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Author Topic: Crazy people sockeye fishing; Seabird, St.Elmo, Laidlaw

Hey there. Long time reader and new time member. I went out Thursday Aug 26 with a couple of friends to try some luck sockeye fishing on the mighty Fraser but instead witnessed some really bizarre and dangerous behavior by my fellow fisherman.

First off was Seabird bar near Agassiz where it was unbelievably crowded for 7am. Got a spot after much hunting and basically saw no action for hours. No one told us that a commercial opening just happened haha. Oh well. But what was strange is how people kept trying to push into the smallest spots. Like only 5 feet between rods! I kid you not. One fellow was drifting with a 20ft leaders and managed to hook another man in the collar while casting. All hell broke loose since the hook was barbed and nearly missed the guy’s artery. The guy hooked pulled out a knife and cut off the line, ran up to guy who hooked him and threw his rod/reel into the water. He yelled a bit more and then walked back and continued fishing. This was a bit too much excitement (and lack of fish for us) so we packed up and went to a bar off the St. Elmo road exit.

We found a nice bar in geared up in the middle of about 25 fishermen. People were accommodating and it seemed like our luck would change. There were even some families there with little kids. We thought this would be a good vibe. About 20 mins later - and still no fish we saw two little girls coming up to fisherman along the bar offering to sell some fishing gear they found along the bar. It was cute but sort of dangerous because one of the girls nearly had herself accidentally hooked by a man casting above her; a close call again. Now the really bizarre thing was 10 minutes later this totally enraged male in his 30s (tattoos on his arms and neck) was charging up the river demanding to know who talked to his little girls. We shrugged and he kept moving a bit up and started screaming at this guy near the end of the bar. He was yelling at him about how no one is allowed to talk to his girls and actually seemed threatening. We were going to call 911 since it looked like someone was going to be pushed into the river. It was amazing because there was so much screaming you’d think someone got stabbed. If anyone knows this tattoo-ed guy from St. Elmo with 2 girls - tell him he needs anger management. So much for mellow fishing LOL…
We stuck around a bit longer but got skunked again. The commercial fishing really halted things - and the local fisherman were also complaining about how bad it was.

Again we packed up and tried a bar on Laidlaw a miles down the road. We were lucky since there were hardly any people there for some reason and cast in. Within 5 minutes all 3 of us had snags! Lol Now we knew why no one was there. We kept plunking but had no luck and lost a ton of betties. A sacrifice to the fish gods haha.

After an hour we walked away and had a great dinner in Chillliwack – of sockeye burgers of course.

So lessons learned: Don’t fish after a commercial opening and be careful out there – there are a lot of careless people fishing AND easily enraged people threatening each other over nothing.
fisher 696

A well worded tale. Nice to see. Yup, commercial openings must be watched as they pretty much stop the flow of fish. Crazy people abound and some are crazier than others, good for you for moving on.......

Fishing forum > Crazy people sockeye fishing; Seabird, St.Elmo, Laidlaw


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