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Hey MrJeff,

I was just looking at your pictures (while looking at a few other peoples to see if they have a user pic). Anyway, I noticed a really old outboard motor. Tell me about that, if you will. That caught my eye (being a gear-head and) because I own a pretty old one myself. What's the story on that one MrJeff?

Bentley I feel that I have been put in a position of being more confrontational than I would like to be. If you can read, you know I am no wussy, but nice dig anyway. Honestly, I think that MrJeff must have some redeeming features to end up with the authority he was assigned. I saw an opening to find out. And I am seriously into old motors, old anything really and that outboard caught my eye. I figured that this may be a chance for MrJeff to show his "other side" and I am curious about it. So I extend this most hairy and manly of olive branches...

It is a Sears Elgin, not sure of the year, maybe early 60's. Can't tell you much history. Got it on eBay for $10 as seized. Just wanted to play with it as I have never serviced an outboard before. WD40 in the cylinder, freed it up, had compression! wow. Cleaned the points and got good spark. Put some gas in it and it fired up. I need to check the impeller but it will be out on the lake later this year. Forward only, no gears, no neutral.

Not bad for $10 but shipping was a little more.

So you bought it just to make mistakes on something cheap? Or are you into old motors specifically? What is the hp on that thing?

I have an Eska 7hp that I believe is late 70's. Eska made motors for Sears also, so maybe that is why it caught my eye. The powerhead is made by Tecumseh and it is likely quite similar. I got mine from a Free ad on CraigsList and have had it running but it needs carb parts (namely fuel pump element) as it will only stay running when wide open. So because of that I too have not checked the impellor. But because I have another motor now (and am in no hurry) I may disassemble the lower unit to visually check it before I buy my other parts. The parts are scarce and have to come out of the States from eBay, so if I need more parts, I want to know before I order the carb bits. Mine has gears also and a fuel tank in addition to the holey tank built in.

If you are ever trying to unseize something like that again, try ATF. WD40 is more solvent than lubricant and the old trick on most motors was to let it marinate in ATF for as long as your patience allows, then work it free.

My 2hp Yamaha pushes my canoe pretty good, but if I can get the Eska to run smooth, then I think it will require testing. I think 20 knots in a canoe would be like 70 in a big boat...

Listen (POSTIVE) thread jacker. You should put your Caps Lock back on and change your name back to Beefeater. If you have nothing intelligent to add, why poison a good thread with your oral fecundity. Get back down to your moms basement and leave the adults alone to talk...

MrJeff, are you going to let this troublemaker jump in and interrupt your story?

So I found mine to be a 1961 3.5 hp

Is yours a tank on top model? If you suspect the pump try filling a wahing liquid bottle with gas and connect it to the fuel input on the carb (make a hole in the base of the bottle to let air in). See if it runs this way, at least you can rule out the pump.

And yes, I just love this old stuff. This one is a McCulloch, 1967-1969 and is a 4hp, air cooled, and next in line for restoration but the missing parts are expensive, so I may fabricate my own. I also have a couple of Evinrude Fisherman 6hp.

First off, it is nice to be resurrected on the same day as the federal election. I hope some of the others that were unfairly ousted can return now that the administration has evolved yet again. I appreciate MrJeff being objective and overturning my own ousting and hope that some normalcy returns here. Well I guess I better get my Fishing Reports back up to date... But back to motors.

I did try a sort of remote tank first, but that was what led me to pull the carb apart. The fuel pump diaphragm on this carb is like a 3/4" long rubber nipple. It is torn from one end to the other. So that combined with the fact that it will only run WOT with air being forced in, tells me that it is running way too rich because fuel is being sucked in by vacuum through the fuel pump cavity. I will be ordering parts eventually but the one seller I found does not ship to Canada and there seems to be no parts in Canada for it. I have a friend in Washington who may be able to receive it for me though. It is a back-burner project though so I am not in a huge hurry. I look forward to hearing how yours works out.

Moderator - Deleted

Love the old Seagulls. We borrowed one off my uncle when I was a kid and our kicker got stolen off the boat. Smoky, ugly and fully functional. I am about to trade my Yamaha 2hp for one if i do not get the stupid rich fuel/air mixture thing resolved. I think I have gone through almost as much cleaner (unfouling the plug/cylinder) as I have gas.

So if we are going to make this an oldie motor thread, should we agree on criteria like minimum age etc? My 2 hp is a 1985 I think but my Eska is a 1975. I know that is not really that old but they are both over 25 years old and the Eska is older than I am, so that one should qualify...

Have you checked the float level in the carb?

Some problems are harder to spot than others. I have two Evinrude Fisherman 6hp, 1969 and 70. One has the best ignition parts from both plus new points/condenser and runs just fine. All the old parts are on the other engine and I had a hard time getting it to run. I could not get a spark on the lower cylinder. Swapped coils, points, condensers all to no avail, testing everything with a meter. Here is a tip, try to start it in the dark and you will soon see where the spark is going.

See the picture of the ht lead, it has a crack in it and this is where the spark leaked out, so I changed the leads for new and now sparks to both plugs.

I then did something very silly and did not bolt the flywheel down before starting it up, and it came off and did a little damage to the coils. Back to spark on one again!!!!!!!!!

However, I did know the compression was low so pulled the head and found the head gasket had blown. The new one has a metal rim around the cylinders and is very easy to replace.

More on this one later.

P.S. I was going to go fishing today but had a severe allergy attack last night and ended up in hospital!

Fishing forum > Mr Jeff tells us a story.


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