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Hi, last week I went fishing for the first time in my life. And I didn't take any veteran or anyone with even little experience for that matter, with me. And of course, the experience wasn't the most pleasant. . but i'm sticking with it, staying patient and trying to understand this whole thing. i was at rice lake (north van), searching for some rainbow trout (they say the lake's stocked, i don't believe it. :P) And a couple of things kept happening that I want to see about.

Before I left, i went to a bait shop near me, talked to the guy and he set me up. a light rod, 8lb tested line, i believe, with a bubble(is that what you call it? bobber? float?) and some really pink krill.

one thing that kept happening was when i would throw it in, the bobber would move around (because of water) and keep coming close to me.(which i assume i don't want, because i'd want it in the deeper part of the lake, not the shallow part) meanwhile, the line wouldn't stay "tight" i want to say.. it'd drop almost stright down from the rod, and just have this really flimsy looking line floating on the water. and as the bobber moves around, the line'd get tangled. there was one other guy who was fishing, he didn't seem to have a bobber thing, and his line stayed RIGHT where he put it, so he could sit and wait.

i hope my 124 paragraph post made sense... so any advice?!

(and does anyone know good places to fish without a boat around richmond area?)

Well i assume the other fisherman was bar fishing, which means he had a weight about 3 feet from his bait hook so the weight sits on the bottom and the bait floats up.

If your fishing in wind bobber fishing can be a pain in the ass because your bobber will move around.

For a beginner the easiest setup i would recomend is spincasting some spinners from shore

Get yourself some of these

Well good for you, fishing for the first time alone. I only recently started and I'm nearly 60 and took the precaution of taking an experienced guy with me. There is too much to know to make your fishing totally enjoyable but If I can point to a few things.

You have to have some idea what the fish are eating and what may attract them. You need to know where they are and the depth. A bit of chicken and egg here, because if you dont catch any you will not know where they are or what they are feeding on. Go for local advice from more than one source.

Cast the tackle out as far as you can and then retreive slowly, adding some jigging motion to attract the fish. If you feel a tug then tug back quickly and firmly but do not snatch. If you don't catch anything then change your depth and/or the bait/attractor.

Summertime is not a good time to fish unless you go for early morning or late evening.

I fish from a 12ft boat but often see guys catching fish from the shore.

Good luck and be patient. (From a older guy who usually scares fish away, perhaps I'm a scary guy) I regularly catch fish now.............

Well.. get yourself a rod.. some split-shots and some hooks. Then get some worms or powerbait. Maybe use a bobber.. but I never did.

Next.. depending on where you live, find some water.

I started fishing by myself decades ago in Foley lake. There's a nice beach where you can just throw out your line and let the worm wiggle around on the bottom. Very good fishing back in the day.

To find a decent body of water log onto Check and see where they've stocked. Most of the smaller bodies of water that have been stocked with catchables are good targets.

Now that I'm into fly fishing.. I can fish almost anywhere with a decent amount of success. It's the way to go.. BUT I do advise starting with a hook and worm first. It's super easy, super cheap and quite affective.

Your bobber setup will be OK when the water cools down in the fall, or next spring. Trout like cold water, so right now, they will be in deep water. They will, however, forage in toward shore for food, which is what you're hoping for...

I also agree that a spoon or spinner will be more effective right now (and more fun for you). Cast as far as you can, then count to maybe three, then start reeling slowly with pauses, etc. I that doesn't work, next cast count a bit higher, like five before retrieving. When your hook comes back full of weeds, you waited too long, go back to a shallower retrieve.

Most spoons and spinners won't sink - much - while retrieving, but as soon as your line goes slack,they sink fast. Sometimes this "dead fish" action drives the fish crazy - sometimes not.

You will also find that each lake is a bit different, and then can vary from time to time. I suggest that you stick to that same lake. This will allow you to find something that works there before trying other lakes that are different.

Good Luck, hope I helped a bit.

-----another tip: fish from the shore where the wind is hitting. Wind blows bugs to one side of the lake, and that's where the fish are--------

Fishing forum > rainbow trout fishing, help!


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