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DR. NGIDA +237692925976 I am Spiritual Healer, Specializing in the Fields of Love Spell, Financial Problems, and Money spell, Business Protection Spell, Marriage Spells, Power, Success, Luck and Witch Craft. I can help you with any problem that is disturbing you or your loved one. I have more than 20 years
experience in the field of Spell Casting / Spiritual Healing. Over the years I have worked for thousands of clients in countries all over the world. My services are hugely in demand which is proof of the success I am achieving on a day to day basis. Do you have love problems / issues that you need sorted out? I have a variety of love spells that will change your life forever. Have you lost a loved one? Are you in love with
someone who doesn’t seem to care about you? Is your loved one in love with someone else? Contact me now and I will summon all my powers to make your dreams come true. I use strong holy black magic spells and various mixtures of herbal remedies with the powerful ancestral spirits to heal and solve most of problems and terrible sicknesses. I have healed many people all over the world and according to testimonies shows he is mainly the world’s best award winning healer. Do you suffer for long time with illnesses, Stresses, Poverty, Financial difficulties, Bad debts, Court cases, Body & skin sicknesses, Evil witchcraft,
Bad dreams, Lost lover& family, broken relationships, excessive alcohol and smoking problems, unemployment’s, Failing deals, Lost businesses, Sexual weakness, jealousy people, not promoted at job, need a child? Lose weight, Sugar diabetes, Blood pressure, Overweight, Robberies, Broken relationship and
so much more…. Remember; I welcome any challenges and questions about any human life. Call or WhatsApp NGIDA on +237692925976My simple voodoo love spell is as good as those cast by professional voodoo sorcerers. WHATSAPP {+237 6 92 92 59 76} But before I agree to fulfill your order, I need to tell you how it works, as well as about the difference between this type of magic and traditional European magic or, for instance, Druid magic.{+237 6 92 92 59 76}Modern voodoo magic is believed to be one of the most ancient branches of magic. Its essence is the same despite the fact that it has absorbed a lot of Catholic traditions.DR. NGIDA call up certain spirits and make sacrifices to please them, such as chickens, raw meat and alcohol. When voodoo magic is performed, the party that suffers most is usually the person the love spell is put on.WHATSAPP {+237 6 92 92 59 76}Simple voodoo love spellsA simple voodoo love spell cannot be cast successfully, unless some spirits are engaged. According to shamanistic beliefs, spirits are everywhere. They can be found even in the sky and cosmos, yet they barely look like angels or Light Higher Powers. It is believed that all spirits can do good and evil. However, evil spirits prevail.WHATSAPP {+237 6 92 92 59 76}
How is the simple voodoo love spell cast?WHATSAPP {+237 6 92 92 59 76}
The shaman accumulates enough energy, enters into a state of altered consciousness, and calls up one of the spirits by making sacrifices. The shaman calls the spirit by some name associating it with some voodoo deity, yet no one can know for sure what spirit has actually responded. Well, it does not matter what spirit the shaman is dealing with. The key is to make it obey.WHATSAPP {+237 6 92 92 59 76}

Having bent the spirit to submission, the shaman sends it to the target of the spell. To this end, great inner strength and experience are needed. I am pretty sure none of you has it. Why am I talking about it? Because many people try to cast voodoo spells having no knowledge of voodoo whatsoever. Now you know that this kind of magic is based on calling up spirits. However, spirits come to not only serve but also to feed on human energy. When the spirit is sent to the target, it feeds on the target’s energy. However, only experienced spellcasters are skilled enough to send the spirit to the target. Unlike them, amateurish spellcasters cannot control spirits and end up being attacked by them.WHATSAPP {+237 6 92 92 59 76}

Once attacked, you will never get rid of the spirit, unless you ask a professional spellcaster like I am to help you. So never try to cast a simple voodoo love spell by yourself. Spirits are smart and cunning. They are much older and more experienced than you. No matter how smart you think you are, any spirit is still smarter. It will take control of you without you knowing it.WHATSAPP {+237 6 92 92 59 76}

