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Is FLOSSING legal?
I have heard this term and technique many times and did not think it was.
If it is legal how do you do this?

Let the flood gates open!!!!

yes, you touched a sensitive target!
flossing is legal but a lot of fishermen don't think it should be.
basically you use a long leader (often 10 feet or more)which catches in the mouth of fish as the line drifts down.
when the line gets into the fishes mouth it pulls through until the hook snags the fish. snagging is illegal. one is supposed to let any snagged fish go. somehow people justify flossing because you snag them in the mouth.
snagging or flossing are thus really the same thing.

I hate to say it, but I can't see how flossing is any more unethical than sticking the crosshairs on bambi and pulling the trigger. The fish doesn't bite the hook, and bambi doesn't bite the bullet. If you hunt, its for meat, if you floss, its for meat. I challenge anyone to tell me what the difference is?


Flossing is NOT LEGAL! and is used to describe people who intentionally snag fish using a leader of 8 feet or more. Bottom bouncing is legal and is used to describe the same method but using a leader 8 feet or less and is popularily used to fish primarily for sockeye, steelhead and chinook. I talked to a fisheries officer this summer about the subject and they can and have charged many people for using leaders over 8 feet. Unless this is a rule subject to the Vedder only I believe this is a province wide rule or it may be up to the discretion of the individual fishery officer.One day on the Vedder this officer told me he busted over a dozen people for intentionally snagging with long leaders. This may also depend on the way you fish too as most that "floss" tend to rip their ine every few feet (yank the rod back as hard as you can trying to snag anything that swims past) which is intentional snagging.

now that you mention the 8 ft rule, i seem to recall that when they closed down sokeyes they first put in a "leader rule" then i think they closed the whole fraser for a while to protect the sockeye and a run of springs. if my memory is correct though, i think it was a 3 ft leader on the fraser. i certainly stand corrected on this. anyone recall? i do not believe there is anything in the regs but
i also believe if you are "ripping" it all the time then you are clearly attempting to snag fish, thus are breaking the law.

Flossing IS LEGAL.

As long as the fish is hooked in the mouth the fish was not snagged.

The defintion of a snag or foul hook.
"snagging (foul hooking)… hooking a fish
in any other part of its body other than
the mouth.
Attempting to snag fish of any
species is prohibited. Any fish willfully
or accidently snagged must be released
immediately." (pg.96 BC freshwater fishing synopsis)

Can any one show me where it says you have a limit to your leader length?

Depends on what your definition of flossing is. I refer to flossing as what I stated above, others don't, What you refer to as flossing I call bottom bouncing. The actual definiton is:"When a fish holds or swims it will open and close it's mouth in conjunction with it's breathing.Flossing is fishing with the intent to run your leader line through the mouth of a fish while it is breathing. The hook will then be lodged in the side of the fishes mouth.

It is often used to hook fish that are not known for biting. It is a legal method of fishing although many question the ethics behind it, since the fish are not actually biting." To me, that means you are intentionally snagging (but since it is in the mouth it is technically legal ). I don't know about the Fraser restrictions, the info I got was from a fisheries officer about the Vedder. Ripping is illegal, and there is a leader restriction but not listed. I dare anyone to use a 15 leader in front of a F.O. on the Vedder, if they don't get a ticket I'd be stunned, they most certainly will get a stern talking to if not a hospital trip from the locals. Saw a couple fights this year over "ethical" fishing practices. My advise to anyone would be restrict your length as you DON'T need it unless bbing for sockeye, and if you feel the need you certainly don't need more than 8 feet. Ive caught more fish with a 12 inch leader than anything, just have to know how to "fish"

My memory says there was a request from DFO during a sockeye closure on the Fraser River to refrain from using methods known to catch sockeye, IE: long leaders or what ever.

There was never any direct long leader closure anywhere ever. A request yes, and thats it.

the 3-4(?) foot leader reg was in effect when fishing for red springs just before sockeye opening in 2008. people were catching sockeye and kicking them like dogs back into the river. musta screamed at atleast 2 guys a day through july. they say a shorter leader is alot better for springs while a longer leader is better for sockeye. and so came the short lived short leader rule. if its in this years regs... i'll follow it, if not stated, i'll do as i feel fit with all respect to non targeted species. as i see it, i'll go fly fishing or trolling for a nice days fishing, when it comes to salmon fishing in the Fraser... I WANTS ME MEATS!

There is no such leader length rule and "flossing" is perfectlly legal as long as you hook the fish in the mouth!
Nobody proved that "flossing" actually takes place, and the "logic" behind the explanation actually relies on your belive that flossing happens; it generalizes a hypotetical situation that you admit as possible. Probably everybody is "right", meaning that different situations can occur, hooking the fish in the mouth with or without "flossing";you can't generalize to one way or another
I wouldn't like a leader length rule because that means they would restrict you to a number of specific rigs to fish with, to define exactly what a leader is;ex if you put a worm on a hook attached to the line, where your leader starts?If you put a running weight, where your leader starts? What is the difference fishing for salmon steelhead or trout ? somebody told me that if you go fishing for trout, without a steelhead tag,this time of the year, the DFO will fine you because they consider you fish for steelhead. Well, this is an abuse

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