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when should i expect to see steelhead coming?

I've heard of people already starting to catch the odd one. So, to answer your question, any time now. It won't be prime season for another few weeks or so.

krusty bra don't even bother posting about anything because you can not catch fish, its ok just go to some lessons. if you want to catch steelhead wait till after boxing day. i find late december till march has steelhead.
river-rod dyl

seacaster, you have never even been steelhead fishing, so why are you just guessing?

whats ghoing to catch me some fish? i misssed it last lear. it will only be my firast full yrwear of salmon fishing. i want a bite out of this one too. what was that artticle about dragging worms? ids that going to work? i got someone ot show me how to catch sprinfgas and coho but he wont go out for sterelhead. if you could tell me about how to get a FISH ON then thaqt would be fantastic. thanks for yourhelp/ . oh man thats bad. soeey i jst got back i'm friggn drunk. sorry. reel (haha) question though

If its your first year, here are some things to expect:

-It will get very cold later in Dec-Jan, dress warmly.
-There won't be nearly as much steelhead compared to the numbers of salmon you've seen so far.
-Be prepared to search the river for them.
-Generally you can use what you use for salmon for them (Roe, etc). Pink worms also work.

whats a nice comfy steelhead hangout looklike? if its not snowing i'd like to go when i make a trip to the wrecker hopefully sometime soon.

if i go to a bunch of places where i was catching fish earlier in the year i should be able to find them there or what? apex you said i'd have to look for them. what'll be different than what i've done for the rest of the year? (besides bootwarmers and snowtires )

beefeater , the steelhead season is just beggining and the chances of getting one is very very slim , but if you do head out get some polarized lens (if you dont have any) , glasses i found out to be the biggest investment in fishing. its not worth chucking spinners or flies or roe when theyre not even theyre like i never did steelhead fishing , but my bud said on a sunny day some of them are so chrome they are invisible and can only see theyre shawdow and you can find them in the same spots as coho but in much smaller numbers

if i tie roe bags will it matter if they are fresh or cured?

Fresh eggs are definitely best; but if you haven't caught any fish for a while, then you'll have to use cured roe.
sturgeon slayer

i use fresh roe bags cause thats wat i cought my 20 lbs stellhead on

sweet stuff. once the snow stops falling i think i;m going fishing

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