This is what happens to the target of the spell when the spellcaster sends a spirit to them. This bodiless creature enters the target’s subtle bodies taking control of the target. It happens in different ways:

- The target is gradually bent to submission;WHATSAPP {+237 6 92 92 59 76}

- The target feels depressed unless the client (the person who ordered the love spell) is around;

- The target feels reenergized only when the client is around;{+237 6 92 92 59 76}

- The target loses all their talents and skills and can restore them only by having sex with the client.

?asting voodoo love spell{+237 6 92 92 59 76}
The stronger the spirit called by a simple voodoo love spell, the more control it has over the target. All those stories about zombies are not untrue. Voodoo magic can turn almost anyone into a zombie. It just requires more time and effort. Yet, the result is always the same. {+237 6 92 92 59 76}

There is one exception though. To resist a voodoo sorcerer, you can hire another professional magic practitioner. I have saved a lot of people from voodoo sorcerers. There are there ways to save a person from a voodoo sorcerer (you may find this information helpful):{+237 6 92 92 59 76}

- By performing special rituals;{+237 6 92 92 59 76}

- By creating a magic protection field;{+237 6 92 92 59 76}

- By using a protection amulet to cleanse the target and protect the target against other spells.

Speaking of those who failed to use my services or the services of other spellcasters, I am really sorry for them. They are losing control of their lives turning into some puppets living to please those who have a love spell put on them.{+237 6 92 92 59 76}

It explains why simple voodoo love spells have been so popular lately. You do not have to do anything. You do not have to become a better person, be smarter and make more money. You just order a spell and it makes the target yours. You can take advantage of the target the way you want and use the target for sex, money or social status. The target will not be able to say NO to you ever – he or she will do whatever you ask them to.{+237 6 92 92 59 76}

Well, you think it is pretty clear and you need to order this spell. You can do it right now. I always help those in need so do not hesitate to contact me. However, as a professional and highly qualified spellcaster, I ought to want you that the price is going to be your karma. If you think you are ready to sacrifice your karma to get the love of your life, the love you cannot live without, no one will judge you. Our destinies are determined by our choices and decisions and we take responsibility only for the things we choose to do.
{+237 6 92 92 59 76}
Ordering my simple voodoo love spell is as simple as ordering any other spell. Just contact me and we will talk it through. We will figure out what needs to be done and how to proceed and which rituals to perform to make your beloved fall in love with you.{+237 6 92 92 59 76}

If you think for some reason that you can perform voodoo rituals by yourself, let me tell you which spirits to call up when you practice love magic. I am excited to present to you my new video about voodoo spirits.

Love spell cast-by putting a charm to excite love on an object
Same-sex love spells{+237 6 92 92 59 76}
Voodo love spell{+237 6 92 92 59 76}
Black magic love spell{+237 6 92 92 59 76}
Simple voodoo love spell{+237 6 92 92 59 76}
Gay love spellWHATSAPP {+237 6 92 92 59 76}
WHATSAPP NOW(+237-6-92-92-59-76)Spell casters are often contacted by people looking for a spell binding. As a rule, these people believe that there is just one multi-functional binding spell that can be used by anyone. However, our reality is complex and multiversion, so each spell binding is perfect of just one individual and can help only this specific person. WHATSAPP NOW(+237-6-92-92-59-76)
A lot depends on the client, too: whether or not he loves the one who he wants to cast a love spell on; whether he wants to spend his whole life with this person or considers it a short-term love affair; whether he uses a binding spell out of revenge or to solve his financial problems, and so on. That’s why each spell binding is chosen individually. Depending on the spell, different magic tools and skills of the spell caster are required. This explains why the spell caster charges his clients differently for different love spells.

