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Author Topic: Newbie to the Site and to the Kettle Valley

Hey guys Im searching for great websites for fishing around Midway/Kettle Valley and stocked upon this great site.
I just moved from Chilliwack which I fished 4 around 16 years in the Vedder, Fraser, and local sloughs and streams. I miss My Vedder river already and I hope some of you are getting ready for the steelhead coming up.
Anywho I live in Midway now and was wondering if any of you have some tips and stories to tell me for the Kettle valley for Rivers Creeks or lakes, I know its mostly Trout here and cant wait for fly fishing.

Thanks to all who will read and post something.

here is some pics of me and my dad last time fishing for Coho

He landed a 20lb Spring and I landed a 6lb coho both where females
Sons of Angling

hey i live in penticton. I havnt been out your way id like to know whats over there.. i've heard there is some dynamite trout streams. I mostly fish central okangan. Around here i do alot of fishing at skaha for bass,sunfish,trout,squas bunch a diff spieces). vaseaux(bass 5 lbs largie my biggest,perch,squas.). Osoyoos lake is awsome for decent bass. yellow lake towards keromeos (stocked heavly w/bows and brookies, i catch 3 pounders quite regularly) umm where else conkle lake,headwaters,darke(fish) lake. ect ect ect... tons of good fishing. Ive wanted to get out that way my buddy says he knows of some killer spots he grew up around midway/greenwood. i'll ask around

Yeah its the Back side coming down from Selesse Park. Great Hole we caught many fish but landed only those 2. and yeah CentrePins are the Best, I used dads rod to land that Coho

As for This Kettle valley I talked to some Locals About Good Fishing, They say theres a good Whitefish Season in the late winter Up the Kettle River and rainbows/dolleys in the spring/summer run off from Midway to Westbridge, Ice Fishing In Jewel Lake I heard is great also in the summertime and rumour has it there was a 56lb rainbow caught there in 1937. Fisherman stories lol

Thanks for the post Fishmaster, My Father in Law Loves Bass fishing, I havent tried it or caught one, so Ill take a look around and plan a trip to catch those fat fish with him.

Get the B.C. backroads fishing guide it will get you to places you don't know about in your area. I have a B.C. outdoors freshwater atlas and it says Myer creek which is just west of midway is good for bows and brooks.There is the west kettle and kettle river with bows brooks and brown. Good luck
High Water

I was camping at the Kettle Valley Recreation area and fished a hole upstream from the CN railway bridge. the hole was packed with trout and catfish????? yes catfish (under 12inches) we caught many at night fall with small nymphs at the head of the pool none stop, they don't but up much of a fight but it was a great way to pass time. as for the trout only one of us connected with a trout will jigging with a yellow worm. it's a very pressured hole with many swimmers, tubers, and fishers. we didnt fish the rest of the river but if your intrested in taking a couple of days over to christina lake or even osoyoos lake i've fished both in spring and summer and had multiple hookup outings. that's just my two cents what you takeout of it is up to you. tight lines!

Fishing forum > Newbie to the Site and to the Kettle Valley


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