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My grandfather recently passed away, and left his old fishing gear (rod + tackle box + retro fishing magazines), and I was just wondering how expensive of a hobby it can be?

Fishing Liscences - I've searched around the forums but couldn't find anything about this, and some googling brought me to - I don't know what is best for a beginner? salt water or freshwater?

Anyways, thanks in advance for your help, hope to catch some good advice from you guys.

How expensive fishing as a hobby will solely depend on you. You can get addicted to fishing like a junkie is to crack. Then you will start buying anything fishing related anytime you get the chance. Its the bug. Its uncurable. Once you start you will be hooked forever. Your grandfather had it like the rest of us do too. But let me tell you, its the best addiction I've ever had

Buy a freshwater fishing licence. Once you get good at fishing lakes and small rivers you should then try the salt water. Salt water fishing is a bit harder to do for a few reasons. The main being how to get out on the sea and with what gear? Its more expensive I think to salt water fish.

The number one thing I can say to anyone starting out fishing is - get a boat! A boat will get you out to where all the fish are and make your adventure so much more enjoyable. I know boats could be expensive but you dont need an expensive boat at first. My first boat cost me $300 . It was ugly, didnt leak, but got me to the fish eveytime. Check craigslist for cheap boats thats where i find all my boats over the years. A 10 - 12 foot aluminum is best.

From there you should decide whether your going to flyfish, baitcast, spincast, or all 3? When starting out I mainly spincast for a long time. Best way to learn the water of a lake. Next I tried flyfishing. Never looked back. I have caught more fish on my flyrod than anything else EVER! It is the most natural, relaxing and most interesting way to fish.

So #1 - get a small boat with an electric motor.
#2 - get a good inexpensive spincasting rod and a pack of worms.
#3 - buy a cheap rod/reel fly combo from Bobs Tackle on Hastings St in North BBY.
#4 - get out there as much as possible a fish.

Hope this helps.
Sons of Angling

10ft intex inflatable boat 400 dollars
45 lbs thrust minnkota and batt 300 dollars
walmart special fishin rod 20 dollars
fat juicey worms 5 dollars
trolling around at 6 in the mornin and snaggin a 4 pound rainbow ......priceless uhhhhhhhh

What kind of mags did he leave you? B.C OUTDOORS

Thanks for the replies!

I guess the best place is to start out in the fresh water, huh? I get pretty seasick on the ocean.

All I really need to do is try fishing. What beer goes best with fishing? :P


pacific lager. tastes as good warm as it does cold. some 15pks come with flip-flops. quality.

Fishn4Fun quote:

#3 - buy a cheap rod/reel fly combo from Bobs Tackle on Hastings St in North BBY.

Bob's is closed forever. He died from what I could gather, the younger guy took over and ran it into the ground.

SeaRun in Coquitlam on Austin or Barry's in Richmond on Westminster Hwy.

i checked out bobs but it was closed. ive been to sea run 4 times in one week, they have a great trout lure selection. its a pretty nice store and they will have what your looking for. i like them cause theyre on the way to sasamat lake from my house so it works out pretty good.

What Bob Died? Hummm too bad. Rest in Peace Bob, thanks for all the fishing tips! We'll all miss you.
moose hunter

Trout_King have you fished sasamat recently? I was thinkin of dropin a line in there this weekend. just wondering have you ever caught any cutthrought trout there?

please post the condition of the lake - i'm curious as to the ice-off conditions...
fisher 696

Regarding Bob's in north Bby..Bob has indeed moved on to the big beyond, cancer among a couple of other things. John, his semi adopted son did not "run it into the ground". As I understand it, he intended to modernize and update and was in the process of renovating when the lease was to be renewed. The landlord wanted to raise the rent to an insane level. John bailed. Now the store sits empty. Damn it.

give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

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