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yesterday was the warmest day we have had thus far . a gorgeous day to spend floating around my neighbourhood lake testing the flies i tied during the winter. a couple had spectacular results and now need to be replaced. others were not on the menu. maybe next time or elsewhere.
the entertainment of the day was my buddy trying to land a trout and a falcon diving at it every time it came near the surface. if only i'd had my camera (it arrives home today from japan so i have no excuse now mr grey1 !!!).
10 fish, about 10 inches long, landed and released. many more lost! a very enjoyable day.

ps no report done as hardly any lakes in this area are listed.

Hey cagney, you could at least name the lake and give us all a clue about the fly you were using. Good to hear your day was enjoyable, the warmer weather is bringing on the lakes at last.

I am trying the tunkwanamid fly for the first time with good results, varying the color a little for the lake.

the lake is a secret revieled in other posts!
it was treated last fall for perch so was just stocked with catchables. yesterday i was using a leach pattern i tied. it had some crystal flash in the tail, either pearl or lime green. it proved irrisistable. i also had a damsel nymph pattern, except tied in black that got ripped apart. when my camera returns i will post some pictures of some of the flies i have tied. i don't tie anything royal or political but........

mr jeff. cagney was an actor i think. my name is cagey !!!

Ha ha haa! I was waiting for that...

thanks mr grey1. not the star you are !!

totally agree re: better site.
today i have to finish my garden so will be busy. hope to find a couple of hours to test some more flies. looks like a gorgeous day!

Fishing forum > an enjoyable day tossing flies


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