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Hey guys im a local fisherman that is going to be making some waves. Im fed up seeing the stuff out there happening on the rivers and alot of you probably have seen me around.

Im a great guy but im also not the guy you want to be breaking rules around. I have no issues with snapping your rod right in front of you and tossing you in. I think it has come down to us having to regulate ourselves, nobody seems to have the balls, money, resources, or time to be out there doing it.

So i look forward to chatting with you guys/gals out there and im up for an argument with anybody.

Hahahahahahahaha wow ur pathetic buddy, first off I doubt that you would go and break someone's rod, second off, if you threw any one into a river, you would have a big lawsuit on your hands. Plus if you start yappin your mouth off at me, I would beat your face in. Your just a another internet beak on sharphooks. NOBODY CARES!!!


No one would have to do anything to anybody if the rules are being followed, so you can get pissed if that makes you feel better. Im not saying i would start breaking rods and thowing people in for no reason. Im just saying that things have to be done if the rules are being broken. I have some ideas as to how these rules need to be enforced and im not saying that violence is the answer.

As for bottem bouncing and snagging, it is what it is and that it is an effective way of fishing. Im not against bottem bouncing at all as long the fishermen stick to the regulations on retention.

As for you suppersnagger, you can run your mouth while hidding behind your blank name on your profile. Click on mine and remember that name. Ive got @$!* all to hide.

like i said again, ur running your little piss ant of a mouth, trying to act tough on a intenet board, i have nothing to hide, like i said before run your mouth at me on the river, and well see who is the tough one. By the way, i think your just a little upset because you can't catch anything, whats the matter bub, to fat to get to the good spots..

pathetic loser

Well super snagger i just realized that people cant see you real name or email adress when you click on there name. LOL I feel dumb and i do have to appologize for saying that you were hiding and not putting your name on your profile.

With that being said,

You really are worked up about my first post, are you a fishermen that breaks the rules ? have you ever taken a fish that you shouldnt be taking out of the water ?.

Instead of being pissed, why not say "ya it is good that someone cares about the crap thats going on out there". To make it worse, you go and say things like im fat and i haven't caught any fish. WOW is all i can say to myself.

Mabey we will cross paths next summer, and if we see you or anybody else breaking rules out there, it will not be long till your fishing adventures are over. Mabey you can take up knitting or shuffle board.

Like im still saying ethical bonker, I fish proper, and im pretty sure you just wanna act tough right now. Your on fucking sharphooks! grow up you immature cocksucker. Go cry under your blankets, and stop acting so tough, give us your personal info, if you say your some big tough guy.

Im not a tough guy. You want my info, and you really think you can shake me with words. Ill go first.

My name is Thomas Pennington, im 30 years old and im born and raised in this gorgeous province. Im a dad of one and want my son to be able to enjoy the things that have experienced though out my life.

I have seen so much garbage and nobody with the balls to do anything. This year i saw an iranian that couldnt even speak english smash a spring at the hag that was way over the cm restriction. When i told him to be a man and take it home after it was already dead, he desided to be a coward and throw it back.

I have 5 guys that i have been fishing with for years, two awesome video cameras and nothing but time. Im hopping to increase my numbers to at least 20, 5 cameras, 2 boats and plenty of presence on those bars and rivers next year.

It means i will be fishing less and watching more, but its worth it.

Take pictures and watch people fine. If you want your son to have a daddy growing up, I would refrain from breaking rods and throing people in the river. There are alot of crazy people out there that carry guns. The whole vigilante justice thing is a bad bad idea. If you keep up this attitute Thomas, you will likely get yourself shot or stabbed. Nobody wants to read about that.

Thanks for reply Bhinky, but sooner or later someone is going to get stabbed out there and what do you think is going to happen then ? If word hits the papers and Ottawa about what is going on out there, I see our fisherys closing.

I think we should have the RCMP on the bars watching us, but those guys dont have the time or the money to do so. As for DFO they as well dont have the time or resources to help. They also just dont care, and let us regulate ourselves. I think that taking a course on knife wielding and defence would be a great idea because the knife seems to be the choice of weapon that everone likes to use or threaten one another with.

I do have to disagree with your comment on vigilanteism. I think it is the way to go. Even with the RCMP, they are just not getting the job done. Citizens are being forced to parol their own neighborhoods together.

The same is with the river, im not saying that snapping roods and tossing dumb ####s into the river is going to be the way to get through to these guys but if i have 20 guys on 4 diffent bars on a saturday, accidents are going to happen and ya someone could get hurt. Thats why 5 guys together and one camera guy one each bar is important.

