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Author Topic: new to the big lakes(okanagan), lyman fishing please help

Please help.
I read that some people where placing there snap weight 20 feet back from the Lyman. Did I read this right?
I will be fishing for rainbows in okanagan and mabel lake. I am not using a downriger just a 3 ounce snap weight.
So i am guessing that i would place the weight then a 6 bead swivel and on the other end would be a snap swivel on the 4 inch lyman. does this sound about right?
I do have a counter on my reel so I would start around 200 feet of line out for okanagan lake?
I will also be trying an Apex and im guessing the setup would be about the same.

Any advice or help on these question is much appreciated.

cheers ulley

Found this if it helps Using the Lyman

Where on the Okanagan will you fish? Interesting to see how you do.

Local regs require barbless hooks.

thanks for the link, I have read that but the problem is it shows the set up for use with a diver. I will only be using a weight. The only thing I could find was on a forum but it said the weight was 20-25 feet from the lure.. that seems like alot.

Why would 20+ feet make much of a difference from 2-6'. As long as you use a trolling weight that can slide down to the end when a fish is on, 25' becomes 0' when it needs to. We tie a snap swivel onto our main line (so we can switch lures in seconds) then snap the Lyman right onto the snap. I drop the lure until it is in the water, then count out 20-30 pulls (and I do not see why you could not do more), then attach the weight, then pull out to your desired depth. Downriggers are pretty much the same idea, you just put your clip on where you would put the weight. I do get line twist though, so if you wanted to you could use a short leader with swivel on one end and snap on the other and attach that the way I described above. To me the line twist has not been a huge issue so I just keep it simple.

i was reading an article in an old bc outdoors mag by dave kimble (a vernon resident). he suggests letting out 100 feet then attaching the weight. he then lets out say 20 pulls and trys it for a while. if no action he lets out another 5 pulls or whatever. if/when he finally gets a fish he knows how much line he let out with the weight on. no offence to chaka , but i'd be tempted to follow dave 's method. he is very experienced fishing for the trout you are after.
also, if memory serves me correcr, he uses a 10 or 12 ft leader from the lure to the swivel so that if his weight slides down after a hit, it will still be quite "fishable" .

I have heard the more is better thing too, but if you are letting out that much line, why do you even need a leader at all. Unless you are using very visible main line or are fishing a species that is known to bite off line like Pike, Walleye etc. Honestly even when fishing toothy fish I was never a fan of wire leaders. I caught my fair share without having anything chewed off. I follow similar depth checking technique, just not usually with that much line out. Wonder if Dave uses a marker buoy at the end of his lines or if he just fishes where nobody else is at. Have you ever had someone leave you 200' of space when crossing behind your boat? At Sugar the other day, I could have carried on a conversation people were following so close, after seeing us haul one in. One guy was penning me in so much (to starboard) I had to drop my throttle to near dying revs and S-curve until he got ahead enough to make my turn to starboard.

thanks for all the help guys... !! I plan on going to mabel tomorro and will try that set up I will also be using a willow leaf and wedding ring... what do you think i shouls add for weight on it and where? cheers ulley

Fishing forum > new to the big lakes(okanagan), lyman fishing please help


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