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Hi all. I've been fishing about 20-25 times in the last 5 years and I have NEVER caught anything. I usually go to the local docks in Steveston-Richmond, BC and try to cast my lure out but I never catch the salmon. I then end up with peanutbutter balls on a small hook and bobber and catch 1-3 inch things.

Anyhow, enough is enough! I need some real advice to finally catch something bigger than 3 inches! I'm going to Alouette Lake this weekend. Can I please get some help on what to use and how to use it to catch the fish there?

MY EQUIPMENT: I have a standard 6' pole (i think) which i got from Canadian Tire for 30 dollars on sale and one of the reels you push down the bar with your thumb and it clicks into place when you start reeling. My line is the max that my reel would take but it doesn't work well at all it seems to tangle and fall off the reel a lot. I have a couple of the red and white spoons, and some really cheap looking rubber fish lures and some small hooks.

1. How heavy a line should i use?
2. What type of lure/bait do i use?
3. Do I need weights on my line?
4. Do I reel in with the lure near the top of water or as deep as i can get?
5. Do I use a bobber?
6. Should I try to rent a canoe, or can i fish from the shore?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I would really like to have the best chance to catch something. Thanks guys.

Welcome anixon. I hope some of the members can help you out. There are a good number of reports on Alouette Lake both North and South. Check them out to see what has been used in the past.

You obviously need to know how to cast your line to avoid tangles. There are so many on You Tube. Just search "spin casting video" and you can find how to set up your bait.

For line you can go with 6 to 8 lb main line(that is the line on your reel)with a 4 to 6 lb leader.
For bait get some worms on your way out and some powerbait trout nuggets from canadian tire.
For weights you can use some 1/4 oz worm weights or split shots.
You can bobber fish and bottom fish,For bottom fishing put some weight about 2 feet up from your bait and cast it in.Bobber fishing, well you probably know that.

Your reel is called a baitcaster you need to set your freespool tension. There is a knob on the side for this. Tighten that knob right up, Put your desired amount of weight on your line and push the bar you are talking about and then slowly loosen off that knob until the line slowly starts to go down. that should solve some of your problems of spooling when you cast just keep an eye on it when you cast.Hope this helps and Good luck this weekend.

look in my post "shore fishing for trout" its a simple setup that many trout have made there last meal out of. if you look in my older posts i have pics of setups that work and very usefull advise for catching salmon.

I think we need a picture of that reel too or a link to the Canadian Tire page. I am hearing Spinning Reel but Kelso is hearing something different. The line suggestion was sound but I am not sure now what kind of reel he means. I initially though Spincaster Reel until I read it again. :-S

I am pretty sure it is a levelwind i call it a baitcaster

Yeah I know that is what you are hearing. But the only thing that points that way to me is the "tangle" reference. Then there was the Ukrainian Tire reference, I was there yesterday, did not see any Baitcasters, especially for $30. A Spinnng Reel is more likely to let line "fall off" and does have a bar that is often thumb triggered (bail wire) and does return when you start reeling...see what I mean?

anixon, pick a reel so we know what you are talking about.

Wow! So many great replies already! I'm learning so much thank you. As for real. I have the type like the second in the picture.

MrGrey, do you mean something like this but using a pink fly? I think I might rent a canoe. So is trolling done kinda near the surface?

Abe, thanks for the tip. I found the picture of your setup. I will go to the local store and try to build the same thing.

You're right chacka

Great bunch of members and I am glad you are encouraged. Don't spoil your day with tangles though. Cheap line should be avoided, and get that bail bar back in good time when you cast, you will learn by experience, practice makes perfect. Have a great time and let us see some reports. Go catch fish anixon.

Kelso the dead giveaway was $30 Ukrainian Tire combo. Okay so anixon has a Spinning Rod/Reel. But now that we finally got that sorted out, I forget what the issue pertaining to the reel was... :-P

Hey kelso and ChakaRaka, you guys are too much into fishing that you forget the simple language of beginners. "push down the bar with your thumb and it clicks into place when you start reeling" can only mean one thing and I understood that. So now it is how to encourage this guy to get properly set up and use the gear to fish, in language he can understand. Keep on track and this guy may out-fish you one day.

