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So I started river fishing in 2010 and had blast. Now I have the bug and want to get a steelhead. I went out for the first time last Monday and got skunked but had a lot of fun anyways. The crisp cool air, the river, all amazing.

Anyways, I noticed I was the only one without waders. I was on Santa's naughty list it seems and I did not get a pair under the tree.

Are waders really THAT necessary for steelhead? I understand these fish are not as plentiful so it would make sense I would need to move from place to place to find them. Waders seem to make sense.

On the safety side, I am told if you fall down and your waders fill with water, it will pull you down and you drown. Are they that dangerous or is this an exagerration?

I was in your same situation last summer. I went to Army/navy and got some cheap hip waders for ~$50 and think it's a great investment. For christmas I upgraded to a better reel. I also got a nice, vest for ~$40. This coming summer, I might upgrade to some chest waders.
There's two theories to buying gear. My theory is buy what you can afford, start small and work your way up. The good news is that w/ Craigslist and other forums you can sale your used equipment.
The second theory is spend the money up front, buy very good stuff and don't worry about upgrading, "buy once" as somebody told me. My budget doesn't allow this and i have no probem selling my old stuff to buy better quality new stuff.
That's a long answer to your question. Hip waders increases the number of places you can fish, get 'em.

i recommend if you fish rivers a lot, take a swift water rescue course they teach on the chilliwack river, and in squamish through Raven Rescue.

it should not give you any false confidence to be an idiot out there, however it will put you into some water that, quite frankly, is mostly unfishable due to too fast of current but you will gain safe experience to understand what it's actually like to be submerged in the water and what you need to be aware of should you be in that situation

Get the waders they wont kill you. If you're really that nervous you can wear a personal floatation device, you can get wader belt ones too. But seriously they are good to have if you're fishing alot of rivers.

I agree Chest waiders are the way to go. My first pair cost me $60bucks i think from riverside F&T, had the rubber boots attached. They lasted aboot a year, the seam at the boot kept leaking.

My next pair cost $250-350 with boots,cant remember but what a difference, and they have a lifetime guarantee. BARE, I love em'
fisher 696

I swam the Chehalis in mid Nov. Didn't mean to but, hey, excrement occurs. I was in neoprene waders at the time. I had a bird's nest and hooked a good sized coho that literally pulled me in. My waders filled up and I swam across, played the fish on the way. When I made it across, I simply unbuckled the waders and let the water out...the trip back to the parking lot was a little chilly to see the least, but I did land and keep my 17 pound coho.... well worth the soaking....if u intend to walk a fair bit in yer waders, get a better pair ....yer crotch will thank you...they are great for stopping the cold .... and as Bentley will need them to land and release yer catch....remember too that steelies are the "fish of a thousand casts".....patience helps....took me 3 years and 1/2 dozen trips b4 I got my first....

i would defenitly invest in a good pair of neoprens best xmas preastent ive ever gotton keeps u very warm un like plastic ones

love my breathables. you can always wear longjohns etc if it is cold. on warm days neoprenes are too warm. i have both but only use the neoprenes when using my b'boat in early spring or late fall.
neoprenes do offer a lot more flotation if one does have an accident , especially if you wear a belt. after all, what do water skiers wear in liue of a life jacket.
also, some of the "flotation devices " on the market make pretty good fishing vests. best thing is don't fall in (unless you are swimming after a big coho).

ya they meake floaters vest to get if your woreyd bout fallin in

Thx for your replies. I ended buying Hodgman neoprenes for $70 bucks at walmart in Bellingham. I declared but border guy waved me through so no duty. They are chest waders. I have yet to test them out, but can't wait to get a day off work to try them out!

I will get a flotation device, seems quite prudent. And thanks for reminding me about patience re: steelhead. So true.

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