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I know this may sound like an odd question, but here goes...

We presently live in Manitoba, however we are contempating a move to the Okanagan area, (i.e.: Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, etc.). I am accustomed to Manitoba fresh water lake & river fishing, for walleye, pike, sturgeon, etc.....I know how to fish these areas, and what can be eaten, i.e.: walleye (although I rarely do).

I've previously fished on the west coast, and loved salmon fishing for Chinook.

What could I expect from Okanagan Lake? I usually still fish or troll with my 17.5' Crestliner...what is the normal fishing style in the Okanagan area? What are the common fish caught? Do people catch/ eat any varieties? Are salmon prevalent? Other than Okanagan Lake, are there good lakes close by with good varieties of fish?

I've done some online reading, but you never truly get the 'flavour' from online reading, and it's best to hear from the true enthusiasts of the sport.

Any information greatly appreciated!!!

It DOES take a bit to switch from Walleye and Pike to Salmonids, but both are really a lot of fun in their own ways. I moved out here about a year ago from Edmonton and although there are plenty of lakes in the praires, the same it true here. You just have to do some searching and many of the smaller ones take a bit of offroading to get to. You may prefer the larger lakes like cagey said with a boat that size. Some he did not mention but are large and fished by others are: Wood, Kalamalka, Mara and Arrow Lakes. Then there is more out in the Kamloops area as well as in the South near Penticton and further south. Depends how far you want to go. You could probably make a go of the smaller lakes especially if you have a kicker that falls under the power restrictions, but yeah most fisherman here are in 14' or less and often car-toppers.

You can also read my thread here about my own re-aclimitization to BC and being a new resident in the North Okanagan:

Tks Chaka!

I've glanced at your post but will read it again in depth.

There is phenomenal bass fishing in the south okanagan. Vaseaux, osoyoos and skaha lakes (particularily the first two) have tons of them, and they can get into the 8lb range. Those lakes also have perch as well.

I was in Okanagan Lake today between Summerland and Peachland. 3 of us in the boat. Apex, red, or blue, worked, we tried other things but it was a bit slow. We did catch several Kok's , one good rainbow and a pike minnow.

We did find a couple of hot spots but did not linger as we were more looking for places and checking depths. These will change over the season but 70-150ft was the more productive. Water temp was about 12C.

With more experience we know that it will be a lot better.

According to your fishing reportS you went three times today at the exact same time? That or maybe you had 2 extra personalities with you MrJeff(s)? :P

Yes the site reported a problem and I refreshed my page and got the same error and tried again before it returned to an error free state. I did not realise that I had recorded it three times. One more on the list for the big boss. And I can't delete them!

Perhaps it predicted the score!

Ha ha nice! Yeah I wondered if you could edit/delete them...

Fishing forum > What is Okanagan fishing like?


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