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Red Wool

Hi everyone,

Just found this forum, and signed up as it's a great read. I've been fishing the Vedder for the last 17 years or so, and this is something that's bugging the hell out of me.

Has anyone else noticed how many poachers there are on the Vedder now? Personally, I'm not only upset by the growing amount, but feel helpless in doing so. I have called DFO on a number of occasions, but they are so understaffed for the area, that rarely can they make it out. However the guy my fishing buddy and I called in on Sunday was caught.

It amazes me how many people don't know or understand the rules that if a fish is caught in the back, fin, tale, belly or side, that YOU CAN'T KEEP IT! It's honestly really starting to piss me off. Unfortunately, I can't think of any other solutions besides calling DFO, or getting into a brawl! lol.... j/k on the brawl part.

I dunno, but I guess that I'm just frustrated. And it's only been about the last four years or so that I've really taken notice to this fact. I remember when fishermen used to police themselves, and a few guys would walk up to a fisherman and say, "You can't keep that". Now, it doesn't happen at all, and if it does, it's very rare.

I'm also pissed off seeing guys catch a fish (type doesn't matter), and having the gallery of people watching, asking for a fish, and seeing fishermen give it to them. Is this not illegal as well?

I guess I look at it as the rules for conservation are there for a reason. I have a 10 year old daughter who loves to fish, and I feel it's important to teach her the proper ways to fish, and conserve. But it just seems like a waste of time when she now sees people fishing and catching illegally.

Sorry for sounding really pissed off in my first ever post, but I needed to find a place to vent, and this is it. I'm sure some of you out there are upset by this as well.

i agree with you. it is legal to give away a fish, but the person receiving it must have name and address etc. of donor to prove it was not poached.
stink finger

there are so many new people that have been introduced to fishing by bottom bouncing for socks on the fraser that im not sure they know the difference.seems to me these people out number the guys that have fished these rivers their whole lives.i remember seeing a guy get chucked in to chehalis canyon for bad ethics,times have changed.not sure why the conservation officers dont make a point of checking the upper chilliwack more often.i know that they are understaffed but if this is where it happening wouldnt it be worth it.i have fished this river for over 25 years and have yet to be checked.

i have been fishing over 50 years and only checked once. that was years ago at a roadblock near hope.was on business so had no fish or gear. the officer was a real prize. arrogant and rude. asked me 3 times if i had fish. i got nasty and yelled and swore at him when he made threats as to his powers.told him to foff and drove away. was about 1975.

I think I was last checked in the early 80's at Young Lake.

The flossing/snagging seems to become very popular unfortunately and there are even forums that support this. Disgusting.

flossing uses longer leaders. 2 ft is lots long enough.
the idea is the line catches the open mouth of the fish then the hook catches them. keep the leaders short, like 18 inches , if bottom bouncing. for pinks just use something pink and they will bite
Hugh Rodd

Hi there new to the forum as well. I am going to say that I agree with all of you. Everything that goes on at all the rivers is bull these days. It's why I stopped fishing the Fraser, Vedder etc. The fact is though and I will be blunt fishing with a float or bottom bouncing are both flossing. A have used many different kinds of spinners, spoons etc. to "irritate" the fish. The funny thing is when I cast different lures where the fish are I laugh when I see the fish making an effort to avoid the lure. They simply just want to make it to the spawning grounds. THEY ARE NOT EATING, they stop 24hrs after entering fresh water. So make your call floss or not?
Hugh Rodd

What you say is true, but there is way too much evidence to support flossing. I was on the Vedder last week and 95% of the fish that were being caught were fool hooked. The trick I have found is when you see guys bring fish in look and see if the hook is on the outside of the mouth or inside. Inside they hit cause they were pissed outside FLOSSED! We can go back and forth on the issue. Look in bcfishing mag there is great articles about the whole issue. All I am saying is it makes you think.

if your going up to the Vedder for pinks throw spoons you`ll catch pinks and have a chance to hook into either a spring or some coho
Eat the rich

i was in the canal today by the highway on the golf course side. I hate when guys say they float fish put a huge leader on let it drift way down and on the end of their drift pull back really hard even when theres no bite just to see if there was a fish swimming buy which they could foul hook. I seen 3 people foul hook pinks look around to see if any one was watching then bonk it over the head. I beleive that float fishing isn't flossing if you do it right and keep your liter short unlike the idiots i saw today!

I'm off to the vedder on the long weekend. I'll leave the rods at home and bring the video camera instead. Can we show video on this site.

no what s sad with this subject is there is no winning
and that s cause the only reason people resort to flossing or using long leaders is they have caught using that and have has success with that method and haven't really with other methods like spin casting or fly fishing
i think the prob is people have a hard time seeing the fish and not knowing how to catch them with approved methods
i know Ive taught a couple guys how that didn't speak English just to keep them from tangling me every cast lol
really if the people that bitched about this prob spent more time being friendly and maybe helping other fishermen we could help a bit cause i know most just don`t know how to catch with other methods
i know at first learning to use spoons and spinners on the Vedder cost me a bit since there is snags but after getting it down its worth it
i just see bitching a lost cause even though i do agree with the subject
Eat the rich

i agree i've helped a few people out myself. there are some people who i've run into who don't want another persons help but what can you do when people don't want your help.

salmon don't stop eating when they enter freshwater. they are actively looking for eggs drifting downstream in front of them and they also grab insects floating just under the surface. only when they start to spawn do they concentrate on just laying eggs. Males mostly bite out of aggression because they start to get bitchy and territorial but they will continue to feed on other salmon eggs floating downstream coming towards them. this has been proven on underwater camera shots from divers.

It all comes down to personal ethics.

