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Hey all,

Recently been getting more into fishing, just got set up with an affordable rig from Bass Pro. It's a spinning rod / reel combo, can be seen here:

I've taken it out now on a small boat and also from shore, fishing fresh water. Problem I'm finding is I can't seem to get any distance out of my casts. I know it may be partly my technique, but I'm barely getting 30' or so. It almost seems as though the lures are too light. Also looks as though maybe when I'm casting, too much line unravels and the lure lands prematurely.

I've been fishing shallow and top water, in small lakes near the shore and rivers. I've been casting jitterbugs, hula poppers, spinnerbaits and small to medium Mepps.

I have the above mentioned rod/reel spinning combo, either 6'-6" or 7' length (can't remember!). I've spooled it with a backing of 10lb mono (Trilene XL) and then 30lb braid (Sufix 832), and I was pretty careful to keep the line tight during spooling. There's still quite a bit of room left on the reel. I have the braid tied to a #2 dual lock snap without a swivel, which I've been attaching directly to my lures. I'm fishing for anything really, but for my area (Ontario, Canada) looking to find bass, walleye, pike, and trout when fishing streams. I may set up a lighter rod for streams, but I like fishing in the weeds.

Sorry for the load of info, just want to be as specific as possible. Any ideas what could be causing such short casts?


Sounds like your spool doesn't have enough line on it. A full spool should have line to about 1/8" from the spool lip. Take the braid off and add more backing and then add the braid and see how that works.

get rid of the braid all together. just put on 6,8 or 10 lb test mono, Try using 1/4 to 1/2 oz spoons or put a split shot about the size of a pea on your line with spinners and you will be able to cast farther. Sounds like you have too little weight.

4lb mono Berkley trilene XL smooth cast, you need to try out this stuff out. this line floats so good, it cast so so smooth.

Hey guys, thanks for the replies.

Turns out it was a matter of not enough line on the reel as some suggested. I took it in to Bass Pro and the guy was nice enough to load me up to the flange with mono/braid. No problems now, just need to keep working on technique!

I do have some Trilene XL in 10lb, I'm thinking of setting up a second rod for lighter application stuff.. probably more an excuse to go buy more gear.

Thanks again!

Fishing forum > Problem getting far casts?


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