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yeah quality roe is hard to come by when your just heading out to buy some
the best way i find is either keep some from the spring from a spring and cure it your self or head out and catch a chum both have bigger eggs making it better than the other salmon
there s a lot of different ways to cure it salt,borax and so on
google it
finding the happy medium between adding a lot of whatever to keep it fresh and make it hold together better is all you need over doing it just wrecks it
hope that helps some

P.S Stave River right now across from the trailer park and you`ll have some fresh roe to cure

Another option for good quality chum roe... I get mine from a guy named Rob in south Richmond. Probably the cheapest and nicest around. I picked up 8 lbs of fresh roe from him on Monday. Just do a search for chum or dog roe and his craigslist ad will come up.

That pro-cure stuff has a nice color but I don't like it for the simple reason that it stains everything it touches, hands, clothes, etc.. I used it once and its nasty stuff.

Well.. I thought you were supposed to roll around in it to block out your human scent therefore making a stealthier approach on the unsuspecting prey. I guess I had it all wrong! (lol).

I can't keep the stuff on the hook even w/ the bait loop. That's my biggest problem using roe.

to wrap roe try onion bags. ask for it at an agraculture type store, maybe buckerfields. it is used to bag onions but works great for roe. the roe is very visible unlike a lot of wraps. generally i use it single thickness so the individual eggs poke out but if the white fish or whatever are ripping the bag to pieces in moments i wrap it double thick. still beats store bought wraps.

onion bags cost about 10 cents a foot so a dollar wraps a lot of roe bags. it is almost like not using anything but lasts much longer.

fuck roe just get out a gillnettt and be done with it

sometimes i kill female salmon
and harvest the roe (and the meat to my freezer)
and then
i cure the roe
and then i fish with it
and i catch more salmon
and i kill them and repeat the cycle

Fishing forum > "Quality Salmon Roe"


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