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Wondering here how frequently you guy's get your licence checked. My fly fishing buddy has had to show his licence once in 25 years, assume he goes 20 times per year, that is 1 in 500 chance. So far my count is never but this may be regional.

So what is your experience how may times how often do you fish and where were you challenged.

I've been fishing again for about two years i probally go about 80 times a year from squamish to hope ive seen dfo twice once in squamish and once on the vedder the time on the vedder they stopped and talked to me to make sure i knew the regs but never asked to see my license

i fish about 100 days a year and have only had my licence checked once, the one time my licence was checked it was way up north in the midle of nowhere.

i just started about two years ago and i have never been checked, i probably go out about once a week mostly around the lower mainland. I've seen CO's around 2 or 3 times but never actually been checked

I have never been checked in 8 years.

2 checks here in about 4 years. justr got jacked up by rcmp last week leaving green timbers...wasnt even at the lake...was on opposite side of the road 2 blocks away...we kinda got into it to...not even sure he had a right to detain me as hes not DFO???
then he gave me crap for not tossing last years liscence was the 2nd of the away the key.

far too rare. i've been checked 2 or 3 times in the last 20 years fishing the shuswap river for springs and once on the south thompson river and once on okanagan lk but that is it. pretty pittiful . they need far more officers.
hunting is not much different although i have been stopped at road checks but rarely have i been checked while hunting. if there was a greater chance of getting checked there would be less gong shows like you see on the vedder or fraser.
my question, is are we all so bored that all we can talk about is getting our liceces checked? the ice came off phillips lk, only 1/4 mile away, on tuesday. now if they will stock it i can go fishing every day!!! (they treated phillips last fall for perch/bass etc.) .

getting checked at a lake such as kawkawa by the rcmp is different. they are there to check skiers etc and the little fisherman gets in the way so they check/hastle them too. if it weren't for all the boaters there they would never be there. as for mill lk, probably the wardens have an office nearby so go for a walk to kill some time. again you get in the way.
you are right about how beligerent the rcmp can be in their checks. i was stopped in a road check for hunters last fall. i had not had a touch of alcohol for over 48 hours yet they insisted they could smell some on my breath so made me blow. they would not admit it was nothing , still contending i was lieing but they would let me go.
they were so determined to nail me with something but they couldn't even get me on a brake light!

For the past ten years I've fished from Whistler to Kamloops. I've only been checked for a licence once at Brown lake in Squamish ( last year ) and once at the Seymour river.( about three years ago )

I would like to see more DFO checks as we all know theirs far to many poachers and cheaters out there.


i have been checked 5 times by COs once they were hiding in the bushes watching everyone then called ahead to have us stopped at a roadblock checked for licences and fish quota but unfortuantly we catch n release only

The only time I've been checked was on Canada Day at Lafarge Lake last year. I was in the trees on the side and two police officers in uniform approached me and nicely asked to see my license and ID. After they said have a good day and left me alone. Not a big deal.

Other than that, I have never seen them around checking. Just people from the fisheries doing surveys.

Thank you all for your comments. We can only make sure that we comply and abide by the rule book. Keep the lakes clean, picnic spots tidy, even if we are cleaning up after others, and make it easy for the authorities.

Have a great season, thank you all for the positive comments you have made about how the site has improved, since moderators have been appointed.

Hope to meet up with some of you this season. TL's and GBFN.

i got checked to days ago and once before that

I think that I have been checked twice as an adult and likely twice when I was a kid, ocean fishing with my dad and uncle. I was taught to do it right though, so I have always been compliant.

Although one time in Edmonton I was fishing with a few buddies and all of us but 1 had got our licenses renewed the week before (when the old one expired). We got checked and we were all fine except for the guy with most of the beer and the expensive fishing gear. I guess he had forgotten. It was pretty much an honest mistake being so early in the season (he even had his just expired license on him). We were sure that pricey gear was gone, but they just made him get rid of the beer and gave him a stern warning. Funny part is that I had beer too but because I was so compliant (and the beer was some weird cheap off-brand) they did not even notice mine. And now we all call him "poacher" when we go fishing...

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