Cool your jets MrJeff, nobody is off track or even feisty. It was just an interesting experiment in interpretation. See I heard one thing, Kelso heard another and you heard something similar. Spincasters push something to cast and it clicks into place if you start reeling, they are also notorious for crapping rats nests of line off. Then again I guess any reel that casts can do that especially if you are new to it. I don't doubt that this guy will out-fish me soon because everyone I teach to fish tends to. It is almost like with each new person I help, I am losing some of my own fishing Mojo. Whatever, I am old enough to recognize there is so much more to "fishing" than just catching. Although having some success sure adds to the good feeling. I was not getting technical or talking down to anyone, that was why I included clear pictures. I am eager for the next post from the OP so we can see if he is putting it all together now or still needs some fundamentals sorted out.

Kelso, if you took this as anything other than just trying to get to the bottom of what he was talking about, I apologize. I was just fascinated with that whole interpretation differential...

So anixon, you must have given it another go this weekend. How did it go?

No worries buddy
Drift max

pink kokanee killer lure. long lines behing the boat slow troll. easy way to start catching kokanee with a spin rod setup.

good luck catching anything on that lake unless your under the hatchey cages

Yeah, that is a lake that I have only canoed on in my youth so I can't really comment on the fishing there. Maybe instead of telling the guy "good luck", maybe you could suggest some other spots in that area that would be a better choice. He is obviously a newbie and likely just chose that lake because of proximity and someone else's suggestion.

well if i was sending a new guy and had to gaurantee a fish...and more than 3
no boat is a bit of a downfall. if you can rent aq canoe or go buy a cheep used belly boat. seem them for 50 bucks to get started. go to lake of the woods 10 minuites out of hope...i know the lodging sucks...this is a day trip. launch from the rest stop or pull out on hwy. head to the left on the lake from there towards the roack and go as far as straight across from launch. thats the good fish erea. possibly with your reel tangling and line flying off may be that you have to much line on that one and it may not be on right and causes it to curl in loops. makes easier to tangle up. keep back about 1cm from outter edge of spool...the thing the line is wrapped around.
so for gear trolling a ford fender model "t" is always good or willow leaf. plain hook at the end with worm or with a wedding band. worm seemed to be better for hookingt hem rather than plain band they where taking almost anything. i think i could have tossed a stick at them and they`d bite. pumpkinhead was awesome for trolling a fly as well as doc spratley.
its hatchery fish so they are kinda stupid. they bite soft so dont set the hooks by yarding the rod. do it soft for these oens. just lift it and start reeling in. they dont even put up much of a fight so keep the tip up and just keep reeling, dont let it go slack.
if your going to get into this more id suggest looking at them belly boats or even a pontune. i just bought a fishcat 4 a bit ago and love it. got a great deal at Michael & Young shop in surrey....$180 bucks. just need some waiters and flippers. only downfall is its a single person trip

holly, half a book there....they where catching them from shore to but not as good as out in the water trolling. and the further out of town you can go the better fighing it is.....not sure if thats what you want to hear or not but to


So I camped at Alouette but the weather was really bad Saturday and Sunday so we didn't want to rent a boat. I ended up going to the dock at Mike Lake. Stayed in light drizzle for about an hour and a half and casted with a 1/4OZ weight and a wedding band with an egg on the hook. I didn't get a single nibble. The weight gave me a good cast so I was probably getting 50-60 feet off the dock, however no luck, no other fisherman there but a dad and his two kids were leaving just as I arrived and they didn't seem to have any fish with them...

Finally left after my line broke on a cast. I'm thinking the 1/4oz weight is a little heavy to cast on my 6lb line. Since I subsequently broke line on another cast in Richmond a day later.

So no tangles reported, that's good. Did your line break or did the knot slip, that is more likely. Try breaking the line, it is tough, but a knot can become loose and your terminal gear will fly off. Other reasons for breakages is a kink in the line caused by a tangle or misuse. (Or, as my buddy found out today, touching it with your cigarette).

Bad luck on the catch, but persistence is key, perhaps if there is one of our more experienced guys nearby who could join you for a day.

Fishing forum > Beginner NEED help Alouette lake!


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