out tommarow? im not really wanting pinks.

been there all weekend. sockeye has slowed a bit, still productive. limit is 2 and is closing tuesday., so monday is the last day for them for that area of the fraser.
water is dropping daily and there are a few snags now. crowd wise it seems to have died a bit also so is a bit more space between people.
lots of springs running right now. last weekend was med size and darker this weekend seemed more and larger and more silver.
very few pinks still being cought. i released a couple today with bit of a large hum for me

this was yesterdays take

sockeye is closing from the mission bridge to the mouth of the vedder. it remains OPEN until further notice up river from the mouth of the vedder

U're one fish over the aggregated daily limit buddy.

does the sockeye closure effect areas around Hope like scale bar? I am kinda confused about the regs.

sockeye fishing is closing below the mouth of the vedder, so bars up river from here are open. so yes you can still get sockeye around hope

Hey G.A. There is something odd about the photo. Just looking at the shadows and some fish don't have any. Have you been using image manipulation here?

lol..incredable place. so you know how many people i was fishing with or how many i ve with and have liscences???.
im a little smarted thgan the average bear to post any pics of anything illegal on this site

and no i dont even know how to use photoshop. i do see what you mean with a shadow under the tail of the spring but i think that was cause it didnt quite fit in the cooler to whell on ice so i didnt get hacked also for cooking my fish on the drive home.

realy? ...sockeye on the fraser near hope..dont think so after today.
yes its over for all fraser river in non tidal..from mission cpr bridge to the top of it...all the way up. the only ones open is tidal and the sub river from the fraser as mentioned above. kinda confusing to just ans=er him yes to fish near hope when its closed tonight.

we took a bunch home again today. sox, spring and pink.

this is directly from the dfo website;

Further to fishery notice FN0712, effective 00:01 hrs Tuesday, September 6,
2011 until further notice, there is no retention of sockeye permitted from the
CPR bridge at Mission upstream to the boundary sign located approximately 100
meters above the confluence with the Sumas/Vedder River on the south side of
the Fraser River, then Northerly across the river to a boundary sign located on
the north bank of the Fraser River.

The area upstream of this boundary remains open to the retention of sockeye
until further notice with a daily limit of two (2).

so as you can see, yes you can still fish for sockeye on the fraser above where the vedder enters the fraser.

Thanks , good to know on my next fishing trip.

ok, thx for the factual post. i didnt have time to search regs last night. just saying fishing near hope wasnt to clear was all.
for me ive taken my share so i wont be hittin sox anymore. got enough springs to...time for pinks now

hey g.a., you should get your facts straight before you start telling people false info about openings/closings. There are tons of newbs out there who would read something like what you printed (im sure you told others in person out on the river this too?) and believe it.

hey smokin..ya i knpow.. everyone has been wrong at least once in our lives..maybe not you but us reg humans do. thats what the site is about. no need to throw rocks dood. your perfect i take

also the regs right now are changing quite often so it may have been posted after i looked at dfo site.
and if i had told anyone in person it wouldnt have harmed anyone. i said no fishing so you cant get a fine for not going. all it may do is open up more room. what was so bad about that i dont know...might be diff i said its on fishing then people may get fined.

'twas a mistake. GAs posts are greatqnd have helped me out a lot.

i dont go out during the week up there with no wheels. ill be under mission bridge. almost everything i do i ride mountain bike to. health wont allow me a driver liscence.

wont be my last mistake either. some can admit a mistake and some cant. must be nice to be perfect...oh well. all i know is i cant close my freezer with all the fish i got. is that what this is...jelousy>???
..thx for some support guys. if it cleaned up here, like it almost was id get into habbits of the fish to help target species. sitting in the hatchery breeding fish all day gets borring so i sit and studied habbits..

i can admit where i made the mistake was ...ive been out of this fishing so many years and lost track where the rivers fed into fraser and being told over n over its closed at scale. i should have looked a bit closer myself instead of taking advice from someone else. hope i dint make anyone go and break any laws by sitting home on the couch for me saying it was closed. .....whats the fine these days for being couchpotato???

so is this our most recent one i searched this morning.,..i dont see a notice saying anything now about the upper area near hope being open now...

ok i found it..still open as posted above from what i read. both have same date

the whole list is in this link...

Fishing forum > im thinking of going to scale for socks


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