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Last June, a group of us went fishing in the Williams Lake, BC, area. We particularly enjoyed Chaunigan Lake. The trout fishing as well as the scenery was excellent there. Do you have any recommendations for lakes in the area? (within 200 or so miles)



How about some larger trout? BC is one of the best places in the world for salmon fishing and summer is the prime time for red Springs and Sockeye.

Personally, I love the beauty of the Fraser Valley!
The Yak

There are over 150 lakes between Princeton and Merritt, and many of them are manaed as quality fisheries... get a map and pick any of them... im sure you will love it.. i go there 2 or 3 time a year if i can.

Come further North to the Prince George Area.Here you will find fantastic fishing for would class Rainbows,Bulltrout,Brookies,and Lake trout.Go 45 minutes north and you will find yourself in the artic watershed.This will produce some nice size Grayling and Bulltrout.YAHOO!! Fish on!

The big lakes on hwy 24 can be dynamite in June. If the weather cooperates, you can get great mayfly (late may thru June) and caddis (late June on warmer years, early July) hatches, as well as good chironomid fishing. Lac des Roche is known for it's great mayfly hatch in June; fish average 1.5-2lbs, up to 6 or so. Bridge is a beautiful big lake with loads of shoreline structure, bays, drop-offs, shoals, islands, sunken islands, you name it. It's probably my favorite up there because of being able to catch nice kokanee on the fly, av 1.5lbs, up to 4! Yes, I and others I've seen have caught 4lb kokanee there! The average size of the kokanee seems to be down now, so you should probaby expect 1lb average with the odd 2+ in there. They aren't on the shoals all the time, but when they are (usually once the mayfly hatches start coming on strong every day) they are willing. They're suckers for bead-head pheasant-tail nymphs or half-backs I've found. There's also nice rainbows, 1-4lbs, average about 1.5. There are also lake trout which are on the shoals usually in late may, but sometimes into mid-June depending on the year. These lakers are small for their kind, 2-5lbs, but are often willing when the rainbows and kokanee are being bitchy. Try the huge shoal on the west side of the big island. If you launch a boat at Greenall Rd (off hwy 24) the island is straight out in front. I love Bridge Lake! Sheridan Lake probably puts out the biggest fish, but I've found it to be the toughest to catch at. Maybe someone can give us both advice on that one!! Other great lakes are Horse, Green, Fawn, Irish, Crystal, French, Jackson, Valentine, Elk and Forest and many more. Phone the Little Fort fly shop to find out where the fishing is on, and stop in there to check out a kick-ass little fly shop.

Good Luck, and hopefully see you around that neighbourhood.

Also, if you like big fish, you have to try Dragon in Quesnel. By June things can get tough from what I hear, as the lake is low in elevation and heavily fished, but the only time I was there was early June and it was great. The very south end seemed to be popular. You'll see boats at the good spots!!
thirsty fisherman

any body got some hot flies for Quesnel/100 mile area for around begining of april (have to slay some kamloops trout)

Fishing forum > ADVICE REQUIRED: Summer '04 Trout Fishing


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