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Author Topic: Need advice on rainbows through the ice

Hi there,

I'm not new to ice fishing but I never had the opportunity to fish rainbows on ice. Any advice would be appreciated (or websites; I've had a hard time finding related info.)



rainbows swim under not on the ice.

hope that helps

rainbows swim under the ice? you are sure about that?

Try just bait on a hook and a a weight. Worms, Meal worm, maggots, or packaged shrimp. You can also use ice fishing jigs with or with out bait. I like to use a lead head with a leech type pattern body (white) with a small piece of bait. I just jig it close to the bottom. I have even jigged with a good sized spoon. It seems to bring in more fish but they bite less.
fish on

A two inch chrome lure that has a red eye on each side(Lure Jensen) I think as an attractant, two feet below stinky shrimp on a hook. Buy the shrimp and leave it out for a few days to get stinky. Fish in four feet of water.

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As for the rest of the replies; thanks for the info guys. I'll try shrimps and shallow waters.



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i use a bright green glow in the dark jig head with a mealworm. swallow water close to the bottom. caught my limit all 3 times i've gone out this winter. and don't just sit over one hole. keep jigging all the time and fish two or three different holes. if you arn't getting any bites there aren't any fish there so go somewere else.

Fishing forum > Need advice on rainbows through the ice


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