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In honor of the women in our lives let's push it back a week.I apologize for this i should have payed more attention to the calendar. Gives an extra week to organize.


I wish I could include myself. Love to show you all up with my obvoius skills. Maybe I could also learn a bit from the trip.

See you all there!

I am not going to carry on with trying to organize a derby.As of late my main worry is trying to organize something fun and having a fist fight break out.What i am going to do though is go fishing on the 15th,I will change the lake closer to my area Maple ridge/mission.If anyone wants to join me that would be great,there are a couple of people that i think i would have a good day on the water with. If you are interested email me at Thanks.

Kelso, that is too bad....and by too bad I mean that we would have to worry about a fist fight! Can't we just fish, and give props to the guy with the biggest fish? I am free on the 15th, and being fairly new to BC, and fly fishing in general, I would appreciate some time on the water with an experienced person. Is roley any good for you?

I think i will go to mill lake I have never been there and i can fish for bass as well.If you want to try rolley I Have had lots of luck trolling a pumpkinhead leech and Black or olive wooly buggers, You can fish chronomids just to the right of the beach. I have also had luck topwater fishing with a adams or mosquito. Rolley is a great lake to fish it is nice and quiet and the loon there is quite a chatterbox.

I can understand planning something and the challenges that come with that thankless task. Add to that the 2 times you have had to reschedule it, but I do not think that you have to worry about any fist fights unless you know something that I do not. Most of the membership here that was that contentious is now banned. Most of those are all talk anyway and are playing "internet badass" and in reality are so scared of their own shadow that they would never show up, let alone cause trouble. If you want an "out" and are sick of planning things just to have them screwed around by forces that are not within your control, fair enough. But to blame it on an impending fist fight, when it only sounds like 3-4 people will actually show, well I don't think that is realistic.

Cagey has some plans to put together something similar in our neck of the woods (likely closer to Merritt or the Loops) but we will have to see. If any of you lower mainlanders are interested I am certain you are welcome. Stay tuned, we liked your idea enough that we thought a SharpHooks "Interior" tourney was in order. Organizing things like I said is a lot of work, responsibility and is generally thankless, but if you want to make it happen, ignore the static and stick to your plan...

Sounds good i have hollidays in august just have to see how it works out.

Good call on the edit I'll leave it at that.

In other news, I talked with Bently this evening. He is missing the comraderie on here with the regular boys and although seems a tad to headstrong to admit it, would like to return to the forum if the administration is okay with that. Hopefully everything can slowly go back to normal now.

I think he is pretty close to your neck of the woods Kelso, maybe he is still game for an outing...

I think he is i the lower mainland somewhere, I'd fish with bently anyday

if we are going to do anything up here we should try for june while the fishing is good and before it gets too hot, if it ever is. does anyone have any suggestions as to a lake to hold it at.
i was thinking something in the kamloops area as it would be convenient for you coastal guys/gals. stump lk area would only be 2 hours drive for chaka and others from vernon.
first we need bentley's imput as the tournie would be no fun without him! come back bentley!!!
Cream Corn

we are in the lower mainland but Kamloops is our fave spot. Tunkwa is great with room for all

Chain Lake near Princeton is a really easy fishing lake,,,was there last year and caught a ton of 1-2 pounders.

Thanks for the suggestions so far and keep them coming if you have them. I grew up in BC but never spent any time fishing around Merritt/Kamloops so I can not really add anything here. But I am very interested in these suggestions and I imagine Cagey will appreciate the feedback too.

anyone fished gwen lake near meritt. any good?
been invited to go for the long weekend...tents and belly boats

Fishing forum > Derby moved to may 15


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