I won't fish in areas where I know the VAST majority of fishermen are doing things I wouldn't approve of. I always find my space.. and my fish. It's a much better setting for my very holy fishing time.

I appreciate people who want to fight the big fight but really.. life is short. Report if you must.. but don't let the idiots take away from the beauty of fishing.

On a river such as the Chilly.. there's absolutely no need to be standing hip to hip with others. There's a thousand runs before the Hatchery to find. The beauty is finding one of your own.

Ihave to agree with the comments about not enough fishermen policing each other.Now I would love to think we as "civilized individuals" can without to much effort follow the guidelines ourselves ,but that is to much to ask.I am not one to stand by and do or say nothing.I refuse to be part of the crowd that chooses to bitch to each other yet not express the same to the source of the grief.
I get tired of watching people fully dressed in waders etc standing on the shore,and they snag a fish ,drag it up on the bank to then kick it back into the water.Guess you wouldn't want to get the waders wet or your hands full of slime releasing that trophy catch right?My child tells more grown men the illegal aspects of their interpretation of fishing then i can keep track of ,and more often then not they get angry at him.Would that be due to the guilt or simply for lack of the ability to better themselves by doing it right?
All we can do is keep trying to make it better and in doing find a little time to actually wet our lines between baby sitting the ignorant.
Eat the rich

well put beer and lumpy! totally agree with you guys!

I have fished on the vedder on and off for years, and this year i was utterly disguted at the blatent flossing and foul hooking, but even worse is all the anglers around NOT doing a thing..Strength in numbers guys it only takes one guy to tell them they are wrong and maybe 2 more guys behind him agreeing with him, to make a POINT...And if they still are persistant then call DFO and make sure they stay put.....

if you notice ppl around you snagging fish or it's happening to you, i suggest moving to a new fishing location...

As for the SAMLON dont eat after entering the river is somewhat true.....they don't eat food, but as said, they will strike out of anger(spinners and crocs), but more importantly I would like to point out that Salmon, mostly doe or femlaes will EAT roe in the river for one reason....They want there babies to have the best chance at survival and if that roe floating by is ATE there IS a better chance they will strive.....

floating fishing correctly will catch you fishing in the mouth, yes the INSIDE of the mouth. Anyone that says otherwise does know how to float fish....

1 thumb up for DFO! (and there are more, so to say)
Another discussion about bottom bouncing? Sportfishing is hooking the fish in the mouth! I do bottom bouncing because I consider fishing sport rather than fooling a fish. For me #1 is exercise outdoors , and bottom bouncing fits the recipe. Compared with bar fishing, bottom bouncing is 1000 times more sport.

The way i look at it is if you poach or illegally fish, eventually your gonna meet a guy like me who is gonna beat ... you and leave you bobbing in the river.

Yeah that's the way to go about solving the problem; 'beat the fuck' out of someone. What an infantile response. That kind of violence makes you no better than those who poach or use illegal tactics.

everlast your the classic teenager douche these days just looking for trouble.

It's not necessary to "beat the F#&K" out of anyone. Anyone with a bit of education and decent communication skills could solve this issue in a more effective manner...
fisher 696

LMAO @ Everlast.....You look to be about 5 foot 8 and weigh about 150......Be real careful about who you choose to "Beat the ... out of"......Most fisherman carry knives. Also, DFO may be slow to show up but the cops get there pretty quick.

Grow up little boy....

Everlast you can start learning fishing in the toilet bowl;
For what you say you'll be doing time...

everlast....I'd love to see you put your money where your mouth be careful you don't end up the bobber...hahaha

I hope I meet you fishing one day on the Vedder Everlast

Keep you Head up Buddy!!!!

And why do you hope to meet him on the banks of the Vedder, Antics? I'll reiterate what I said earlier; violence makes you no better than those who poach or use illegal tactics. It seems there are a number of individuals who could learn how childish violence is...


Hello all,
I think I would agree with FISHN247. If we want people to play by the rules maybe they need to be taught the rules. I know that everyone is "magically suppose to know everything" when they buy a fishing license but it just isn't that way. The only way I ever learned how to fish is from someone being with me out on the river/lake showing me the ropes. So maybe we don't need to "police" but rather teach and if they don't want to learn we phone them in.

See you on the flow everlast, hope ur looking forward to that swim. go back to

You said it all right there Burly

yes burly is right.........beak you go back to whereever you came from. all you have ever done on this site is cause trouble. everlast talks tough( and very stupid) at times but at least he contributes fishing info/questions when he is not thinking he is king kong.

Its pretty sad when you are new to a site and all you see is hostility towards other members speckled in amongst some very good and thought provoking material.

I've been fishing for about 6 or 7 years now, and still count myself in amongst the "uneducated". I picked up the basics from a friend and went from there. I basically just stick to the lakes I know, and have heavy reservations about hitting the rivers. When you are trying to learn its not easy being cramped with 100 other people who think they know everything in a 70 ft area.

I think for the most part the "seasoned" fishers are among some of the most helpful and well mannered people that you can find. Most are more than willing to share info on their favourite lures and techniques to help a fellow enthusiast that is "green". Its unfortunately the wanna-be's, the ones that think they know everything and account for a good 65 or 70% of the crowds, and speak or act before they think, that ruin the experience for the rest, and consequently do more harm than good to our passion.

bently, seasoned fishers? From screamingreels? lmao!
fly fisher

hey hugh i guess this fish was snagged also. The fish don't it the hook they hit the bait so they are hooked on the outside you should check your facts before posting.

Keep a fish hooked like that with a dfo officer standing there and see what he thinks... lol I get what your saying, that can and does occurs while the fish was hitting the bait but per the regs: "Foulhooking (snagging) The hooking of a fish, intentionally or accidentally, in ANY part of the body other then the mouth".

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