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hey all...

I've recently had a birthday, and I got chest waders as a gift. I have no experience with them but I know I'll have lotsa fun.

I'm planning to go to the Shuswap river soon, just because it's close and provides a solid testing ground for my new gear. A few experience questions. (I flyfish, for trout mainly)

1. The waders have boots built in, with a rubber tread. I understand a felt sole is ideal, but how necessary is it for walking on rocks?

2. On what surfaces do the rubber tread provide a solid grip?

3. Is there a safe depth I should maintain, and a depth I should perhaps avoid? and what are the inherient dangers of using chest waders?

Felt soles are best on slick bottoms, larger rocks covered with algae etc. They provide better grip than regular rubber soles in these situations, most often found on rocky bottoms.

Rubber soles work great in muddy and sandy bottoms. I tend to use them on the lower fraser while fishing for pinks.

Biggest danger with chest waders is going under while wearing them. They will fill with water and can drag you down (it happened to me once in a set of neoprene chest waders and was not fun). Make sure your wearing a belt outside the waders. This wont stop the water getting in if you go under, but it will slow down the entry giving u a chance to get back up before your waders are full of water.

I find having two pair are best. A one piece set with rubber soles (either hip or chest waders(I prefer hip)) for most river fishing, and a neoprene set with seperate felt soled boots for rocky river bottoms and my float tube.

Have fun with them

never walk out into to fast or to deep water with your waders on. so many guys have died wearing them becuase they just got there new waders and think they can go wading out in this water that is chest high, then they get pressed over by the current, there waders fill up with water and very few make it out of the water alive.
just be real safe out there try not to wade any deeper than mid thigh and never over your waist.

sounds good, thanks guys
Louis Vuitton

As mentioned above, make sure you have a wading belt, and don't try to be a hero in swift current.

it is safest to wet wade rivers if the water is warm enough.
you can wet wade the shuswap this time of year, unless you are headed for the upper river, above sugar lake. it can get cold up there and waders are nice.
Louis Vuitton

Also, if money allows, it is sometimes a good idea, and safe idea to use hip-waders (I like the ones that look like pant the most)with a belt. They can cinch up good around the waist and be a little safer, cooler in temp, and less cumbersome.

I have neoprene chest waders with boot made in. Felt bottoms. They work great.

Another thing is don't scare the fish away. A lot of guys step right into where the fish are holding. Not a good idea!

Fishing forum > chest waders


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