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What is with the residents on this lake? We tried fishing
there yesterday from our pontoon boats and encountered
a person who claimed to be a resident.We were constantly
disturbed by the wave action of this water ski boat as they kept constantly passing very close to the area we were fishing. They informed us that this lake was Private
and anyone fishing who was not a resident, was trespassing on Genstar owned property. No outsiders are allowed and could be subject to arrest.

After about 1/2 hour of this intolerable skier we were so
ticked off, we left the lake. This is our second trip out
there and last time a resident shouted from their property
to get the hell off the lake!

We ended up at the local pub at Ruskin and two other
locals filled us in on fishing Silvermere.

Apparently Genstar own the lake bottom land and the water
rights. There is no public access and the residents do not
want their privacy invaded by casual boaters or anglers.
They mentioned that the R.C.M.P have issued warnings and
cautioned outside users to leave as they are violating the
posted warnings by trespassing.

Does anyone else have information on Silvermere Lake?

There's too many other lakes around where fishing is
enjoyed without putting up with this #&**

fisher 696

Total assholes with some form of superiority complex. I have heard nothing but bad things about this place. Drain the lake and !$%@ them........

Wow talk about a complex. Must be nice to be rich and angry all the time.

Hey MrGrey how was your day at Alouette?

I have always wondered about that lake.

Here is the link to their official page with their plans.official page

But I could not really find anything that excludes the public or allows public access.

It does sound like they want it all to themselves so to speak. Like a private community.

I wonder who or where one would ask? Would MOE know?? Land title office?

This also what worries me with these run of the river projects, are streams going to be private and people have to pay to use them similar to what goes on in England? or ??? I dunno...but lakes and streams should be for the public.

This reminds me how some in Tsawwassen did not want to allow public access to the beach a few years back....

Edited to add:

I stumbled across someone selling a Vacation Home while trying to figure out what the scoop is and the ad says 'No Public access' on lake.

Spectacular waterfront home on private lake just 1 hr from Vancouver Airport and 30 min from Abbotsford Airport.

Fully equipped, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, large sun-deck, 8 person hot tub, private dock and boat lift for the avid water-skier. This Private and sheltered lake with No Public Access allows this lake to be one of B.C.'s "Best Water Skiing Lakes"


But because they say that in the ad does not necessarily make it true. I would like to find out from whatever government ministry that would cover this for sure.

That structure they're building at Alouette is a movie set for a film called "Percy Jackson". I was up there a few weeks ago with the family walking around and we noticed all of gold creek campsites are closed due to this movie. They are building much more up at the campsites. They said after the shooting everything will be taken down even that building near the lake. Strange thing is the BCParks website dosent mention anything about a closer of Gold Creek campground due to a movie shoot. Usually they will tell you that but it dosent.

anyfish in gold creek? thinking about flyfishing there. I hiked to the lower falls many times but never seen anybody fly fish the creek

I have fished it a few times and only been asked to leave once and as soon as I said I knew a few residents that live on the lake their was no problem [in the end the guy that was trying to kick us off told us to launch our boats from his house] .We fished for bass and did well. I fished in 2003 or 2004 one day as part of a large group doing a study for the gov't.The group brought in around 150 bass in half a day of fishing.We got to use gov't issued lures.
My understanding is genstar ''owns'' the man-made lake NOT THE RESIDENTS.Genstar has threatened to remove all docks and not allow waterfront owners access to the lake by putting up a fence along the shoreline in front of there houses. To me this seems far fetched but probably just a way for genstar to cover their arses.
I grew up 5 min. from there and did know numerous people that lived on the lake and its always been a gong show with who has access and who looks after the lake.
If I still lived close by I would still fish it and I would park at the corner of keystone and hayward and launch my boat through the bushes just like I use to and fish that end of the lake.
Can't believe this is still going on.

stink finger

my buddy is mission rcmp will ask him and post back
fish on

That's what happens when you have your clubs stickers on your

Yes please ask him. We have called many times and depending who you talk to, you always get a different answer. Even if Genstar has water rights, they can't stop leisurely activities on the water. Just like Kawkawa is a private lake, you can't use the docks or fish from shore, but if your in a boat you can go anywhere. Just like at Silvermere. Only the residents were fooled by Genstar and got ripped off on their homes. Now they try to scare people away. Its WRONG!!!

why didn't you call the rcmp?

my understanding is that genstar "took" the bottom and the water based on a devbelopment project on one hand, and sels property "on a private lake" on the other hand; they will finish the "development project" in 50 years with the conclusion that more research is necessary...only for environmental issues there will be endless discussions and of course opposition.

