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Hey guys and gals, just wondering how many of my fellow fisherman have experienced unemployment over this winter ?

For me trades has even been hit hard

I own my own business. January has been slow but still working. Had to lay off one guy because there wasent enough work. Should mention im in the renovation/contracting industry.

Haved been layed off for six months, then recalled for three weeks, and have now been layed off for three weeks and counting. (CN Rail....Conductor)

im working at olympic village , theres not going to be any layoffs there until the job is done oct.09

i was thinking to take the railway conductor course at bcit
wasnt cn just hiring alot of people last year? its a good job with up to half of the force retiring within the next 10 years .

Yeah it will be good, but not until train traffic picks up. And the old guys are not retiring, not sure why, maybe they're scared that there investments have lost so much value recently.

I'm in sales. Transportation industry. Everything is slow, we expect a very low year, sales expectation about 5 times lower than 2008.

Let's see how it goes.

Well im glad to here that at least most of you guys are getting ok hours. I have had alot of friends tell me that they are really hurting right know. Its going to be hard to put the extra money away in the next couple of months for this coming fishing season. Its just getting more and more expensive each year to enjoy this sport. Gas is also going up, prob will be over a doller for fishing season in June. Oh well good luck to all my fellow fishermen and hope its going to be a good year.


I was downsized in Aug 08, position was Project Manager for a Kelowna developer.
Sales weren't slow, they were dead.

Yesterday they downsized the accountant...then will pay an Accounting Firm to do year end. Smart

the Mrs is a DR & her practice is full, so things could be a lot worse.

When one is working, don't have a lot of time to play outdoors (for me that involves flyfishing, ATV'ing, golf, mtn biking, snowboarding) & when one has lot's of time, like right now, can't afford the expensive stuff like heli-snowboarding

i am unemployed by choice,but i now am healthy again and thinking of rejoining the workforce to alleviate boredom. bad timing eh?

Layed off myself from Suncor Fort Mcmurray at Xmas they kicked all the contractors out 8,000 tradesmen layed off,lots of time to fish now! Made a 140 grand working there in nine months!

I am also unemployed,moved to Kamloops 2yrs ago having hard time keeping a job ,layed off twice in 2yrs driving forklift for 2 different companies,hopefully things will turn for the better soon.Hey Davis wish i had a job like u had ,i wouldn't have to work for couple of yrs,o'well heres looking forward to the up coming fishing season it will be here before you know it.


Upcoming fishing season? Were right in the middle of the best season of all STEELHEAD SEASON!

sorry should have said fly fishing season.

Oh i see your from Kamloops the upcoming trout season,yes something to look forward to,i have fished Lac Le Jeune,Six Mile,Tunkwa,Paul out your way!

Fishing forum > Unemployment in BC


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