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I was out today at the shore fishing for some flounder using shrimp bait until I decided to try out casting a spoon instead, thinking it'll work on flounder too. (as so I've been told)
Anyway, after my 3rd cast, I hooked onto this rather puzzling looking fish.
Just wondering if anyone on the forum can possibly help me identify this fish?

I ended up catching 2 of these bad boys one after another. They both fought really hard and it took me a while to reel them in. Sorry, I know this is more of a fresh water forum, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

Much appreciated,


another picture

annndd heres one of the head.

from the spots and color I would say its a dolly varden. Where did you catch it?

Not cool at all, you bonked a wild sea run char.


Thanks Mr. Grey for all the help, however I'm hesitant to call it a weakfish due to its lack of large weak dorsal fin. Looks like the search continues... I've been looking all over the net for BC coastal species, and I've yet to find anything. The Sand Trout/ Weakfish is the closest thing we've got so far as the description

Although thinking it was a sea run salmon species of some sort at the beginning, I spent some time looking at pictures them and comparing it with my fish. Nothing really comes close to it. Salmon don't tend to have yellowish orange spots at any stage in their life cycle (they have black or dark spots), nor have a dorsal fin looking like that. On top of the fin structures and colour, the thing has weird bone structure compared to a salmon.

Sorry that I had to kill it. I do have a justifible reason to do so, as I had a little accident while attemting to unhook it. Long story short, it seemed to be the lesser of evils to put it out of its misery rather than let it go.

Thanks for the help forum, please keep the ideas and comments comming as this fish still doesn't have a name!

ps. I have a hunch its a sea run Dolly

- Andre

That's a dolly

Thanks Nopeth & kelso.

That dolly sure fought hard for its size

Looks a lot like a Dolly to me .......

It looks like a pacific thin fish. I think those might be poisonous. I've heard eating this fish can lead to short term complications and long term complications. The short term complication is your penis stops growing and the long term complication is you will begin to grow breasts after 3 years and on until they have to be surgically removed. I would not take any risks and release the fish.

I think we can conclude its a sea run or sea type (whatever you may call it) Dolly. Just starved and slightly younger and therefore lighter? Caught it on the second cast with a small spoon.

Thank you Mr. Grey, you have redeemed yourself! haha

On a slightly disturbing side note. I'm 19, do some people really want to leave me the impression that some older people on this forum are still rather immature?

- Andre

I don't think your supposed to kill them !!!!!
NOT KNOWING WHAT IT IS....Should be the first reason to let it go.

@ spooner,

read the 10th post.

if you want any details, i'm happy to share.

on top of that point, i caught another one straight after that one. so it looks like theres more than enough to go around.

its a dolly varden...not allowed to keep them if caught in fresh water

youre smokin too much rasta lol, you are allowed to keep dollies in most of the freshwater lakes and rivers.Check the regs

Surely at 19 you must know how to read. Pick up a regulation booklet and become a responsible angler.Learn your species and Regs for the area your fishing.
If you think because you caught two in a few casts there is plenty to go around, you should hang up your gear until you get edjumacated....


theFin Posted: 6/13/2010 12:53:30 AM Reply from the spots and color I would say its a dolly varden. Where did you catch it?

Sorry I haven't replied yet. I caught them just on the shore near Murrien Park? or better known as Browning lake just west of Squamish. Yeah, I was just standing on a rocky beach/ coastline kind of structure. One hit right after another after switching from bait to a spoon. After the second one I decided to stop because I was too busy trying to figure out what it was.

- Andre

doesn't matter if the fish was gonna die or not..."if" the regs state no retention then its zero retention...ain't no wiggle room...same as if you hook a fish and are unsure of your catch...let the bugger go...bleeding...belly up...don't matter to the CO...just a friendly heads-up...)


@ mojoman

ouch... that is horrible...
well anyway thanks for the advice. wish they actually said something about releasing the fish regardless of their condition. but i'll keep it in mind next time.
i cant help to feel bad for the damn thing.

- andre

Andre,I'm not trying to bash you.
Just trying to make sure your edjucated ,you should not kill any fish without knowing what type it is ,retention allowance, (bad fall or missing slime.)?
Thats why the Regs are there. Anyone could drop a fish by accident and claim it was beyond survival...
I think thats all anyones saying !!! (Well me anyway)
Get out and kill what you can ....within the rules.
Thats why we pay for licences...Tight Lines.
Ritchie Blackmore Junior

Beautiful dolly. ive caght Huge ones in the Fraser. this is one i recently caught. its bigger than it looks. I caught it 3 months or so ago on a sand bar in Ladner..

@ spooner
no probs, will keep in mind in the future. anyway good luck with the fishing this season. tight lines!

@ ritchie
I really appreciate dolly vardens how a lot more than I did before, after experiencing one first hand. They are really beautiful, great colouring and good fighters.

- andre
trout dog

@ Spooner - "maybe you should get edjucated" LMAO! Perhaps you need a Websters Dictionary?

@Trout Dog

Ive got one .Just trying to help the kid out,I'd hate for him to get pinched for not knowing the regs.
This is a "fishing" forum not a "bashing" forum, right?

Compare the fish caught with this one from 'Trout & Salmon of North America' by Behnke, with illustration by Tomelleri. Stream Dolly Vardens go in and out of salt water close to shore, where they feed on crustaceans (they are basically 'scavenger' char). So, to catch one in salt water close to freshwater streams would not be all that unusual. Also, note that there are no spots on the dorsal fin in either the 'mystery fish' or this Dolly.

@ Beak007
Sigh?!? read post 29, 36 AND the "key points" thread

@ everyone
Thank you (to whom it may concern) for all the help of identifying this fish! I think its time to call this thread to a close and conclude it as a Dolly Varden.

Glad to see that there is hope for help here.

- Andre
killer fisher


Definitely looks like a dolly, I have caught them in the tidal portion of the fraser river near the coquitlam river. BTW I read a lot of your posts Mr Grey and there are a lot of us out there who appreciate reports photos and legit questions. To Mr. Grey and the others with genuine fish stories, questions and photos keep up the great work!!!
Unfortunately on this site there is a lot of BS between the good reports.
sugar magnolia

Its a wild char,,,,this pic has been forwarded to the co,,,,,If u diddnt know what it was why the hell would u kill it,,,,,,you should be expecting a call soon buddy!!!!!

@ Sugar Magnolia......first off this post is over a year old.....2nd good luck with the scare tactics when it would be pretty hard for dfo to track the guy down with only a picture and no name, phone number, address, etc, etc Still not in any way saying what he did was ok)..... and as someone earlier can it be wild if it has been clipped??

ok my bad then, srry, stuck at work in Iraq wishin I was fishin, lol

Careful not to step in the BS MZ

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