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I found this in you tube:

It's scary, hopefully they'll come back.

They are going to run out, I say in four years, will be glad that the pinks will even show up. Sockeye are gone, Springs are gone, Coho are gone, And chum are growing small. ANd the pinks are slowly declining. To much netting, and fish farms, Maybe they will understand when the fish are gone. STOP WITH THE NETS< AND COMMERCIAL FISHING.

A paper published in the peer-reviewed journal Science in December 2007 shows 80 percent of the juvenile salmon in British Columbia's Broughton Archipelago are being killed by sea lice.

my folks are from ireland, my aunt tells me she has not had wild salmon in five years now,
about the same time , fish farms were springing up all over the island she lives on.
make you wonder |

all the more reason to pick up bass fishing
fisher 696

14 countries have tried fish farming in the Ocean and 14 countries have had their native stocks collapse.Hmmmmmm. We are special though, and well I'm sure the government has a plan to make everything alright. ......Lmao ....NOT....

Man! that video of the fish farms was scary and disgusting! Can't see animals infested with parasytes aaaaaaaaaargh!

I hate violence, but something radical has to be done over there.

I always thought that fish farming was a kind of a good idea to keep wild salmon, but we humans just don't learn. We always try to cut corners with our "creative technologies" and don't learn from Mother Nature's cycles.

But on the other hand, it seems that if continue populating the planet at this rate, farms or no farms won't make a difference in the long term.

I'm gonna tell my brother that instead of coming to Vancouver for a fishing trip, we will go to a yoga boot camp and eat organic vegestables from Richmond.

fishermen should hold a rally, and riot. Then we will get attention.

I say, just half the commercial fishing for a decade, stock the hell out of things, subsidize those who lose out, then reinstate it with more control.

i have first hand seen fish farms on the island get moved from bay to bay because of the "pollution" that they cause. desease can kill these bays in a hurry. each company should have a alotted bay(s) in which they must stick to or lose there oppertunity to use any waters to profit from. i don't give a shit if some people out east or in asia want some fresh salmon at the expense of our waters. these companies would be more likely to clean these bays and take a better standard of cleanliness with there farms. a wheat farmer does't move on after a bad harvest, he works the land, and makes it work. or he loses his farm.... as for salmon disappearing, i think with some better regulations, and DFO growing some *$#@in balls, things may get better, and i'm sure with the sockeye being allowed to run threw almost untouched, they will be better in 3-4 years, and if they keep it closed, even better 7-8 years from now.

Salmon firm to establish safe lane for pink migration

The Vancouver Sun
27 Jun 2008


In an uncirculated communique obtained by The Vancouver Sun, the Pacific Salmon Forum acknowledged that sea lice infestations contributed to plummeting pink salmon populations in the Broughton Archipelago from 2001-2005, as noted in an article in Science.

The article warned that wild pink salmon could be extinct within four years on the B.C. central coast due to sea lice infestations arising from salmon farms.

Entire Article
fisher 696

I feel that the fishfarmers don't give a shit about our wild stocks. In fact they may be happy to see them go. Less competition for their fish which will allow them to charge more. If things don't change soon we will all witness the collapse of our salmon runs. I have seen a big change in just the last 10 years. I realize that there are other factors; lost of habitat, global warming and over fishing by Russian and Japanese fleets etc.These are things beyond our control, however we could lessen the pressures on the smolts by putting ALL FISH FARMS ON LAND IN CONCRETE. These bastards are getting too much leaway. Why put the farms in such a pristine and sensitive area? Next thing you know we will have dairy farms in Stanley Park cuz the the grass is good. I for 1 NEVER eat Atlantic salmon and I would be tickled if we all said;" Fuck you Atlantic salmon, go back to where you are meant to be." It won't happen of course but we can dream.

Fishing forum > Is salmon really disappearing?


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