actually where and how anybody asked information or complained; we should start by collecting records for the matter;

Alright alright - Genstar owns the lake and all the property on the west side and surrounding area. The properties on the east side just >ACT< like they own the lake. They have >ZERO< rights to that lake. Remember a couple years ago when they filled in that huge strip to widen the highway? The residents bitched and complained but IT STILL HAPPENED. Why? because it was CHEAPER to buy the section from genstar than it was to buy land on the OTHER side of the road from whoever owns that. Sure, they own land on the lake, and control the major boat launches because yes, that's private property, but NO they DO NOT own the lake.

FYI, Genstar does not give a CRAP who goes in the lake or fishes the lake.
Hugh Rodd

What is Genstar? There are lakes in langley that the home owners property is part of the lake. If you look on maps the property lines extend into the lake. Not sure if this would be the case at the lake you are talking about. Anyway it doesn't matter why do those sh*t heads care who is on the lake. I would have looked to see where they parked their boat so that I could go back and sink them. That would funny to see there face when there boat is doing a Titanic!! LOL!!!

I think you should bring a Video Camera next time you go there!!

My Grandparents used to live there and they know that the entire lake itself isnt just all to the entire place. It can be for people anywhere. I guess the residents are just being a little greedy and are overreacting. By the way... I fished at that place many times when my grandparents lived there. It's a great place to fish!

like it is posted no pubic access to the lake but the hwy not private, so just fish right next to the hwy and you can alway's phone genstar and ask then if you can fish on there lake just get them to fax you the ok..and i don't think you can own water that from the creeks that flow into (genstar land or lake ??)out into the stave river....

The whole story on this lake is like something out of the American Wild West. a bunch of bullies trying to lay claim to water that does not belong to them. By Canadian Law no-one owns water only rights to it. You can own the land around it and under it, but not the water it's self. The whole thing is corrupt from the beginning of the lake being made and the realtors who sold the properties telling the buyers (the lie) that they own the lake.

A few years back when the land owners started ramming (with their powerboats) fisherman in their water crafts, including bellyboats; some Native Brothers offered to launch a gunboat from their corner property and sink the rammers. I regret informing my connections to Mission City Councel about the possible War on the Lake.

Don't expect any help from the local RCMP either. When one member of the West Coast Bass Anglers (child on board) was shot at by a land owner, the RCMP tried to charge the angler with trespassing. Of course the illegal charge could not stand up in court.

Welcome to Mission.

I have fished there before and they watch us fish and never complain.
When or if the RCMP show up , put them on thier Peace Officer oath and ask them if they are operating on hearsay. Which they are.
The only " complaining" that has been said was me not keeping the bass they seen me catch.
The lady said "we don't like those fish in our lake". I said "your lake?" She swatted her hand at me and walked away. This was from across the bay.
There is an orange gate that is about half way up the lake that runs along it. Get dropped off in there and nail some 2 lb bass with spinner bait. Good times. The north end is very productive also.

lets go tomorow. f those residents theres fish in that lake.

when i was a young lad we lived directly behind silvermere lake..on hayward rd..we had a trail across from our house to 'the cove" we wrte always swimming there...dirong my highschool days we partied there alot!!.. the home owners on the lake hated us and called the cops alot..we would just head up the trail till the cops left then party louder...silvermere is a man made lake..and alwaus has been considered a "private lake" whether it is legally private or not i wouldnt know..but..even 25yrs ago they wanted no one on their lake..we never really fished it much..good fishing at stave..and some dandy lakes east of mission..glad to see a post on silvermere lake...brings back some pretty good memories

mike, your little story brought back a lot of memories too, but mine were from over 40 years ago. same territory though that we partied ! as much as no one likes it, silvermere lake was considered private when I was a small boy.
sure had some great parties though in that area!

Has anyone tried fishing the other side of the highway at Silvermere Lake(ie South of Lougheed Hwy)? It's a public area.

I tried it once last summer. The second my lure hit the water, there was large wakes all around it. I'm sure they were bass. But then I always ended up catching large pikeminnow (one on every cast). Maybe the pikeminnows are faster and greedier?

