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just wondering if there's anyone's go any tips I might not know?

hey jacob go to the river and catch a fish

is it true any thing works for steelhead

tieFisher: the best is a jig or jig'a'bugger under a float tipped with prawn or use roe sacs and pink berkley worms 4"-6". later on in the year febuary march when the fish are more agrasive you can use crocs or mephs spinners. My best technique for banging steels consistantly is to fish 3 things jig,roe,worm find a spot where you think fish are holding and drift your offering through the holding area try to cover the entire hole, if the water has a 2ft. visability make your drift 2ft. over from where your last drift was and continue until you cover the entire holding water sometimes the fish will be 2ft. from the shore. if the first offering dosnt work switch baits and work the water again. sometimes you can drift a jig right by a fish and nothing then you will drift your roe by the same fish and bam fish on (now its up to you to keep it on) what ever you do dont sit at one hole and toss jigs allday. fish the grid switch baits lots and keep moving if theres not a fish willing to take your offering in that hole move to the next and theres probably going to be one there. lots of times i get hookups on my first toss after switching offerings useing this technique. I tie my jigs useing strung marabou, crystal fash and chenielle the crystal flash kind always in black purple or pink, white with a gold head can work well on very sunny days, dont over dress them and dont use to much crystal fash just 2-3 stands will do. there is some good steelhead jig tying videos on youtube you should check them out. theres also a guy on there named bcsteelheadhobo hes good and has a video on there jig fishing for steelhead watch that one too. Fallow these tips and you will be hooking up fish in no time. <*)))>< steelheader mag online has some good info too.

oh'no now you all got the recipe for my secret sauce....
Merry Christmas

I find it is easier to make a nicer, higher quality jig tying with rabbit rather than strung maribou. Jigs are not exactly the cheapest thing to tie so i would spend the extra couple dollars to get rabbit.

It also hurts when your often throw a new jig out on it's first cast, float goes down, you loose the fish, then the next cast a rock fish take it down to it's grave.

abe , you make it sound like its easy to catch steelhead. Most newbies should realize that the main thing is putting in time. It doesnt matter if youre using wool,roe,jigs,worms,blades etc. the main thing is finding them. Chances are if they haven't had stuff drifted infront of them all day then they will hit the first thing that does. Remember that jigs just became popular inthe last couple years, people had no problem catching them before that

I'm confused by this post at Freds:

One Happy Customer!!, His first time steelheading yesterday and he caught 2 steelhead in 2 casts...this is the pic of the larger one.

I thought you were done after catching one? I guess Freds is saying he caught the first one, released it, and then caught the second?

niether is better. they both work equaly well its all in the presentation. present your offering well and the fish gods will be on your side <*)))><
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Fishing forum > steelhead tips :)


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