Simple binding spells(+237-6-92-92-59-76)

The simplest binding spell is cast when you truly love the one who you want to cast a love spell on, while this person likes you too, but is afraid of starting a romantic relationship with you. Influencing this person, the spell caster removes his (her) self-consciousness and fears, giving him (her) the confidence he (she) needs to take the first step towards the one who really loves him (her). (+237-6-92-92-59-76)
Simple binding spellSometimes, a spell binding is cast on someone who is already under the influence of a love spell. Let’s suppose, once upon a time there lived a handsome young man. One girl fell in love with him and went to a witch who cast a binding spell on him. Influenced by magic, the young man fell in love with her too, they started dating and living together. Then you meet this man and fall in love with him as well. You know you can’t live without him. All your attempts to make him like you prove unsuccessful. That’s when you contact me and ask me to cast a spell binding on him. (+237-6-92-92-59-76)
Of course, I agree to help you. But before performing the ritual, I need to warn you that binding spell alone is not enough. First of all, I need to break the magic influencing him and make him break up with his beloved. Only after than I can use magic to cast a love spell on him. (+237-6-92-92-59-76)
That’s why this spell binding is more difficult to cast and therefore more expensive. In addition, it takes effect slower than other regular spells. (+237-6-92-92-59-76)

Casting spell binding(+237-6-92-92-59-76)
The most difficult love spell is a love cast on someone you don’t love, but want to make be with you. In my opinion, casting such spells is wrong, but I never judge my clients. Moreover, I always try to help people when they ask me to, and I always do my job professionally. (+237-6-92-92-59-76)
When a love spell is cast on someone you don’t love, prepare that this person is going to turn into sort of a zombie. This means that I’m going to have to crush his will, ability to analyze things, or even a part of his subconscious mind to ensure that this person will fall in love with you and this love will keep him next to you, despite the fact that you’re going to give nothing in return.
Such rituals are not only very complex, but also extremely dangerous, for most of them belong to black magic and always require some payment. Also remember that such relationships rarely make people happy. I understand that now you think that if you don’t cast a love spell on someone rich who will financially support you, you won’t be happy. But think about having to please someone who you have no feelings for (including sexually), share the bed with him, when he makes you bored and disgusts you… Is that the life you want?(+237-6-92-92-59-76)

Binding spells must be cast only for true love(+237-6-92-92-59-76)

Casting spell bindingHowever, it doesn’t always happen this way. Sometimes, indifference or self-interest gives way to real love. This happens very rarely, while as a rule black love rituals bring people pain and disappointment. The most severe punishment ensues when you cast a love spell and destroy the family of someone who is deeply in love with another person and this person loves this someone, too. According to the law of energy conservation, your suffering will be as severe as that caused by you. Perhaps, it won’t happen right away. But believe me, sooner or later you will have to work off your karmic debt.
On top of that, you may receive extra punishment such as infertility and ugliness, poverty and homelessness, divorce or having to go to a low-paid job that you hate.(+237-6-92-92-59-76)
Luckily, there is a way to find out the outcome of using a spell binding. It’s called “fortune telling.” I provide these services, too. So I offer you not to jump to conclusions but first let me see into your future. What if it turns out to be so bad that you change your mind regarding use of that binding spell? What if you decide to wait for a while instead, until Higher Powers grant you the love you crave for?
By the way, I know a few rituals that will allow you to attract love without breaking any karmic laws, meaning without incurring punishment. Moreover, I can ensure that the person you meet after contacting me will look like the one you’re currently in love with but who doesn’t love you. Besides, the two will have similar personalities and fates, too. (+237-6-92-92-59-76)
How I can do that is my professional secret that I just can’t share with you. But you still need to understand that binding rituals vary and I can always find the one that will be perfect for you, giving you love, joy and happiness.(+237-6-92-92-59-76) Love spells that work. Those who have never worked with spellcasters or who happened to work with unreliable or fraudulent ones are the only people who still do not believe in love spells that work. Those who were luckier or had the courage to use some unconventional methods to change their life know how effective spells are when cast by professional magic practitioners, and that the love created by them can make people truly happy.WHATSAPP Dr. NGIDA NOW{+237 6 92 92 59 76}.FOR YOUR SOLUTIONS