And remember, in canada a person can only use equal force when defending himself. Ive seen the guys that are trouble makers on the bars and i dont think there will any problems handling them. Someone just has to have the ball to do so.

You improved an important point,over many years of fishing, I have only seen one fishery officer approach me, and ask for liscence and check my hook.

It seems to me that the goverment could give a shit, as to what happens to this gorgeous province and its fish. I can understand where you are coming from ethicalbonker, but leave the professionals to what the do best.

Im tlaking about the Dfo and its officers, I don't want anyone showing up dead in the papers.

I have the bumper sticker "ETHICALBONKER FOR PM" You have my support hahahah

I aswell have only encountered DFF once in my years of fishing. That was last year at grassy bar during the early red spring run in July. He was a nice guy and told that he was from Victoria and was called out to the fraser because they didnt have enough officers to handle the spring run out here. He checked my hook and told me that everything was cool.

I understand that regulating the river should be left up to the professionals but if the pros aren't going to do their job, what can we do ? something has to be done guys. I dont think i would make a good PM, alot of people would be going home on boats, thats for sure. Id start with this asian drug dealer that is sitting here laughing at us all.

i agree with ya, but i also seen some bad things happen out on the water, and it has included guns. i'm always screamin at a-holes on the river, but as for actually assualting them, nah, it ain't worth me goin to jail over. remember that fact. humiliation will teach a lesson on its own. ppl get half a bar screamin at them, they learn, or at least fear enough to read the rules and poach at night. ever seen a native poaching? i have, and i'd be the last one to go and throw their net in the good luck with your vigilanty justice. you should ask the gov' to make a citezens river patrol, maybe then you can have some authority.

..coulda bin fishin ...

Hi ethicalbonker,

I am very happy to see there are people like you trying to protect our resources. My friend, I'm 45 years old and a proud Iranian/Canadian fisher. Proud because I cary 2500 years of my civilization and proud to be living in a country like Canada that the rule of law governs.
I became an ethical fisherman by other people showing me the right way with a right manner and right attituded and in turn I turned dozens of peeople to become ethical fisherman in a the same manner. I am glad nobody broke my rod or else I would have not become whom I am now.
Happy fishing.

Going to the government is a wonderful idea, i have thought that avenue through and it seems smart. I have to read up more on citizen arrest procedures but think the cameras will protect us from being sued if someone wants to say that they were treated unfairly.

As for the natives, that is a very touchy subject and ya our patrols will be out at night, any fishing hole at anytime. I have many native friends and i now exactly what is happenning on all sides. That is anouther long term goal, all the sides need to talk more offen and create awareness.


i hate to be a jerk but i wouldnt mind knowing wat kind of guy would start a conversation with im gunna snap your rod i meen come on
straight off the res

ethicalbonker get a life and take care of your son instead treatening to break peoples rods and throw them into rivers
if you want to be a DFO worker fine but dont waste your time trying to get people to fish properly with no authority

Im one of the best dads around, and that has all to do with fishing. Did you read the reply on here that says my name ? read it and remember it. Go ahead while hidding behind your username. Like i said before, my words shouldnt affend people that stick by the rules. I caught an asian guy yesterday at the prision in Chillwack netting fish in the afternoun. There was no one around and trust me i didnt break his rod if you catch my drift...........
straight off the res

you sure sound like a great dad to me
swearing at people on an internet fishing chatroom you've got some balls
why dont you go back to your trailor park

Is that you best drift net ? Accually I dont live in a trailer park. Im a tradesmen and I just bought my first home this year for half a million, so laugh it boy. Your going to have to think alittle bit harder son.

Sons of Angling

lol tisk tisk

guys, just take pictures. follow whatever m-f'er is breakin the rules back to his vehicle (keep taking pictures) and call teh RAPP number. i dont feel like being anywhere near whatever bitchfight you feel like picking on my day to be out and relax. i dont want to get shot because one of you decided to pop a cap in his ass because he bonked the wrong fish and you've got terrible aim. if the same people keep getting reported and you have picture/video evidence then the appropriate fines can be given to that person. lead by example. violence solves nothing

Hey Ethicalbonker, reading almost everything you said on here is like watching a horrible soap opera. I agree with reporting people who are breaking the law it is because of assholes like them that we are slowly losing are fishery just like the newfs. But on the other hand it is because of stupid moronic assholes like you that nothing is being done about it. Not once did I read u say anything about phoneing this number 1-877-952-rapp(7277). What would you do if your son was with you, would you still snap some guys rod and throu him in the river. What kind of example are you setting for him then. You aragant asshole, I mean serously are U trying to say that you would love to hold some other guys rod in your hands or are you just a FAG!!!!!. Oh yeah my name is Scott Parsons just so you dont think I am hidding. I look forward to seeing you break the law so I can report you the right way BITCH.

