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Wow those are huge.
What lake is that at?
And what bait did you use?
fisher 696

looks like Mil Lake to me......

Nice fish i think your numbers are a bit high tho i caught one bigger then the 1st one today and it weight in at 1.9 lb on the digi numbers

Yes fishing is fun! Nice catch!

yup, similar shape to a 19" 'bow from oyama at 2 lbs even.

nice fish mrgrey1 keep the pictures coming

It was a 16 incher from Buntzen a couple days ago.

you ate that brood trout. gross. Thats a hatchery guinea pig. bleh

also if you plan on releasing all the fish which you should you should not take them out of water. The fish suffers greatly. After a fight the fish above water suffocates when you walk around with the fish while you wait for somebody to set up and take a picture. Those fish probably died hours later.

Imagine running 100m and have somebody take you and submerge you for a minute. What do you think will happen.

Keep posting your picks. They are nice to see.. and if you do take the time to revive them properly there is little to no chance the fish will suffer any long-term health issues. Odds are even better if you've used barbless hooks.

I for one won't take pictures of my fish. I do practice quick catch and release tactics when I'm not needing a meal. Plus, I don't need a fish making me look even worse than I already do.

i am just wondering where you guys got your scales, cuz i want to get one of them, apparently it makes your fish weight more than it actually is.

Big trout can be anywhere... ive got big trout on the surface.

especially in mid to late fall!

i hear many comments (not just from here) about hatchery trouts and their "gross-ness" So, I'm wondering, where good places around Vancouver area (may be up to 1 - 1 1/2 hr drive) are that I can fish for wild trouts from if I don't have access to a boat...
fisher 696

With the salmon coming through, many rivers will be good....The Harrison has nice Cutties and Rainbows. The Chehalis down low should be good too...

if you go to the ministry of environment web site and click on stocking query on the left hand side and then enter mill lake or any other lake for that matter and it will tell you all the stocking info ever done. It tells you the species, amount, weight,strain,hatchery it came from etc. Anyways on march 10, 100 rainbows that weighed 2083 grams on avg. were released and last nov 24 another 214 were released that were 2000 gs on avg. Thats 4.4lbs. This is obviously one of those fish. I guess we will never know cuz mr grey is an ethical dude who did the wise thing and let that old brute go.

sorry I made a mistake, to find the stocking web page go to ministry of environment b.c, enter fisheries inventory stocking queries in the search box at the top,then click on fisheries inventory and then click on data queries on the left hand side and then last but not least click on stocking queries on the left hand side. Enter any lake name in the top box and voila, info out the wazoo. I hope these instructions are understandable

hey dumb-uck17 post some of them lunkers your talking about and stop all the noise ur makin about absoultley nothin and go fishing

i have your back dumptruck, i laughed too. it is also funny that mrgrey talks about letting the fish go quickly not to harm them yet in many of his other posts, he is dangling fish from his hooks. good luck fishing this weekend.

what amazes me is you guys have this great ability to tell how much those fish weigh. i have photos of 10 to 12 lb springs, fish that were weighed, and in the photos they don't look much different than the 11 lb fish the young fellow is holding. who cares if it is 11 lb or 5 lb. same as the fish mr grey1 shows in his can be deceiving. maybe they are as big as he says. if not, does his overestimation give you the right to trash him all the time. in my mind mr grey1 is the best member of this site. he always posts great phots of fish and tells everyone where and how he caught them. why don't you all post photos of your 5 and 10 lb fish, or "little fishies" like mr grey1 does. this site is supposed to be about fishing, not criticizing someone who tries to encourage young fishermen, and old ones like me! just my thoughts.

i disagree, i think we all know that there are a few other sites that ethical fishers tend to frequent for info rather than sharphooks, which is obviously where we all come to trash others bogus reports. there is no way mrgrey would come out unscathed with the exact same posts on the other sites. just my two bits....

I'll take MrGrey1 and Cageys Back!
And we can all act like were 12 and deter anyone from posting anything usefull on here.

I came back to have a look at Sharp Hooks to see if the new generation kids are still here and i see nothing's improved. I feel sorry for MrGrey and others that are "just fishing" that's all....having fun like it used to be. You guys have to learn a little respect for your elders...pathetic. Goes with how they are on the road driving as well as other facets of life. What the hell have their parents brought up.