Writing “unconventional methods” made me think if working love spells were indeed unconventional. Are they really so unusual and extravagant? If you look deeper into the matter and go back several centuries, you will come to a profound realization. For thousands of years magic was the main and sometimes the only way to solve love life problems for all people on the planet. In situations where talents, money or force were powerless, people would turn to magic.{+237 6 92 92 59 76

Love spells that workOnly a spellcaster (note: a professional one like I am) is strong enough to help almost every person who comes to him for help.{+237 6 92 92 59 76

Nowadays, despite the fact that magic is less popular than before, love magic is still the leading solution when people face unrequited love. When it comes to solving love life problems, no one can be compared with a professional spellcaster, including pickup artists, psychology experts, dating website or agency owners. Psychologists manage to help only one client in twenty. To find a partner on a dating website, you need to chat to hundreds of people. As for the so-called “seduction science”, I do not even want to talk about it as I consider it nothing but tricking naïve fools out of their money. Yes, those who attend seduction classes are fools to me.{+237 6 92 92 59 76

Note that spells, including a bring him to me spell, cannot be cast on any person you want. In addition, spells are effective only if cast by an experienced and professional magic practitioner. It is pointless to buy spells from frauds. To find out why, please see the article about how to search for very powerful fast spell casters.{+237 6 92 92 59 76

When working love spells may prove ineffective
You can buy any of my love spells right now or later. I understand that you may need some time to think it through. I just want you to know that I am available any time convenient to you. However, there is a group of people for whom my services are, unfortunately, unavailable. This group includes people who:

Have psychological problems;{+237 6 92 92 59 76
Have mental illnesses;{+237 6 92 92 59 76
Have physical diseases;{+237 6 92 92 59 76
Are under the influence of a family curse;{+237 6 92 92 59 76
Have a celibacy wreath on them;{+237 6 92 92 59 76
Do not believe in success;{+237 6 92 92 59 76
Are not going to follow my instructions;{+237 6 92 92 59 76
Are underage.{+237 6 92 92 59 76
I know that some people who want to buy one of my powerful love spells that work may find it difficult to understand if they belong in this group or not. How can you know if your energies are unhealthy? How can you self-diagnose a celibacy wreath? I can tell you how. First of all, some of my previously posted articles contain detailed guidelines for energy and karmic disease self-diagnostics. Secondly, never forget the point requiring you to have full trust in my abilities and my conclusions.{+237 6 92 92 59 76

As a very powerful spellcaster, I can examine you for all of the above listed problems before you buy any spells or rituals. Having done it, I will not refuse to work with you. Most likely, I, spellcaster Maxim, will offer you to help you get rid of your diseases once and for all and then cast the required love incantations that work.{+237 6 92 92 59 76

Casting a bring him to me spell for yourself{+237 6 92 92 59 76
Bring him to me candle spellNo matter how many times I warn my readers against casting spells for themselves, some of them are sure to try to do it anyway. It is inevitable. I can understand those who are helplessly in love, as love makes people do crazy, reckless and sometimes even dangerous things. However, I hardly sympathize with those who have tried to perform some rituals out of curiosity and are now complaining that they are having some health problems, frequent nightmares and hallucinations.
{+237 6 92 92 59 76
Well, I do feel sorry for them, of course. Moreover, I am always ready to help victims of domestic magic (let us call them so) and remove the physical and psychological repercussions of their recklessness. But trust me, ignoring my warnings and the warnings of other magic practitioners is like climbing on top of a high-rise building out of boredom. After a while, your neighbors see you and try to stop you. Then you see a crowd of onlookers asking you not to jump. But you think you will be fine if you jump... And you do…. What do you think will happen with a person who jumps off the roof of a ten-story building? The same as to the one who tries to cast love spells that work for oneself.{+237 6 92 92 59 76