LoFish, Is it really necessary to use the "F" word on a public forum. As much as anyone may not like it, Private lakes are a reality. If I had the money, I'd have one and so would you.

hi I understand where all of you are coming from, but it is a pond not really and lake. and there are only a handful of houses on the water. the people that live there paid a pretty penny to have there own little spot there and when I say pretty penny I mean 1 to 2 million would you feel.

lol the people that paid for the lots is exactly what they own they have no rights to the lake I have been down this road before and contacted all the people,i cant remember the name of the company that owns the rights to the water but they do and don't give a shit if ya go fishing!!!We launch off the Highway .

If anyone is interested, Silvermere lake did not exist until the early 1960's when a real-estate mogul called Ned Hullah, purchased the island to build a large estate complete with ornamental gardens, horse stables and race track. He then connected the island to the the 'mainland by building two causeways which resulted in the lake.

Completely illegal these days, but whatever. This is why I wonder how the adjacent lots could own any part of the lake bed or lake considering lots do not typically extend into estuarine ares or wetlands.

The highway is public land and therefore the residents cannot prohibit access at that point. I do not know if the owners or Genstar (now owners of the former Hullah estate own the riparian rights to the lake. I somehow doubt it. However Genstar was proposing to drain the lake to build and Island in it so maybe they do own the rights?

A little google research throws up an interesting article than Genstar is proposing to develop Silvermere Island which resulted in the local residents freaking out.

PS, the north east section of the shoreline and access to the lake is owned by the Kwantlen Nation. It's part of Langley I.R#4.

So write a nice letter to the Kwantlen Nation asking permission to cross their lands to access the lake and that you recognize that this is their land and you will be respectful of their lands and leave it cleaner than you found it etc. Then have at her, and tell the residents you have permission from a land owner and watch them spit tacks.

had 2 of my tires flattened at the back (res land)last year. too bad I have a compressor. gonna put my trail cam up when I go this year

Great research Knn. And good suggestion to request permission. Maybe the tires would stay inflated. I do not remember when it was that they made the lake but it must have been the very early '60's. I remember when it froze over in about 1964. The skating was phenomenal ! The original development was quite a dream but failed. I had the opportunity to check it all out in 1970. I fail to see how the homeowners around the lake have any rights to it except to prevent trespassing through their property. The east side of the lake was totally independent from what I recall.

locals deflated my tires. happened also when I used to launch off the highway

anybody fish silvermere recently and not get harassed by the idiots that live on the lake? I like the idea of Genstar putting up a fence between their properties and the water. would look good on the rich dickheads.

I fish there regularly. But only shore fishing. I dont want to risk putting a boat in the water. I heard that a mans tires were recently slashed. He parked his truck on the small spot on the highway.

I can see why they want us not to fish in there. They payed a lot of money to have privacy and a view. but as long as we fish a good distance away from there docks, it should be fine. I was talking to another guy who said he got kicked out because he was fishing for the bass hiding under the private docks. Its no wonder they got mad. Common sense lol.

when i was young we had a summer home on the lake. Ned Hullah used to live on the island at that time. his wife drove a pink cadallac . there used to be many wild partys up at one of the 3 houses that used to be on the island. After it was abondoned us kids used to sneak around and explore the various houses. I remember the grand staircase in the mansion and the outdoor bathroom off the master bedroom.The pool was filled with massive goldfish.
it all seemed very decadent to us.Word was that he developed and built Mary Hill in port coquitlam. there were lots of alligations of corruption.Ned Hullah was eventually murdered in Seattle, and when Genstar bought the property they tore the buildings down.

Interesting story about the original developer. You must go back along ways in the area. Probably we knew each other as I knew most people in the area who are now in the 60 to 70 age group. I had forgotten the stories about the developer. I do recall the old Caddie and certainly recall sneaking around there at the same time!
The debate over access will continue forever. Funny, when things were first built noone stopped me from hunting ducks etc. Now everyone claims total ownership. I do not think they have "supreme" rights but....

Sorry there is such a thing as private docks even if you put it on public wayer, they must not obstruct either public access along the foreshore.

If the adjacent land owner/lease holder has permission to build a dock from the B.C. government and meets the requirements, It's a private dock. Here's some info --

If you google "b.c. law regarding docks on freshwater lakes" you'll get a ton of info about private docks, requirements, restrictions, where to apply, etc. While there may be some dock owners in B.C. that haven't followed the law in constructing docks, that certainly doesn't make "all" of them public. If you're charged with trespassing, you'll be the one facing the charges not somebody on some forum, so be careful.

The guy in this video made an effort to swamp these kids. Seems like criminal harrassment and reckless endangerment to me.

Watch "CRAZY GUY Tries To SINK MY BOAT (While I'm fishing)" on YouTube

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