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Author Topic: Anyone with or without Vehicle wanting too goo salmon fishing in hope?

If there is anyone that has extra room in there car so we can gather a few people from the forum and help cover gas cost too travel to probably scale bar cause its snag-less and more productive. Car pooling would be better for en
viroment also.

Hopefully we can make a meet place close to everyone

Or if there is anyone just wanting to throw in $15 each and round up a few people please reply if interested.
trocedure with $15 each for gas and room for 3 people.

I dont have a car, but willing to pay for gas. Im available ANY time (literally :P)

Will all we need is a few more people wanting too have a great day fishing and we can figure out a plan that works for everyone. SO far good start.

Im Down to go to sea bird

were is sea bird located? And is there is snags there?

And i assume you guys all have your license? lol probably a dumb question but just wanna make sure.

Cause it will cost more too go out if you don't.

I had to buy my annual license and tags last time i went out so i ended up being $38 and i think the prices went up cause i thought it was only $6 for salmon stamp but now its $15 lol

Do you have car ?

seabird is before you get to hope on hyw 7 also. full of snags. scale bouncing works way better. was there a week ago and was still waist deep for 6 foot 6 so its deep., thats just to get out to the small area to fish at. slipery rocks underneath so dont realy recomend newer guys yet there.

good deal coming together for cap pooling. i may take ya up on that wheel either

Will when my dad gets a day off work soon , I will let everyone know that's interested. I will contact everyone in order how they contacted me. Hopefully we can plan a date during the week. I hate weekends LOL.

So in till we get a driver from the forum , we will have too wait in till my dad is available .
k-9 Trainer

I would be intrested in this offer,i have been to Scales bar a few times in the last few weeks but like you say the cost of fuel adds up to quit a bit at the end of the month.
k-9 Trainer

Hello,i have transport and 2 spaces if people willing to cover cost of fuel email me tel numbers and will let you
know when i am going,most probarly to Scales bar,good results everytime so far,.I live in Mission but could pick up enroute.Email me

yes , paying for fuel by yourself is a lil pricey , thats why I was thinking the other day and get a car pool going.

Even if you can fill one car up , its still 2-3 cars off the road.

whats your email k9trainer?
k-9 Trainer


Is there any other drivers in Vancouver Area Before langley?

Willing to pay for gas, available on Thursday, or Tuesday after 3pm.
let me know if you want to head out.

I assume you don't have a car? We need drivers for now, Work is busy for my dad and its looking like maybe next week. ):

Any drivers willing too take the time and well pay for the gas, basically your trip out there and back is Free of charge to those lucky with wheels.

I am always looking for someone to help pay my gas. I live in Burnaby and fish almost every weekend.

thats weird , i live by in Burnaby too.

Are you going out this week?

Fishing forum > Anyone with or without Vehicle wanting too goo salmon fishing in hope?


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