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Author Topic: Doug aka "Yak" where the hell are you when we need you?
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The title says it all. If you or Alex aren't going to monitor posts then let somebody else take care of this site.

definatly this was the first fishing forum i stumbled onto not my favourite but had fun reading all different reports and the last couple weeks werent that great , i would rather get people into this site than stay out of it.


yea this site especially with ga kingoffish i will stop saying shit if people stop


If there was more personal information required to get on this site then we would all know who Beak007 and the rest are and they would probally conform or just fade away. I don't realy think they are man or girl enough to show thier faces or even thier addresses to us. Or are they, hey boys want to show us all, so we can meet on the river one day!
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Alex, Yak, and soon to be I, along with alot of the original and helpful people are migrating to a different site. Yak was never the actuall moderator. He was sorta just given the keys to this site. He's one man, and he has a whole other life to live besides monitoring and babysitting a site that grown men would have thought to participate on. FishFreak, myself, Mountain Snow, mcs, and a bunch of the others are so sick of what this has become. I still lurk on here, quickly glimpsing the threads for anything usefull or helpful, but its become few and far.
I know alot of guys on here are going to be like "who the hell are you LV" or "Don't jump into stuff you aren't a part of" and all that other shit, but look back a few pages, a few years and see who are regular CONTRIBUTORS and active members before you go around and say stuff.
I'll always be around, poking my head in, helping those who actually need it and ask it, but other than that, alot of us are just bowing out.

I have given up posting here just because it doesn't matter what you say one of the new children to the site will have some stupid comment to add.

Well, I am newer to this site (about 1 1/2 months) and paid for my year. How is it that someone is receiving money for this site and not monitering it?
Whan I came on board I got loads of great info, now it has become the local highschool chat room..where are others going to get good info on BC fishing?
Any advice is appreciated, but this site is getting pretty immature...and I know, I will take the wrath of some pimple sitting safely in his parents house...

yeah, i used the contact us feature and sent the moderator a copy of some of the posts on here and it bounced back at me as undeliverable. we may have to live with or deal with a few immature people till a moderator steps up to the plate and not only suspends those accounts but deletes the users in their entirety. it's a shame it has come to this for those who are paying for this site only to have a few moronic fools post their crap here. Ed

it would be nice if this site was like it was back in the day! yak, mcs, lui, freak, tight lines!

Fishing forum > Doug aka "Yak" where the hell are you when we need you?


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