At the same time, I never withhold information from you and I always tell you how to cast simple spells if you are a beginning spellcaster. The procedure for casting some of such simple love spells that work is clearly described in the following article:{+237 6 92 92 59 76

Moreover, not long ago I wrote and uploaded a book about magic which you will not find anywhere else. For the time being it is the only book containing guidelines for mastering magic written by a professional spellcaster. This book can teach you how to get lost love back, create love and strengthen it. If you work really hard, this book can even help you find the love of your life.{+237 6 92 92 59 76

However, all this requires you to at least read the book. Even if you fail to cast some working love spells properly, you will at least not get hurt. Without studying, asking for and following professional advice, your attempts at magic will bring you nothing but trouble.{+237 6 92 92 59 76

Very powerful fast spell casters{+237 6 92 92 59 76
If you set a goal to find true love, get someone you love to love you back, or get back the one who broke up with you, you do not have much choice. All you can do is find one of the very powerful spell casters. This is the only way for you to take full advantage of professional love spells and finally find love.

As they say, buy nice or buy twice. People choosing their spellcaster not by the online reviews left by his former clients but by his prices are rarely wrong. But I also understand those who think as follows:

- I do not know how good this magic practitioner is;{+237 6 92 92 59 76
- Therefore, the chances of me wasting my money are high;{+237 6 92 92 59 76
- Thus, I would rather pay as little as I can;{+237 6 92 92 59 76
- If it does not work, I will not lose much.{+237 6 92 92 59 76
I have noticed something very curious. The majority of fraudulent magic practitioners (if you only knew how many of them are offering their services on the Internet) attract clients with low prices. This is what beginning spellcasters do, too. They believe potential clients will like their offer better due to their low prices. As a result, those who do not want to take risks and pay the price charged by professional spellcasters end up working either with fraudulent or inexperienced magic practitioners and never get the result they want.
{+237 6 92 92 59 76
What is really sad is not even the fact that they lose their money. Imagine the energy of the person who is about to be influenced with a love spell as a slab of marble. You want to use it to create a beautiful sculpture and you hire a sculptor. He takes your money and after a while returns your sculpture which looks horrible. Since you still want to get that beautiful sculpture, you find a professional sculptor but he says the marble no longer fits for it and it is either impossible or extremely difficult to make the sculpture you want.
{+237 6 92 92 59 76
The same happens when you buy a bring him to me spell from low-qualified magic practitioners. The slab of marble is human energies. Now imagine what will happen to them if exposed to improperly performed or low-quality magic rituals. Unlike marble, our energies can be purified and cured. It is difficult and therefore quite pricey. But that is the price to pay for being greedy initially. Otherwise, you will not get the love you wanted plus you will have to pay with your karma for ruining the life of another person.
{+237 6 92 92 59 76
Damaged energies, clogged chakras and disturbed energy flows can lead to a catastrophe ruining your life. I have told you repeatedly that poorly cast spells impact people worse than curses. Curses are pretty easy to remove, especially when you know how to do it, but it is not easy at all to help a person affected by the misuse of magic. Sometimes it takes dozens of rituals performed over a period of many months. For this reason I, spellcaster Maxim, urge you to never cast spells and perform rituals for yourself.
{+237 6 92 92 59 76
Powerful love spells that work{+237 6 92 92 59 76
Working candle love spells{+237 6 92 92 59 76
Question:{+237 6 92 92 59 76

“You once said underage people were not allowed to use love spells. However, in my culture people, especially women, get married at a very young age. So can you make an exception for countries, religions and cultures where child marriage is widespread?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:{+237 6 92 92 59 76

Perhaps, a sorcerer from the same culture as you are will make an exception for you, but I have to say no. Even if we put aside the moral and ethical aspects of your request, I still believe magic must not be used to influence underage people because their energies and fates are still developing. Any interference in this process may lead to serious problems haunting the people all their life.

