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Just got back from the mamquam river today and each time i drive by Porteau Cove i see the sign saying NO FISHING (in about 4 different languages)...
Anyone know why no fishing????

maybe its a unbeilveable fishing spot ,maybe theres a huge kelp bed stacked with needlefish , and salmon will stack up there on their last week before heading to the river . someone should drop in a line right off the boundary and see if its true , or maybe its a disaster area since the shoreline is bleached with that orage red colour from the mine,.

anyways how was it at mamquam , any salmon showing yet?

just a few rainbows today, no salmon yet but shouldnt be to long now....

'It is very sad to see people of Vancouver not be able to fish anywhere on that stretch of land!'

It's sadder still to see that once plentiful fish stocks have been depleted to almost nothing, does this make sense?

People have killed everything and I mean Every. Thing. that could be killed, now a few areas are set aside as RCAs and since Porteau is a Provincial Park there is 'No fishing, shellfish harvesting or removal of other marine life'.

What's so hard to understand about that, what else do you want to destroy?

When I worked selling fishing tackle I had to tell people this sometime several times a week, that there is almost nothing left anywhere near the city and they would inevitably answer "well I just want to kill one"

One times 20,000 means SFA for your grandchildren but most people couldn't care less it's all about Me Me Me.

'What good is the ocean when you can't use it without the boat? '

What is an ocean for, an unlimited supply of cheap food for you and yours?

Because that's what people used to believe but it wasn't true then and we can see it sure isn't true now.

I've lived in Vancouver since the early 70's and have spent all my adult life on the west side of the city, it used to be that there were Sockeye on view in English Bay anytime in August right into September, always jumping, jumping, jumping.

As recently as 3 years ago they were jumping around me on my evening swim, well this year I have seen exactly one Sockeye and tonight I saw my first Coho jump, a jack off the Red Can @ Kits Point.

The abundance of the past is gone forever and attitudes as quoted belong in another century, in fact those ugly attitudes have buggered us all hard for the foreseeable future and most likely for all time.

"You should be able to fish for flounder, rock cod or some other bottom fish"

You missed the point entirely-there is nothing left on the bottom!

Ask any scuba diver what he sees in the benthic environment, there are all kinds of guys diving @ Porteau.

They'll tell you that the bottom is slowly recovering from decades of damage done by pulp mills but of fish there is next to nothing.

It doesn't matter who killed them they are gone and won't be back in your lifetime.

I think u missed the boat entirely and i have to agree with MRgrey on this one. The eco huggers are at it again i see. Where do you think the baby salmon come from? That's right, from the mommy that's netted up river never to spawn and return to the ocean. Let alone all the fish farms destroying what's left out there.

movinonca-you're obviously just a little kid.

We're talking about the benthic dwelling species-do you know what they are?

Have you ever seen the Pacific Ocean?

Here's a hint-it's not visible from your trailer park in Surrey.

There is not only reason that is a lot private properties. Ocean is dead there and still recovering... Thanks to commercial fishing, bottom is just devastated and it will take long time. At least divers have fun and are not hooked..:-)

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