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chaka and i have been kicking around the idea of a derby in the thompson-okanagan area.
june offers some great fishing and it is only 3 or 4 hours drive to some great places to fish for you coastal people. the ideal place would have lots of camping room with motel/resort not too far away for those who do not camp.
we have had a couple of suggestion, tunkwa lk which is a short drive from kamloops and chain lks near princeton. tunkwa has several other lakes close by and from what i have read tunkwa lk resort has lots of facilities . it might be a good choice. it has some big fish if we are makig this a derby. if it is just a weekend fishing outing, which i would prefer as there is a lot less work , then a lake with lots of 1 to 2 pounders might be a better choice. lets have some other suggestions (when suggesting a place include a bit of a description of facilities etc) if anyone is interested.
(bentley, help us here. i know you fish some lakes near merritt.
come back, we need you!)
when should we do this. i'd suggest early to mid june. i know i am booked for a few days starting the 24th so for me it has to be earlier. how about fathers day weekend or the weekend before it?
do we want this to be a derby or just a sharphooks fishing derby?
as i said earlier a fishing weekend is easier as no organization to speak of is required. the suggestion for the other derby was $10 per person, winner take all! i do not want to be responsible for collecting $ etc but i sure would like to win such a derby!
unless anyone has any objections, let's just make it a weekend of fishing. some people might only make it for one day but we can arrange it for the whole weekend.
comments/suggestions please !

MrGrey, I think you are missing the point here and it is all based on perspective. Sure all you Lower Mainlanders are welcome, but the idea was not to replace the LM Derby, but to throw a Derby (or Just Group Fishing Outing) for the "Interior Chapter" of our membership. We do not expect guys from Vancouver to all come to this outing, but all are welcome too.

From our perspective, we would have liked to come to the one Kelso was planning. But for most of us in the Okanagan etc, it was a bit too far and possibly many of us could not have got away for that long. So even Kamloops/Merritt is a bit of a concession for myself (coming from the Vernon area) but 400 kms (return) is still more doable than 800+.

I also hear what you are saying about low lying lakes and the mud-puppies that they produce. But many of us do not have 4wd and have to have either paved access or very good FSR's. Additionally we may have others that are of advanced age or have other mobility problems, so we do not want to exclude anyone.

I can understand why Kelso is feeling discouraged (and daunted by the organization) and I think Cagey is anticipating the same and hoping to just keep it simple. I think that is likely the best idea for the first go at it. If it is reasonably well attended and goes off well, then maybe for the 2nd one we can make it more of a derby...

my sentiments exactly! my suggestion was to locate it somewhere in between vernon/kamloops and the coast. i'd love to have it closer to vernon or kamloops but am willing to travel to attract members from penticton (mr jeff and others) area right up to kamloops plus you mainlanders mr grey 1. as chaka said, if the first one works then we can build on it. if someone can organize something in your green water i will try to attend. i'd certainly try for something in the maple ridge area, my old stomping grounds. for now though, your photos offer some good suggestions/ideas

I was looking in my freshwater atlas and found a lake named white lake.It's north of tappen which is about 1.5 to 2 hours from either vernon or kamloops.Here is what it has to say,559 hectares All facilities camping regional park.Fly/troll for rbs to 5kg,Experienced chronomid fisherman do well in early spring.Also in the spring a good mayfly hatch is productive.In july try Gomphus or dragonfly patterns. there is a resort called sunny shores resort on the lake.

Thanks cagney for thinking of me. I am not sure I could make it as I shall be busy for the most part of June. For what it is worth my best bet would be Osprey, Chain, and Link Lakes on the Summerland Princeton Road. I believe there is accommodation and the choice of three lakes.

I have fished Osprey and Link Lakes with mixed results, but June should be a good month

Osprey Lake
Cream Corn

Tunkwa/Leighton are side by side, about 4-5hr drive from lower mainland, pretty good choice for a derby. Loon lake is also pretty good, but a little bit further.

PS: please explain Tunkwa being a low laying lake as it's one of the highest elevation lakes in BC? The muddy taste trout get is from Algae in the water and I havent experienced that from Tunkwa

white lake would be perfect for me , and chaka, but it is a bit further for those from the coast.
it can be tough fishing. the water is very clear so the fish can be a bit spooky.
the fish are very nice. there are a few resorts and a campsite but i haven't paid much attention to them i could easily check this out as it is only 1/2 hour from my house.
would white lk interest people?
tunkwa lk would be a very good choice from everything i have read about it. i haven't fished there. the fish are big, even if the taste makes it c+r. i checked out theresort website. the ice is just coming off now so it is quite high and should be good in june. there is also a large provincial campsite so it fits most needs.
any other suggestions. speak up ! it would be good to get things set so everyone can make plans/reservations.
also, any comments as to when? i do not have a callender in front of me but i believe june 11th is a saturday. that might be better than fathers day but then...........comments please.
also, if we hold it june 11th, how many people would be interested?

it is only a month away. noone interested? if there is no substantial interest by weekend, i will give up on the idea.

Funny how full the band-wagon is at the "talk" stage. I am really surprised that nobody has opted in though. Maybe it will be a mini-outing then...

Just my thoughts. It takes a while for an event like this to take off as many members will not have taken part in such a derby. If this is going to be an annual event, knowing the day, such as the first weekend in June, will keep it in members minds. I think it is a great idea and as confidence increases so will numbers.

I also think that mini meetings will go down well, so as members have been doing, posting "I am going to be at .... Lake" will help us know one another better.

So sorry I can't do June this year, but hope to meet up with one or two of you soon.
Cream Corn

hi checked with the hubby last night re june 11 @ Tunkwa ...we're in if it's a go. Even if it's not a derby it will be a great day to get the boat wet

sorry but with no interest i am going to be going someplace closer to home. too bad noone seems to want to commit to anything! if there is sudden interest i can be persuaded to go.

Myself and 5 guys are heading to echo lake near Lumby this weekend...... we were gonna have a mini derby anyway. If people are interested, they could get in on that action. There is camping there, and maybe even a cabin or two still available.

Yeah good luck with that one. We may be able to join you but it is a little far likely for Cagey. We have been to Echo several times, love the scenery and hate the fishing.

If you have had luck there, we might be coerced into joining otherwise I might go somewhere more productive and await your Fishing Report. Until I see someone catch a fish there, or am taught implicitly how to catch a fish there I will from now on regard Echo as a mostly privatized swimming lake.

Then again I am a little wary of hanging out with a guy who goes by the name "Penetrator" and his band of 5 merry men... :-S

penetr8or, not penetr8ed..... your only gay if on the bottom hahahaha

Ha ha...nice! Seriously though, I have a love/hate thing going with that lake, but really hope to fix that.

you have to try again chaka.
i have had similar problems with echo. some days they just do not bite! there was a recent report from someone who did well.
i have never targetted the big girards but have seen them caught!
the smaller trout seem to like green flies in echo. chironomids often work well off the resort and at the lumby end.
i'm bust this weekend so doubt i will be able to join the fun.

Yeah, I will try again, we all know that. :-P I saw the report but am somehow skeptical. If there were pics then I would be following the guy around to figure out what he is doing that I am not. The only consolation is that every time I have been skunked, I have not seen anyone else catching either. It is almost time for some smaller higher lakes anyhow, especially if my racks will fit on our other car, it is in way better backroads shape and has way more ground clearance than mine...

Oh and were you bust or busy this weekend, either way I get it because I myself am a little of each?

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