Question:{+237 6 92 92 59 76

“When you talk about love sorcery and love rituals, do you mean only the rituals designed to create love? Do you fulfill other love-related orders?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:{+237 6 92 92 59 76

I offer a wide range of spells so when I say love rituals, I mean the whole spectrum of services within love magic. So you can come to me not only for a love spell but also for a break up spell. Note that I can use all branches of magic with equal success, including black, white, and intermediate gray magic. So I can work as a white magic sorcerer or as a black magic one, depending on your needs.

Love incantations that work{+237 6 92 92 59 76
Question:{+237 6 92 92 59 76

“A while ago I contacted a witch and asked her to set the man I loved free from his marriage. Otherwise, he couldn’t be mine. The witch said she could do it, provided I agreed to pay to higher powers if any problems arose. Do you also work with your clients on this condition when you cast black magic love spells?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:{+237 6 92 92 59 76

My conditions are always as follows: trust me and my abilities, follow my instructions, and never tell anyone about me or my work. As for the payment you were warned about by the witch, I do not work like this. I help people only when I am confident my spells will not put them in danger. Do no harm is my top priority. So my clients are always safe. When you work with me, the only thing you pay for the help you get is your money and never the suffering caused by energy losses and other repercussions of using magic. Earlier I told you to stay away from low-qualified magic practitioners. Your witch is one of them, and now you know why.


“Can you please tell me how to cast powerful love spells?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Click on the link below and read the article containing some simple love spell recipes, including a love spell you can cast for yourself using the photograph of your loved one and other powerful love spells that work.

Question:{+237 6 92 92 59 76

“Can you tell me which of the following symptoms indicate that I did something wrong while casting a love spell – sudden dental problems; the fact that we split up in just two weeks after the ritual; or my money problems? Or do you think these problems have nothing to do with my attempts to use magic?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:
{+237 6 92 92 59 76
I keep saying that self-diagnostics of energy and karma diseases is as bad as self-medication. Chances are you will misdiagnose yourself and start the treatment that you do not need. Also, you can overlook the disease which needs immediate treatment. Thus, your condition should be assessed only after you ask me for an exam, send me your photograph, and let me ask you some questions.{+237 6 92 92 59 76

I try to respond to all letters that I get, so I should tell you that two of the three points, the first and the last one, are the negative effects of your love spell, while the fact that your relationship did not last means that you used the wrong kind of love spell.{+237 6 92 92 59 76[+237692925976]Voodoo Magic Spells, Have you ever had someone do something so despicable and bad to you that you wished there was a way you could repay them in equal measure? [+237692925976] Well, worry not anymore for my voodoo magic spells have the power to grant you that revenge you so badly yearn for. Why should someone knowingly hurt you or do something to you they know they should not to do in the first place and then get away with it? The answer is they absolutely should not. [+237692925976]
Voodoo dolls have been used for magic for decades and decades as they act as the person the spell is cast over and actually they are the tools I use to do revenge for my clients that come to me wanting to return the favour to someone that did something to them through my voodoo magic spells. Over the years voodoo spells have been used for the purposes of setting wrongs rights in people’s lives in order to restore that balance to life that says an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. [+237692925976]
As such, my revenge voodoo doll, voodoo dolls and voodoo spells have been the solution for many of my clients that have had something bad done to them by someone in their life. The only reason there can be lasting peace is if people get to know that once you do something bad to someone there is a very big chance that someone can very well so return that same favour to them just as easily as it was done in the first place. [+237692925976]

Fishing forum > Casting Love Spells:(+237692925976) Rituals of Love, Passion, and Attraction in Switzerland,Poland ,USA/UK /CANADA /AUSTRALIA & Europe


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