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Author Topic: A little Education goes a long way.HOW TO RELEASE A FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just so there is no finger pointing, bashing these are the fisheries regulations you MUST follow if releasing your catch.Please read have keep these in mind when you must go for your trophy shot photo. Just remember the health and well being of the fish is more important than the photo.

Play and release fish as rapidly as
possible. A fish played for too long may
not recover.

Keep the fish in the water as muchas possible.

A fish out of water is suffocating.

Internal injuries and scale loss is much more likely to occur when out of water.Roll fish onto their backs (while still in the water). This may reduce the amount they
struggle, therefore minimizing stress, etc.

Carry needle-nose pliers. Grab the bend or round portion of the hook with your pliers, twist pliers upside down, and the hook will dislodge. Be quick, but gentle.

Single barbless hooks are recommended, if not already stipulated in the regulations.

Any legal fish that is deeply hooked,hooked around the gills or bleeding should be retained as part of your quota.

If the fish cannot be retained legally, you can improve its chances for survival by cutting the leader and releasing it with the hook left in.

Nets used for landing your catch, should have fine mesh
and a knotless webbing to protect fish from abrasion
and possible injury.

If you must handle the fish, do so with your bare, wet
hands (not with gloves).

Keep your fingers out of the gills,and don’t squeeze the fish or cause scales to be lost or damaged.

It is best to leave fish in the water for photos. If you must lift a fish then provide support by cradling
one hand behind the front fins and your other hand just forward of the tail fin.

Minimize the time out of the water, then hold the fish in the water to recover. If fishing in a river, point the fish upstream while reviving it.

When the fish begins to struggle and swim normally, let it go

Not to pat myself on the back but I like my photo with the fish still in the river, water in it's gills and ready for release within seconds of the picture being taken. Less stress than hanging it on a line in the air to take the photo.

A little education goes a long way..

A long way to where? I've always wondered that.

Yah, kids can get away with murder when fish are concerned. I can appreciate that. Any adult who has fished more than a couple seasons has no excuse to treat a fish with anything but the finest repect. Most of it is just simple common sense. I certainly hope if you've made it far enough to the Sharphooks Forum.. you didn't read that last entry and think.. 'Really?? Wow..!'

Treat your fish well.. the Karma will rock yah.

the finest respect

Thanks BeerDust.

thank you!

cheers,it's all about respect

Fishing forum > A little Education goes a long way.HOW TO RELEASE A FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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