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Hello to everyone

I would like to do some fishing in or around Vancouver and I need some advice.

Here is what I have prepared so far

- Bought 12 foot boat with 15hp motor

Did my boating exam and got my boat operator card. My experience level is pretty low, but I practiced in deep cove last year. Trailering is still a comedy show for anyone who is watching me at the boat launch ramp.

- Bought a basic tidal and freshwater license with salmon stamp.

- I have read quite a few books on fishing. Theory part is ok, but I have very low fishing XP. I caught crabs and lots of bullheads in the past from shore. I have caught the odd flounder or perch in the past.

- I have a large box full off random fishing tackle and a few spinning reels/rods (one really massive rod/reel combo and one more reasonable 7 foot rod/reel combo)

I was all mentally geared up to go out and try some fishing from the boat and after so many years I wanted to start right away.


After reading all the rules and regulations I am now totally confused and am too scared to drop any fishing line into any water.

Can any one recommend any place that would relatively easy to get to in a 12 fl aluminum boat? I would like to find a quiet secluded area where I can drop a crab trap then beach the boat (sandy beach) and do some shore fishing or if there are no fish then I am happy to do some exploring/light hiking with my small dog (Shih Tzu). I am not asking for a super hotspot or anything. I just need a place where fishing is allowed with as few rules as possible. I do not really need to catch anything but I do not want to be in a Rockfish conservation area or an area that is closed to Shellfish harvesting. (A fish would be nice). Because of my low XP I do not want to go blindly out exploring the coast in my tiny boat. I plan on releasing any fish caught back into the ocean (other than a couple of legal sized crabs). Once I find a suitable location I can then read up on the rules and regulations for that area.

Any suggestions? I am ok to travel as far as Porteau cove but closer is fine as well. (starting in Vancouver). A google map link or GPS coordinates would be nice if possible. Thanks

What type of fishing are you looking to do?

I would like to do some casual saltwater bottom fishing from shore or from boat pretty close to the shore. I am happy to catch anything.

I used my 12 ft inflatable to row from Belcarra to Twin Islands. On the way there are some good crabbing spots as well as places where you can drop an anchor or moore and hike. Have had to watch the tide as rowing in an inflatable is a b...tch if u go against the current. Another easy spot is Buntzen but havent had much luck fishing there. Went there yesterday, caught few white fish frustrated with no luck trolling. While bottom fishing off the far dock at the West side of the lake I was greeted with a saw and 2 cubs. That was the best part of my trip.

seeing the bruins was almost better than fishing i bet!

I tried visiting Twin Islands last year (to practice my docking skills). There was no beach and the small dock was super crowded with boats. (I did not drive into anyones elses boat, but there is a small dent on the wharf that I made with my bow) I also dropped a couple of toonies into the water by mistake when getting out of the boat. (Its under the dock on the north east corner)

The Twin Islands are dead spot in the middle of a Rockfish safe haven so no fishing with a hook is allowed there. I saw lots of crab traps in the water which is allowed. (I think)

It looks like a nice place for a quick picnic lunch, but I am looking for something a little bit more secluded (I plan on going on weekdays only), and with less fishing restrictions. Needs to have a beach where I can drive my 12 ft boat onto and do shore fishing. Crabbing would be nice and any bears or other wildlife would be a super bonus as well.

Like I mentioned earlier, I am not asking for anyone’s secret fishing hole, but just someplace they may have seen on the way to their favorite fishing spot.

I am thinking that I may find a small cove or beach along the sea to sky highway heading to Squamish area, but Google earth is showin a lot of private houses all the way along the coast.

I may have to investigate some of the Islands like Anvil island, but I cant tell if the whole Island is privatly owned or if there are some public spaces left there. I see kayakers going there so I think my 12 ft powered boat should be ok.

And here is my email if any one want to share a location:


bout the only suggestion id have is mouth of capilano erea and up indian arm and belcara erea for doing both crab and fishing. most here i think are more into the still water fish or river fishing. since ive been on here ive not seen one mention of crabs or crabing.

i also notice you say you got the basic cards with salmon tags for both waters but did you get the crabbing liscence to? need one now as of a few years back

Fishing forum > Newbee Question - Secluded place to go fishing


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