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Went to Deer lake from 10-6 nothing just a few bites, what is in that lake anyway? how deep is it? any pictures of fish caught there? what works?


Deer lake in burnaby?
Carp, bullheads and trout.
Don't eat the fish you catch there. At least I wouldn't.

If you would like info on any of BC's lakes (depth maps, species present, etc) try

another place for free lake maps with depth charts is ED

When we fished this lake as kids many moons ago we caught Catfish and Rainbows. I never caught any big rainbows but I have seen them as big as 5 lbs.We did catch big trout
in the creek that runs out of Deer lake near the freeway.

That lake is 5 min from my house. I fished it a few times last year for fun. During the summer was best. I caught a few 1/2 pounder trout. Dont go there thinking your gonna catch a trophy. Its a local city lake thats polluted with not allot of fish. Basically its just there for kids.

Its horrible fishing there. 3 Hours and only got one in April, using a spinner. (wedding band)


I have only recently thought about trying to fish in Deer Lake. 10 years ago I saw a seagull catch a 10 inch catfish and drop it on the beach.

I have went there 5 times in a row with a buddy in May 2014.
Each time we get about 20 medium-large Sunfish, sometimes one 8-1/2" large mouth bass and a dozen 4-5-6 inch large mouth. Use float & worm, but I'm sure they would attack anything that moves. They reproduce like crazy which means you can have soup every night of the week! The more you catch the slower the trout die off in between re stockings!

Large mouth was actually introduced into Deer Lake by the people stocking the lakes on purpose, and I THANK them for it because sadly this side of BC has too few bass locations.

Sometimes people catch trout here, but trout are a very weak species and there's too few of them as they get exterminated by raccoons, hawks, bass, sunfish, turtles, fishermen.. Their inability to survive in varying water conditions and picky eating makes restocking the lake a big waste of our dollar$.

Here's a photo from my first time there. Landed the bass within half a second of my first cast!

Photo 2

An hour or so worth of fish. You get one right away with each cast.

Photo 3

You can also make soup: boil potatoes, celery, dill, onions, young onions, rice/buckwheat/etc, garlic bits, pepper, and then add the fish bits near to the end.

Too good!

Vancouver has the cleanest environment in the entire world. In other places, rivers and lakes have radiation run off, literally raw toxic waste from 10+ chemical factories up river. Unless there's a secret plastics factory underground of Metrotown that dumps raw waste into the lake - the fish is much better in quality than buying meat pumped with growth hormones that cause serious health problems. But feel free to correct me if I am wrong!

I have to disagree with you on changing the eco system for the better.
Some idiots stocked perch and bass in the lake in our valley. When I moved here 8 years ago there were no dragon flies or damsel flies to speak of. the birds that frequent the bulrushes were non-existent.
The wildlife branch finally treated the lake and restocked it with trout. (I agree with you as to the taste of hatchery fish. I suggest you find and try some wild trout from a high mountain lake . they will change your opinion on trout).
It has now been 3 1/2 years since they treated the lake. The valley is alive with birds again. In august the sky is black with swarms of dragon flies which feast on the mosquitos (the only type of bug not killed off by the perch and bass) as well as clouds of blue around the lake when the damsels hatch.
The idea of going back to perch and trout makes me ill. Trout do not kill everything in site. only naturally occurring fish should frequent our waters. keep the carp and bass elsewhere in my opinion.

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