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O'kay for years every time i pull in a fish i have a hundred guys asking me "what colour did you get that fish on?" So here it is my personal favs and what works best for witch spesies of fish for me.
Chinook/Spring salmon > red. orange. red with pearl. orange with white.
Chum salmon > lime. chartrouse. green. yellow. green with yellow.
Coho salmon > red. peach. light orange with pearl. red with pearl
Pink salmon > hot pink. peach. rose. pink.
when using cotrasting colours ex. red with pearl lay a small bit of the lighter colour in the egg loop first then lay the darker wool over top the lighter wool, this will give your offering a fleshy look to it.
dont have to much wool on your hook, you presentation should be no bigger than a dime when in the water.

if your worried about scent, or if you smoke your might want to use some of this stuff on your wool. the last thing you want to do is have a smoke and rub your smokey fingers all over your wool, salmon rely heavily on scent and wont take wool that smells like smoke.

Salmon will hit any color wool by its self or in a combo with others . Just use whatever til you get a doe and then start fishing bait, you will catch more fish.

Abe would it be good to use a corki, and wool on a hook on the vedder with your float setup or not?

corkys make your hook float and are best used on bottom bounce / flossing setups for the fraser, theres no need for a corky on the vedder.

thanks Abe, very nicely presented.
I've taken to pulling what I think I may need for the day and preloading combinations into
film canisters.
I slit the caps of the canisters and then just pull out what I need.
I keep the stock of colours safely stored in ziplock bags.


another great thread to read

chum - purple and cotton candy pink
coho - pink with a dot of red
pink - pink
this is what i mostly use , ive never heard or seen someone using lime/green colours for chum before . ill make sure to give it a try next time , good post btw
Louis Vuitton

I have found green to work well on Chums, and for coho, a peach colour. I don't mean pink- but peach.

Just a couple of three cents.

Salmon are an angry fish by the time they have hit the upper portions of rivers. They will snap at and try and destroy something that resembles another fishes roe ( survival of the fittest ) dont worry all the scents and fancy colour patterns as much as trying to mimic roe. This will attract species of salmon to attack out of aggression that is all. Fish with the intention that you are triing to trigger this response and you will have great success. Piss the fish off, dont spook them but entice them to react to there natural instict and state that they are now in.


Hot pink is still my fav for most fishing . Now i see guys add a small peice of bright green wool to their hot red roe . Seems great for coho

So nobody uses peach with a little red or pink in there. combos deadly I find for spring.
and the Christmas combo of red and green work for coho as well as others.
and the maple leaf(red and white) work great.
but like stated before just toss almost any color out there that looks good and they will gobble it up.
preload a leader board and your good to go.
sometimes a corkie is nice as they do come up to bite presentations.

for most of this steelhead season I used almost exclusively hot pink wool..some times with peach or white..and have done quite well. I notice most everyone else basically using the same ..then yesterday towards the end of the day i changed it up and used orange..and they slammed is my new pink now for awhile..tied up some orange eggs today..gonna try my luck on the flyrod with an indicator tomorrow in the smaller water..cant wait for the pull !!

Yeah you have to change it up from time to time. think how many pink wool presentations that they see in their life. I have 2 nice jigs they have been slamming lately. The color combo is something that I have only seen once.


Great post. Thank you.

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