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Hey Guys,

Just wondering if anyone's been up to Callaghan Lake at all? I'm interested in trying it out in the spring/summer. One website I found says you need a 4x4 to get up there, but it's not mentioned on any of the other sites I've come seen (including the bc parks site). Just curious if my rear wheel drive Tacoma could handle it.


taken from the BC parks website:

As of December 8, 2008:

The new 9 km road to the Whistler Olympic Park Nordic Centre in the Callaghan Valley is maintained during the winter. The Nordic Centre is now open and will be offering up to 50 km of groomed cross-country ski trails this winter. Ample parking is available. There is a fee to use the trails.

sounds like it's a good road now, post if you make it cause i'm heading up if your truck can do it.


The dirt road past the new Olimpic road is hell. Its about 18km of hills, holes, and massive dips. I nearly destoyed my RV and boat driving up it last year. Although you should be fine with your Tacoma.

I had no choice but to keep going once I was on the road, no where to turn around my rig!

Fishing was very bad to. Not one bite in two days of trolling flies.

Never going back there again.

Here are a few pics of the road up to the lake.

some parts of the road aren't too bad, but you would never make it in a regular car. You need ground clearance!

here is a pic of the lake and no camping area.

Callaghan Lake 2008

Fishn4Fun, sorry about your RV... buy yea, if you can make it up there with that, I should be fine.

gdichasaz, I'm hoping to go up some time in May, I'll post back here and let you know how it went.

Thanks Guys

That's a freaking freeway, at least 60kph or better.

Fishn4Fun - looks nice up there tho. how bad was the camping? not having any bites almost seems worth it. i want to take a week in may, need a spot...

pulling a 17ft trailer with ford explorer sport trac.

Just be careful when pulling that trailer, you will probably get it hooked on some of those dips in the road like from my first picture. You know that triangular metal peice on a boat trailer that helps rest the trailer on the ground.... yeah I broke that off.
Camping is alright, nothing too private. You'll be pretty much camping in the parking lot up there because they're tryn to reclaim the forest so no camping is allowed near the water.
IMO its a waist of time up there, you'll damage your rig and get snuffed at the lake.

Planning to go there this July for a camping getaway, anyone else go there and have any luck?
Just wondering, (sorry a little off topic) doe's anyone else know what the campings like there?

I have been more or less skunked there twice, before and after the new road, in Aug. It's really easy on the dirt part, don't know about most folks but my Ram 2500 cruised in with a couple slow downs on the drainage dips. Really not much there for trout to speak of, it's super clear so I could see the baby trout under my tube in 20 feet of water. Only a couple fish working the top and they were tiny, like under 6". I fish Whistler every summer and it's about the last choice on my list. I don't know why that is, I bet a dozen people tube it in a year and the bait fishing is more or less only near the camp.
Big Dan

I was planing a trip up there last weekend.
A week before that I called DOT about road condition, this is what they said
"DOT Answer....Unless you have a 4x4 and high off the ground you wont make it up there."
So went elsewhere.
Good luck

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