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Absolutely agree with you, MrGrey.
Coho Cody

just because the fish was moving and on the shore does not mean someone left it there! Lots of spawning salmon beach themselves, especially chum! Pretty obvious form the picture, the fish is inches from the water

most spawning fish do not have hook and line in mouth. near the boat launch at alleyne lake while shore fishing i cleaned up miles of short lengths of line, it didn't just bother me , it made me angry and if i see this happen i will not be polite! i hiked up to radium lake in july. arriving at the camp area i had to pick up litter. this beautiful mountain lake could be easily ruined by trash. at chilliwack lake the trash is concentrated near the boat launch.coincidence?

I'd suggest rather than bitchin' about it do something...mebbe a clean-up???....there will always be those who don' care what they leave there will always be trash around...organise a few like-minded folks and get at it....there are a few yearly clean-ups in the LML...we have a kind of rotating clean-up here in the south OK...we do a different lake each year....good on you for bringin' this up...


Hi MrGrey, I do the same thing. I collect and then throw in the garbage all the discarded fishing lines. When lucky, I've found many spinners, spoons and hooks in good condition too.
Eastern Fisherman

I keep one pocket of my jacket for garbage, and usually just go for plastic litter and line, the stuff I find the worst and gets filled on every outing. Some of the stuff you gotta wonder about though, like the tire I found the other day at least a mile from the road that someone probably tossed off the bridge a few hundred yards upstream. Needless to say it was a little too big to pack out that day. You'd be amazed how many of the hooks still have barbs in too, probably a good 50%. My favorite find so far was a nice metal rake I'm converting into a wadding stick.

I just go by my own simple philosophy, if I take out a pocket of garbage every trip, by the end of the season I'll have a few garbage bags full off the river. It might even make a difference.

I always, ALWAYS, leave any site, be it camping, picnic just sitting by the river/lake wherever cleaner than when I found it. I can't stand litter in general but it saddens me no end to see it in a natural setting. I've picked up broken beer bottle glass, bottle caps, cans, butts, garbage and even some discarded diapers at various sites. I can't do anything about inconsiderate behaviour but the next person there won't have their visit spoiled by boorish slobs.
Simple. Pack it in pack it out.




Where were those pics taken?

i would love to clean up around the boat launch at chilliwack lake, but the water is too deep and really cold.there must be big bucks worth of empties down there.

Pack out what you pack in and if we see some irresponsible baffoon on one of uor beautiful rivers or lakes politely remind them to clean up and if they don't well, what hassle would it be to pick up a little knowing at least WE are trying to make a difference

Fishing forum > Things that bother me...


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