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see, one thing i've noticed since i started fishing in the river is that none of the fish inhale the hook. when i fished the lake i'd rarely actually get teh hook around the opening of its mouth. it would usually be lodged in its esophogus sphincter (sorry i dont know what its actually called. the circular muscle between its throat and stomach. more towards the back of the mouth). i dont remember any of teh ocean fish inhaling the hook like that either. are the (lake)fish just greedy or what?

I don't know what you are using in the lakes, but in the 17 years I have been flyfishing i have only caught a handful that have swallowed the hook.
Trout in general do not inhale the fly, As for lures I have found that they do inhale them. I think that they do this because they attack them more for territorial reasons than for food.


I don't have that problem at every lake but whenever I go to jones trolling a lure they inhale it almost everytime

i guess theres no way to fix that? i feel bad when i want to let em go and it gets stuck
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Fishing forum > bites vs inhalation


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