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so anyone been to deroche bar in past while. been years since i fished there. road and bar had been getting washed away quite a bit the last few years i was there and had put up barracades to keep out stolen vehicles. wondering if its still axcesable in there.
J & D

There is no legal public access to the bars or wing dam through Nicomen Farm at the Deroche Boat Lanuch - signs are clearly posted - this is enforced. Charges of trespass and mishief have been laid. The owners of the property will not tolerate a repeat of last years display of drunkeness, loose dogs, littering, public defacating, trespassing at all hours of the night and day.
Individually there are respectful people but collectively the public leaves a disgusting mess.NO TRESPASSING
Drift max

Are you a land owner there? are there police waiting for bottom boucers temping to walk down the dyke to the underwater bars below? lol doubtful.

ya saw sing and its illegal it has no official crest to show its legit. some dum ass farmer posted it. cops have told the ol boot to leave it alone. its not farm land or they are responsible to maintain the dyke then and they dont. gov does.
i been going in for years and no farm lady going to stop me. why havent i been charged yet then if its hers. there is a trail along water line anyways to avoid mrs patrol. id be more concerned about the

ill agree on the mess. it used to bother us quite a bit years ago when we could drive in and have to listen to the drunks smashin and torching stolen cars there all night long. there is drunk arrogants all over giving the rest of us a problem.

I got to the gate , a guy come out of his car and told me to leave because this was his property , I left .Could I have taken the trail down near the water to avoid crossing his property ? Has anyone been down there lately ? Are the signs still up ? Can I legally take the trail ?

i would or just walk around the gate. be respectful of ALL OUR fishing spot thats im sure most would. ask for something other than a homemade sign to prove property markers? what if i stood there saying it was mine..prove me wrong to. and im saying be rude, just stick to facts

seems funny to be ok to walk on the land from a boat but not from land to land???? what kind of law or rule is

forgot. was there 2 weeks ago just to look at river hight and famrer brown was out right there by the corner cutting the hay in tractor, saw me and buddy get out of car and walk right in. nobody even batted an eye at us????

In BC during daylight hours, a land owner has to ask you to leave before it become tresspassing. Signs don't mean a whole lot. Unless you are creeping around there house at night, the cops won't do nothing unless you refuse to leave aftern being asked.

I'd never knowingly go on private property without a valid reason, but if there is trail along the dyke, 99% this is not farmland! Good to go!
J & D

Perhaps "Riparian Rights and the Public Foreshore Use" would be good reading for those forum contributors who obviously don't have their facts straight (They are posted at the no access boundary along with a map detailing the private property lines on both sides of the dyke). Riparian rights which run with the upland property pertain to the shore and the bank of the body of water so there is no "path" available for the public. Further the dyke was estabished after the property titles so the Improvement District has a easement to maintain the dykes but the dyke is on private land. Unless a individual is an employee or agent of the Improvement District they have no business being there.
More importantly the public(or at least the slobs that leave the garbage and beer cases behind) should think about why it got closed down in the first place and reform their behaviour before they lose more access to the river.
J & D

The B.C. Fishing regulations state; "It is unlawful to enter or cross cultivated land, posted land, private land, or Indian Reserve without proper permission"

Read the regulations!

Hmmm, that does make sense JD. I withdraw my comments and recommend people stay off that dyke if it is indeed private land. Are there any property line markers so people know what is what? Surely (your?) property lines don't go into the river. They must stop somewhere.

the sign i saqw was from some ruling way way way back in early 1900`s, im reading this law you posted and it says it dose not continue with subsequent owners. its something each new owner or land title holder has to apply for and isnt always granted. in fact these days it says most get tossed out.
im not dissagreeing the fact you have a reason to keep SOME out, just seems to be using laws from horse n buggy days.

guess the only way to get a current and factual rule is call DFO maybe. i can see you being able to stop someone from the dyke towards your land but not on other side or on top a boulevard is....kinda a grey no mans area. and that sign i see way up about 20 foot in a tree dosent have any official gov stamps on it. could be made in grade 5 wood shop. maybe if it was at a normal face level some might see it....curious who paid for the gates???. our taxes or your own cash? and who pays the guy to grade it or if it fails?? it you cause its your land??. i dont pay for my neighbours leaky roof
J & D

Too many questions! If you want to discuss I'm at the river often enough. I'm the one hassling the trespassers

ill be the one walking right past you. like last time. dood on tractor didnt bother to get off it and come tell me to go away. im sure the property marker is on the opposite side of the dyke as the water,. which means the ownership ends there. as i grew up that land on other side of this dyke used to be underwater. so now its dry you all of a sudden own more land????. the land on the other side has been ever changing over the past 40 years ive gone there. i dont know anyone that owns a river like that...old laws or not.
next time im out ill take vid or pic of any markers i see. id think anything on the water side would have washed aw3ay years ago
MR Spoon

Was doing some reading about the boat launch and found this. Scroll to the bottom and you will see a map of the area with the property lines, and also the same black lines surround the main road as the dyke, don't know what it means as there is no legend but it is interesting.

thx for that link. looking it over i dont even think thats the same area. the road in dosent look like that and river edge isnt same either. also is dated 2009.
im going to see the DFO guys today and will ask if they have any info on this. i think the only real official info will be from them or the city. i dont take the word of any fisherman or farmer as legit. to many stories out there.
ill post up the info i get.
maybe the farmers might think about the responsible fishermen or hikers. i used to go 4 wheelin at a place that we had to buy a key to the gate from the city. same reasons..stolen cars torched and general kid bullpoo. so they gated it and i went to the city and bought a key to gate for 20 bucks. they get your info so any problems they know who and how to get you. just a thought. id rather pay a couple bucks to use it than loose it all together.

the lines on that map kinda dont make sence either. i see green ones making what looks like islands out in middle of water...i doubt that is a property line way out there. as a kid i know that land on river side of dyke was always under water. so now over time its dried and changed does that mean someone gains new land ownership???..dont think so. i think that sign is supposed to be on other side of why its not in a good spot. like 30 foot up in a tree hidden by branches. i know ive beet legalities with not correclty displayed notices. and that is no way correctly displayed. i dont walk and look 20 to 30 foot in the air. i look at face level.
abd as i see the lines the dyke in areas is separetly owned then to. not part of the farm land on dry side of dyke. never heard of anyone just buying a dyke...well maybe downtown vancouver on davie or something but not this type of dyke

I fully understand being pissed due to the snaggers that infested the place and made a mess but I grew up bar fishing that area and will continue to do so despite what you have against it.I take out more crap then I bring in so you should be thankful for that at least.Hell I was involved in the search when that poor guy lost his little dog down there years ago, a bunch of the locals were on the hunt, maybe you were there?

Anyways, I'd really love a chat with you at some point because this is an area I would love to be able to bring my young son and teach how to fish ethically away from all the clowns, just like my father did for me.Shoot me an email if you are willing to hear me out, it would mean a good bunch.

Your replying to a post that's over a year old man. and besides, GA got banned for being a goof. He's probably stoned somewhere mishandling sturgeon like he's famous for.

i think he is looking for j+d. if correct why not make a new thread addressed to him.
the moderator

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