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mr jeff or co-manager:
the fishing reports have the wrong "tag" to wood lake. is it possible to change it to wood ( oyama) lake. there is a wood lake near westwold. it doesn't have kokanee but is home to some nice trout. the wood lake near oyama is the one all the reports are about. it is 75 km from westwold.
i am sure this confuses some people and might be a quick fix.
and by the way, thanks to your great work this site is much better. good debate is interesting. what we had was not debate! thank you.

Thank you. As regards the web site, the big boss is not listening, but I will try again.

Yeah this correction would be nice. I had to check the map to figure out this was the Wood Lake I was looking for. So cagey, have you been out on Wood lately? We've been twice so far this season. The weather is getting nice now though, so if I can get the time, we will likely be there more.

no, but if i was i would drag a red fly, like a blood worm with a small marabou tail with a pink maggot. if you just have monofilament , put on a small weight and let out 100 ft or more. the koks will be at the surface so keep the weight small. my buddy got some pushing 2 lbs ice fishing there this winter. there is no need to put on a troll or other heavy most, a 2 or 3 inch lure with a wedding ring is a lot better and more fun. when the fish get into the summer daldroms, the troll may come in handy but not now.i use my fly rod for koks with a sinking line and red fly. always catch my share and have a lot more fun than dragging the poor things in behind a gang troll!
good luck next time out.your motor makes it easier!

Good call cagey. I was thinking of trying something just like that next time. And yes when the motor cooperates it does make things easier, especially exploring more water in one day. My g/f was doing well with just a Lymann Plug, but mine did not get a bite. We may be a little too deep, but I did not live here yet last year so I am unsure as to what to do depthwise at this time of year. I never seem to haul 'em in constantly but I have enough success to keep me coming back.

I am not adding this to complain, but if we are going to compile a list of changes then this should be added. I went to do a fishing report for Monte Lake and could not find it or any entries for Kamloops area. What is up with that?
ChakaRaka rained a bit, it snowed on us, it blew and got choppy and cold. Any my motor almost went overboard it was being such a PITA! Not that I was able to stop fiddling with it long enough to put in a proper effort, but we got skunked. That water was super cold too. I waded in to launch the boat and was not warm again until I had been home for a couple hours. We will go check it out again, but that was more scouting I guess than fishing.

i'm trying monte on tommorrow, weather permitting.

We are thinking of heading somewhere tomorrow too possibly, if I am on top of my work enough. I have an install coming up in Kamloops and I thought that if I get an early enough start then I would have an excuse to hit Monte on the way home. I am still waiting to hear when that job is scheduled for though. I wish I got cell reception from Monte, then I could still answer the phone while fishing...

Fishing forum > wood (westwold) lake


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