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If you’re not on the water during the winter months you are definitely missing out! Some of the best fishing our local waters have to offer is found from December through to April. Winter Chinook arrive in great numbers to feed on the bountiful schools of herring that accumulate in the area. With the right local knowledge and an understanding on how to effectively locate and target winter Chinook you can be successful when most of your fishing buddies are getting their gear ready for the next summer.

Pacific Angler is now offering a seminar with an in-depth look at winter Chinook fishing. You’ll begin with a workshop detailing everything from leader lengths to analyzing charts; then climb aboard our beautiful new 27’ Grady White and learn all the tricks of the trade from an experienced salmon guide.

Craig Mumby has been guiding for 12 years and spends close to 200 days a year on the water between guiding at Langara Island Lodge and here in Vancouver. Craig has also spoken at fishing seminars and clinics from Ontario through to the west coast, so get out there and learn how you can get more fish to the boat. Remember, a lot of the information you learn in this course can pertain to summer fishing as well, so even if you’re a fair-weather fisherman come on out and have some fun, you might just learn something.

We will comprehensively cover the following during the workshop session:

- Proper preparation: before you head out on the water.
- Leader lengths and knots.
- Different presentations (i.e. flashers, dummy flashers, daisy chains, mooching, rolling bait, lures, proper leader lengths, etc.)
- Flasher to bait/lure combinations.
- Analyzing charts: Where are the fish and why.
- General information on salmon (Fish ID, migratory patterns and life-cycles).
- How to catch different species of salmon.
- How and when to mooch, cut-plug, and use teaser heads.
- Gear maintenance.

Once the above has been covered you’re ready to head out on the water to put what you’ve learned to practice. You will get real hands on experience and proper coaching on how to properly:

- Set up and run downriggers.
- How to “stack” (multiple rods) your downriggers without tangling your gear thus wasting valuable fishing time.
- Reading your sonar.
- Trolling speeds and boat control.
- Setting the hook and fight your fish.
- Proper landing techniques
- Proper handling of your fish for release

This course is filling up so give us a call at today (604-872-2204) and learn how you can have fun on the water all winter long!
**Private Course are available.
***Mention this ad and receive 10% off your next purchase at Pacific Angler (applies to in store items only)
When: On the water session Feb 21st 8:00am-3:00pm, theory session Friday Feb 20th 7:00pm-9:00pm

Where: Our boat is moored at the Plaza of Nations Marina, the theory session will be at Pacific Angler (232 West Broadway Avenue)

Price: $225 per angler. This price includes a comprehensive theory session, 8 hrs of hands on guided fishing, cleaning and preparation of any catch. This price does not include licenses, GST or any food and beverages.

Fishing forum > Winter Chinook Fishing: an on the water seminar with Craig Mumby


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