Hey Scott I think i have heard you name around, and nothing negative about you. Look you are right and I do have the RaPP number in my cell phone. I do not take my son out fishing very much, at least not to the hot spots. You are totally right about alot of things, I have thought alittle more on the subject of protecting the runs. I do how ever think that there needs to be an organization that helps not only protect the fish but fisherman aswell. Something is going to happen out there sooner or later that could make its way public and we will all be screwed over by Parliament Hill. How we go about getting an organization ? I dont know but im looking into the rights and opions over the winter and see what comes to be next year starting with the red run on the Fraser.

isn't "ethicalbonker" kind of an oxymoron? How's anyone supposed to take you serious with a silly username like that? i have a few better suggestions for about "newbeeexpert", "littlebigboy" or "dumbsmartguy" ....and while your at it, post up a pic of yourself so we can make sure you are not out there breaking any rules

You got shafted by slayer and tuna ethical bonker

the winter would be a good time to organize. start a new thread asking for volunteers. time to put your money where your mouth is.

hard to beleive u guys are grown men ...y reply to a bozo like this ...

hey bonker,

I think u have the right idea but u need to think ur methods through a little. I do agree there are manny people out there taking advantage of a great natural resource & sport that i would like my kids - kids to see and not have to look at a salmon or trout etc in a book or go to a hatchery to see or fish. iTs (kinda) funny how SOME! people (so called fisherman) only comented on your methods (we could obviously tell u were a little pissed with people,as i am) but u can't expect people to resond to violence. Ill bet most of these guys agree with what ur saying but dont like the way u said it. What kinda of fisherman are u if u dont take care of not only the lake u fish but , rivers , streams etc where ever u are. Everyone likes to have fun fishing how ever u do it but try and clean up behind u and read the rules its up to you to no the rules, if not im sure people will tell u, sometimes u wont always find a nice guy. But im glad to see im not the only one seeing this go on.

your attitude sux. who gave you the right to enforce rules. well i'd guess parliament in the form of citizens arrest. you have the right to detain someone and that person has no rights until a law enforcement officer arrives who will give the detained person their rights. you do not have the right to snap someones rod. if you feel you have this right then perhaps i feel i have the right to hit you in the head with a 5lb rock to effect a citizens arrest of you for destroying my property. the words observe, record and report are designed to stop the above scenario from playing out. cause i for one will detain you with all reasonable force up to and including bonking you. Ed

Well Ed i understand your concern and have put your words into consideration, as i have with the other comments. Your are right about many things, and defenitly right about me and others having the right to arrest and detain. Video evidence also doesnt lie and would tell the story. As for you hitting a person with a rock is known as exsessive force and the victim would have one of two choices. One would be to charge you with ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON, trust me this can be a heafty charge if you have previous charges for what ever. Secondly they could decide to use equal force in which you could loss your life. Just some things for you and others to think about.

i don't do any illegal fishing whatsoever, heck i'm lucky if i can catch a fish period. but if i was doing something i thought to be perfectly legal and some dumbo comes along and snaps my rod, that is gonna start a war. it is one thing to notify a person they are breaking the law and allow them the opportunity to stop vs. snapping a rod. sure if they don't stop and tell you where to go, by all means snap their rod but be forewarned some fishermen are armed with more than rocks. they may have a firearm within a short walk to their vehicle. keep in mind the inherent risks associated with being a conservation officer there is a reason they are armed. that is because many persons will feel they could shoot someone without anyone being able to solve the crime. in other words chances are the shooter would feel they cannot be identified and may feel they can get away with murder so they pull the trigger. in that case and all cases it is better to report, record and stay alive. let the pros deal with it. on a side note, a buddy and i were fishing coquitlam river and an asian was catching lotsa trout and putting them in a bucket of water. my buddy asked him what he was doing and the asian said he catches them for his pond so he can have fresh trout once in a while. my buddy says transporting live fish is illegal and limit was 4 fish and the guy says so what. my buddy says you get two choices. the fish get put back in the river or you and the fish get put into the river. short story is my buddy arrested him after tossing him in the river. my buddy is also a military police officer so the rcmp took his word. Ed

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