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hey fellas, has anyone got any reports from the stave? is it a "cast of your buddies shoulder" gongshow? getting hits on anything in particular?
stink finger

i drive by the stave on the way to and from work on the way home there are lots of cars there i here the fish are starting to show hope this helps

went to the stave yesterday...managed to snag about 12 or so, biggest around 25lbs.
Anyone know any good techniques for chum? are they still on the bite (like chinook would be)? do you just snag up before you actually get a bite b/c of the shear number of bodies in the water? or have they shut down like sockeye

yeah the stave is okay. my way is just shortfloating but really chum salmon rarely attack egg/wool patterns theyll sometime bite a spinner only if theyre really really pissed. the chums dont look fresh but they sure fight like a fresh fish. did you catch any chrome chums at the stave exkamiflyfisher? i fished at the mouth today for ten minutes before going upriver , and it doesnt look great for chums but a great place spincasting for coho . today i hooked into about 15 myself too

hey, yeah no chromies...saw a couple coho being takin plus some HUGE what looked like chrome chinook jumping in the fast current.

Roekid was down the other day bonking nasty boots, good for the smoker i tells ya

incase you haven't heard nobody wants to here what your saying cody.

Awe come guys let him post every bodys entitled to his opinion. Just one thing CohococksuckerCody if its always going to be negative, post a real pic of your self so we know who you are on the river. If your man enough to have an opinion BACK IT UP! If you don't every one here will know what to think about you and thats it, thats the last I'll post on this subject and I suggest every one else dose the same, Sorry CohococksuckerCody that this is the only way you can get any attention I feel for you Dude I realy do.

Fishing forum > stinky stave


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