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Some of us really appreciate your vast wealth of fishing knowledge. I have always made sure I read anything you posted.

I know I'm going to get flamed, but here's my email: If you feel like it, please let me know where you are visiting and who you are there so I can still read your posts!

Take care.


i agree with the previous posting. why do those who post fishing questions/stories have to put up with the bs that goes on here. i have followed this site for several years. at times it has been a great site. i have learned a lot about fishing, enjoyed a few stories and remembered what it was like to be a kid starting out (i am 56 yrs old). i especially enjoyed louis's comments. if this site is going to be ruined by the jerks who insist on trying to ruin everyone's "fun" then i guess we will have to all move on. i hope not!

I, as well, would hate to see the mature, knowledgeable folks leave because of the rants of a few...
Hopefully we can see this through..I am certain the kids will pick up on a new interest in short time, and I hope we get a moderator soon...

Hopefully all you wise folks that have been around for a while stick with us a little longer, as this site does have great tips and info.
Louis Vuitton

I'll always be around poking my head in here and there but I've got to be careful, which is unfortunate, as to what I say or how I word things on here as certain people like to just start a shit storm. If someone does ask for help on a particular lake or river system I've fished, or just needs some info that I can help them with an anyway, I'll pop up and say something.
I hope the rest of you good guys do this too.
All the "good guys'' know who you are. I don't need to say who.

"Vast wealth of fishing knowledge". I don't think so especially from someone who kills wild trout in region 2.
bass master 99

why do people like you always have to ruin every post, it's fucken rediculous, im done with this stupid fuckin site

What's the deal barfisher...we have few folks here that are at least somewhat positive contributors that don't spout bad language, and try to help.
I read some of these posts to my 4 year old (not the explicit ones) and hope he continues reading, but not if people have to curse at every oppertunity they can...
Can't you leave that to when you're out with your buddies, and can say what you need to talk like that on a public forum is there? Maybe you don't have kids that you are trying to turn on to the fishing life, but some of us are, and it's embarrasing to have to explain the vial rants of some here.
Let's try and turn the other cheek and speak like the adults that we are...

Sorry, that was directed at barfishers negative response and bass fishers unneeded use of profanity...I really hope some of you do not, or will not have kids, cause your no role model yourselves...
I expect wrath form some of the less controlled folks!

kudos 2 barfisher for pointing out poachers & there r quite a few of them so-called contributors on here who dont follow the regs. imo thats why the site cant run.

maybe lv doesnt feel welcome coz there are so many homophobes on here (just look at da posts), offends his way.

Fishing forum > Please don't go Louis Vuitton


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