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It’s a new year and we’re excited to get things going, Here is a fishing report that originated in a publication from Washington State University.

WHY was the salmon fishing so good in 2010? WHY did the sockeye salmon return in the highest numbers since fisheries started tracking the returns?

The answer seems to point at the ocean conditions during 2008. Sockeye remain in the streams, lakes and estuaries for two years before going out to sea for an additional two years. They then return to their native spawning ground. In 2008 the water was slightly colder than in the seven years prior to 2008. This cooler water significantly increases the micro organisms, which the bait fish feed on. This dramatically increases the numbers of pilchards / sardines which in turn increases the survival rate of the salmon entering the ocean in 2008.

You probably also noticed a significant increase in the number of 3 year old Chinook (15-20 pounds) on the fishing grounds this year. These fish also entered the ocean to begin their life cycle in 2008. The same factors that helped the sockeye were at work on the Chinook. The returns of Chinook go generally like this: 20% will return early (3 year olds); 50% will return in the normal cycle (4 year olds); 25% will return as tyees (30 – 45 pound 5 year olds); 5% will return very late as trophy 50 pound plus (6 year olds) What these guide lines are projecting is the 3 year old fish were in abundance at twice the normal numbers. That means 2011 normal return should be over the top for quantity of 4 year old 25 – 35 pound Chinook and may be large in size.

Sharpen those hooks and get ready for an exciting, bountiful 2011 fishing season!

Wow, its an odd year already, Where does the time go? no wonder i had no luck with pinks last year, go figure. I can feel the ignorance and tensions rising already. Can't wait to see a good fistfight down by the river over ignorance and stupidity.

this might help ethicalbonker

Last year i got there at 4:30 am and some days was out with my 2 between 5 and 6.It got crazy at times was pretty funny

oh ya last year was easy pickins. this year we have a pink run too, should be fun fly fishing for the pinks. theres already springs going up rightnow i've seen a few big springs jumping out there allready. we'll see if i can beat my personal record of 48lbs this year. i should probably start doing curls now lol. <*)))><

abe check your facebook msgs

Most of the people I've seen fly fishing pinks + sockeye over the years are just flossing them out with a fast sink tip and long leaders. What I don't like, is that some act like they are really fishing doing this and look down on all the people fossing with a float or b.b. with a long leader... really, whats the difference? lol

It is a from of flossing and certainly using the principals of bottom bouncing. Especially when you use a ledhead. At least that is my point of view as a fly fishing instructor.

Hey Abe I challenge you to top my 36lb spring on a fly rod.

ya i see those guys out there fly flossing soks and they think there better, what a joke, i do think the pinks bite the flies though i use any huge pink fly for them and most the time its way back in the throte.

Fishing forum > 2011 salmon forcast is looking good


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