I think thats all anyone is talking about dumptruck.
Any SELF RESPECTING ADULT who has been shown by his parents how to act, would keep his rude comments to himself.
You don't have too agree you just don't have to be childish
I agree respect is earned , but it seems to me that Mr Grey1 has earned more around this forum with his input.Way more than the people who are just here to disrespect.

im going to lafarge tomorrow what are my best chances to catch fish (what to use)
Kootenay Angler

Check out some of the recent Rainbow Trout that we pulled out of Kootenay Lake in the 2010 Woodbury Resort Rainbow Derby at

8.5 pounds

Wow! Very nice fish! However, on this site we multiply all actual fish weights by 2 or 3 so if you do the math right it's like 20 plus!

youre bang on bently

I could only dream to catch an 8.5 pounder around here. Very nice! My best is 2.5pounds on a fly, couldn't imagine nearly 9!

bentley, tone it down. your posts are for the most part interesting and knowledgable however you have no right to attack people because they choose to eat fish you wouldn't (nor would i) or they do not know how to release fish. i dislike hatchery trout until they have been in the lakes for at least a year. to others these fish are a delicacy they enjoy. that doesn't give me the right to call them morons or whatever. stick to fishing and stop the attacks.
mr grey1 for one does not deserve the abuse you throw his way. instead of your verbage why not nicely offer some educational suggestions. properly catching and releasing is critical. it makes me sick to see the way they handle fish on some of the tv or non-knowledgable fishermen watch these shows and think that is the way to do it.they need some proper instruction. ranting and calling names doesn't 2 cents worth!

you do not need to grow balls to properly handle fish!
aren't brood stock put in the lakes to catch? i would not eat one but i am sure there is nothing wrong with them. other than taste.
i realize mr grey 1 is not a kid and he does mishandle the fish he is releasing . he needs someone to show him the proper way and to explain how the fish he mishandles often die as a result of his handling. he doesn't need to be referred to in the terms you used. noone does.
by the way, my feelings are not hurt except i was feeling kind of sorry for you. you seem to have a huge chip on your shoulder. get rid of it and use your knowledge and esperience to help people learn.

your bourish comments are not appreciated. you are obviously one of those morons who are so brave behind a keyboard.
by the way , brood stock are released after they are no longer any use.they are for people who live where you otherwise have no fish to catch that are accessable to
kids and older people who can't get out.they want to encourage new fishermen. it is up to experienced fishermen to teach them the right way, via whatever means they can. why not start using this site in a positive way rather than heaping abuse on people you know nothing about. myself, i was taught the proper methods of fishing when i was young and have helped many people along the way. i am certainly not a "rookie". possibly when you were a kid someone helped you. a lot of the kids on this site respect mr grey1. he has encouraged them and offered advice to help them catch fish. show some respect.

bently. go to some other site. you have no right to call anyone on this site a dummy. especially when the only dummy on this thread is you. you let on you are so knowledgable but you do not know as much as you think.
the brood stock are not put in mill lk to reproduce.
it takes 2 to breed (basic sex education). if all the males in the lake shoot blanks then the obvious purpose is for them to be caught. as i said earlier they allow people to catch big fish without travelling to the okanagan or caribou.
grow up bently and quit calling people names. and offering to meet me face to face only shows what a hero you are.
don't play such childish games.........assuming that picture is yourself you should act like an adult. set an example for the kids.

Brood stock placed in LML lakes are NOT put in to lakes to produce offspring. What a joke. They are too old to be used as brood or help out the fish in that lake. They are put in as catchables. Obviously someone doesn't know what a brood stock program is. If you don't believe this please call Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery (I just did) at 604-504-4709. I wonder who the "dummy" is now?

hey bently, if we wanted to hear from an asshole we would fart.

yes bentley who's the dummy. who is it that cannot understand simple concepts. as explained in the above post they are not there to produce.
i'm not a computor geek so do not know how to paste a reply i got from a fishery biologist on the subject of brood fish, but i will quote him:
" typically the brood stock they put in lakes are old/used fish that have been held to produce eggs and milt in the hatchery. that being said it might be possible for them ,but not likely, to reproduce if they are put in lakes with populations of non sterile trout if given timeto recover.the majority of the lakes they are placed in are urban put and take fisheries where they are expected to be caught quite quickly. the majority of these systems do not even have any spawning tributaries where trout could reproduce."
go pester some other poor site, your vulgar comments are not needed here.

glad to have you on board!

just kill'em all!!!!!!!!!!!

whats the most effective way to fish lafarge lakeƉ
sugar magnolia

Cant believe some of you guys are keeping those big gross fish,mmmmm must taste real good eh.
the real bobo

I have not been on this site in like forever. Wow things never change.
This thread just gave me a great laugh. Those broods are gross and someone was right they do not reproduce but they are disgusting. I would also never eat anything out of Mill Lake its full of crap.

Those BROODS are so used up!!!! Blech.
Couldn't imagine the taste nor would I want to.
I think the reproductive days are long over for those BOOTS,oops I mean BROODS

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