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Louis Vuitton

Has or does anyone, ever fish Tsawwassen beach or the surrounding area? I know people fish out near the ferry terminal for salmon from boats, but from the shore, has anyone ever had success on Cutties or rezzies?

i know you can catch flounder there. not sure about cutties. the flounder good eating. i would try plunking with a slip rig. clams, muscles and gost shimp are all choice baits. (remeber to take the clams/muscles out of the shell first) good luck <*)))><

if you look back in the old postings, about 3 yrs ago you will find postings by another louis vuitton. he lived in the tsawassen area. he used to fish the beaches for coho and, if i recall, cutties. if you can find the postings, he was very helpful in explaining how and where to get fish.
Louis Vuitton

Hey Cagey, it is me, the original!

I took a big and long hiatus from this site after things got pretty bad on here. I'm still not too big on this site anymore for some of the previous reasons, but will help out when I can.

I used to fish the American side of Tsawwassen beach (Point Roberts, WA) where the point was, and I would slay the coho as they would go around, continuing out past the ferry terminal and then up the Fraser, but inside the bay area, along the causeway and in front of the beach houses, I haven't fished in forever years and was wondering/hoping that some people have in the last few years since I've been gone from here.

I know there used to be searun cutthroat all along it, mostly closer to Point Roberts (more of a rocky/pebbly bottom, as opposed to the mudd/sand flats).

Thanks for remembering me Cagey- glad to know I made a good impact on some people for the time I was around!


Slightly off topic here but I wonder if you could tell me what were the reasons why you stayed away, came back and what you think needs to be improved.

The site owner has appointed two moderators but we are unable to make changes but with a little pressure we could possibly do this.

Your comments would be quite valuable.

good to have you back louis. you were easy to remember.......your posts were always very helpful and interesting. seem to recall you going swimming one winter day!
as mr jeff said, this site is now moderated again. it is much more like it was several years ago. most of the jerks have gone away.
hope you stay! there are some people on here now who actually fish and are willing to share info and ideas.

i think when i entered this site , you left louis . nice to see you post btw . but what do you mean about 'the point' is it not there anymore , heard good things and like to give it a try sometime , but wouldnt bother if it dosent exist anymore
Louis Vuitton

By "The Point", I mean't Point Roberts, and specifically, there really is a point there that the water goes around (It's right by the radio tower). Along there, the beach shelves out. It's considerably shallow and slowly slopeing, and then just get's deep all of a sudden. The baitfish usually hang around these two massive kelp beds, and the coho cruise along the alley during the day time that runs between them, and will go after the baitfish that stray out of the kelp forest.
BUT, on the tide changes, outgoing/incoming, the baitfish hang really shallow up on the shelf/beach, and the coho cruise along it. This is when long casts and SPARSE baitfish patterns are killer. Clock your casts, starting parallel to the beach, and slowly cast, retrieve, cast, retrieve, in a fan motion to cover all the water you can. Do this and then step in either direction. This is good blind casting technique up there when you don't know where they are. The coho aren't like bass and aren't hanging out in one area. They're cruising.
BUT a lot of the time, you can find them actively moving around. They aren't hard to spot when they are there. If you can find an area where they generally are (look for 'nervous water', baitfish busting the surface, odd water movement, and diving fish), long casts with anything sparse works. If you buy most bucktails from a shop, trim them and thin them out. I tie my own, and they look half as dense in materials as bucktails that you would troll for Gerrard Rainbows.
Tinsel wrapped along the shank, with a wing of yellow, and then a second wing of blue. That is it. Black thread for the head.

But that is the Point Roberts area of the beach. Also, if you go in the evening, you'll see the cutties. Elusive as they are, just sit on a log and watch the water within 10-15 feet of the beach and you'll see good sized rises, water splashing, and the odd v-wake. 4 or 5wt with a floating line and long leader and a muddler minnow works good up there. Remember: Nothing too flashy.

I'm pretty sure that is almost a repost of what I posted years ago.
Hope that helps whoever wants to try it.

I'm not going to name any specific brands:

Gear: 8wt or 9wt (it get's windy, the backbone is nice for those long reach casts).
A reel with floating, intermediate, and a type 3 sink. If you don't have the cash for all three, I would get a type 1 clear intermediate. That way you can sorta fish all the water (don't quote me on that though).
15 lb leaders. Either tie your own up, or buy the bluefish/striped bass types. I find the "salmon" leaders available here are more geared to freshwater river fly swinging, and aren't as abrasion resistant.
Lots of backing. As much as you can fit under your line, and I would go with a Gelspun type. I use 30lb PowerPro. You don't need 30lb backing, but it's got the diameter of 12 lb, and it is waaaay more abrasion resistant than Dacron. If you're fishing trout, dacron is fine, but then again, trout aren't gunna dive into barnacles.
Just be careful, if you ever get a fish that takes you into your backing, just let him run. Don't let it go across your stripping finger. That stuff can cut you. I learned that in Hawai'i while fishing bones. I knew bonefish ran, but I had no idea as to how fast they pick up line when they go and how fast it comes off the reel. Once bitten, twice shy. I had a nice little cut from the backing. BUT, well worth it.
For flies, any sparse baitfish pattern will do, but honestly, don't tie a circus on the end of your leader. A few strands of crystal flash or flashabou at the max. And by a few, I mean like three or four. Have you ever seen a baitfish that has christmas lights and mirrors all over it thinking "Man, best camo ever- I"ma never gonna be seen" as they hide among the kelp? Nins. Sure, they have some shine, but they aren't clowns.

Take lots of flies. You'll lose some if you hook up onto a giant piece of kelp, or if a fish wraps you up.

Anyways, yeah, theres some stuff about the point.

If you're going to the cutties, any light trout outfit is fine, just rinse it off after.

great post, and it does sound familiar to your posts years ago.. wish i could try my luck at pt roberts !
good point re: tieing bucktails.
i've been tieing a few bucktails for use on shuswap and adams lk. i might be too liberal with the crystal flash . looking forward to trying them. i agree re keeping them sparse.

Whats a license worth down there, and where can you pick one up? Non resident .
Thanks in advance.
Louis Vuitton

Last time I bought one, it was $40 for a non-resident alien.
This includes a shellfish license and I believe a steelhead license (its all printed on the same long piece of paper that looks like one of those long receipts you'd get from an electronics store or something similar). That's the way it used to be. Not sure if it will be for this year or not. It usually is thouh.

You can pick them up at the Marina, which is located on APA Road, which is a left turn down near the bottom of Tyee (the main road you go on when going through the border crossing).
fisher 696

So good to see you back Louis

mike and others, read Louis vouton's post above. he did a few posts a few years previously where he got into even more detail.

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